Sunday, February 5, 2017


Andrew Little will prostitute himself to the dysfunctional Marae leadership despite having been warned off by his own Te Tai Tokerau MP.     He just doesn't get it does he?      Just why he wants to be associated with 'failure' sure beats the hell outa me and his bagging of the Prime Minister for giving the Marae the flick is just politically dumb ... I would hazard a guess that upwards of 80% of New Zealanders applaud the Prime Minister's action.

If, as reported, it's correct that the media have given a collective thumbs down to the demand of the Marae Committee that they pay a koha of $10,000 each for the privilege of filming on the Marae then all kudos to them.   Once again the leadership (so called) have trampled over their Maoritanga.   A koha is a gift from the heart, given and not sought.    Demanding payment puts it into a different category requiring an invoice and all that goes with it ... but I guess these idiots aren't too much into invoicing and GST and all that.

I, along with most Paihia residents, will steer well clear of the Te Tii Marae today and tomorrow.   Maoridom at its worst.


pdm said...

Fascinating to see that Willie Jackson now seems to be Littles VERY BEST buddy.

The Veteran said...

pdm ... his political acumen (or lack thereof) continues to astound. Offering a lifeline onto the deck of the Titanic to two political prostitutes coming into the cold from the hard left of the body politik and showcasing them as the new face of Labour.

It's an unshaven face with bitsa hair and razor nicks aplenty (and then there are the males). Not a pretty sight.

The Veteran said...

I see Winston Peters has chosen to give the Te Tii Marae misfits oxygen by turning up at the 'House of Ill Repute'. Anything for a photo op. Hasn't the balls to say enough is enough.

Shelldrake said...

Meantime, Kingi Taurua is disgusted by the behavior of his kinsmen at Ti Ti. He is thinking about a coup of the current marae leadership.

I thought he was a major figure on the marae. Barking mad. The agent orange has obviously now got to the brain.