Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I have enormous sympathy and empathy for the lady, who having lost a family member to a road crash with the killer car allegedly under the control of a non New Zealand driver, who is today petitioning Parliament suggesting a driving test for visitors wishing to drive and  live  here longer than three months.

During an interview with Mike Hosking, the petitioner revealed that recent stats suggest around three percent of road crash deaths 'involve'  a "foreign" driver.  Now that means that almost all the other deaths have an involvement of a New Zealand resident driver. Common sense suggests to me that that appalling stat might be where a difference could perhaps be made.  Off course that bare fact takes no account of any involvement of a resident driver and many of us instinctively know there may well be causation that is not to be laid at the feet of "Johnnie or Jane" foreigner.

Thee other major problem comes with the three month cut off, would it be illogical to assume that after 90 or so days the foreigner might have picked up on the basics of New Zealand driving and its little foibles. That said I see plenty of clearly identifiable activities by resident drivers that only escape the nationality categorising by good fortune and/or defensive driving by others.

How about some stats on how New Zealand drivers fare in foreign climes as any diminishing of their reciprocal rights could be the only result on a crack down by N Z law.


paul scott said...

Dodger, If you drive in Christchurch [ especially the east ] you will quickly find the main danger is aggressive driving.
You can signal left for three seconds here, and be abused and yelled at as you turn left.
And on the highways, same thing. agression, arrogance and following too close.
cars travelling at 100kph [ 30 metres per second ]with one car distance .
Time to collision = less than reaction time.
So lets go to Australia.
I am being hunted down by an 18 wheeler 7 meters behind me, 115 kph, I can not go faster.
Please God forgive me my life, can't I just die of old age in bed, not this way.

Anonymous said...

PS...You have never driven in CHC in your life.

Dodger......NZ Driver wrote off the latest Morgan while on a test drive on the Malvern hills while I was there. I generally consider the NZ Male behind a wheel as a lethal weapon.

Lord Egbut