Thursday, February 2, 2017


The UK Parliament has voted 498 to 114 for the Bill that will allow the Government to trigger Article 50 and commence the process by which the UK will leave the EU.

Included among the 114 was one Tory MP and 47 Labour MPs who chose to defy their leader and the three-line Whip he imposed.   The 47 included three Labour Whips (Vicky Foxcroft, Thangam Debonnaire and Jeff Smith) who chose to give the 'fingers' to themselves and will now resign/be fired.

What goes around comes around.    On planet Corbyn the man expects his own MPs to toe the line and vote the Whip when he himself has defied the Whip 537 times over the three decades he has been in Parliament.   By any measure  Corbyn is an abject failure as the leader of a once great Party.  

He does however enjoy the support of the entire Tory Party. 



Anonymous said...

Oh dear, you along with most of NZ haven't really got it have You?

This is civil war, the young are not talking to their parents, siblings have fallen out, if a village has two pubs one is Brexit the other one is not, employers are discriminating to those who voted differently, people are divided and confused. This is not parliamentary business as usual, it is having a huge impact and it is not over by a long shot.

Imagine if a referendum on NZ becoming a state of Australia was won by 52% to 48%...let your mind wander around that scenerio for moment. MP's loyalty lays with their constituents and the good of the country not 3 line whips and Corbyn was utterly wrong on that point. There is still much to play for and it's going to years before the UK gets it's final divorce, if ever.

Lord Egbut


The Abbapotamus creature didn't even attend the vote and spotted in the boozer, despite claiming illness and peaking in the house earlier that day.

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The Veteran said...

Egbut ... for you to say the Corbyn is utterly wrong is a bit like the Pope denouncing God. Just be careful old son, you never know where lighting may strike next.