Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Stuff reports a Dutch police helicopter diverts to roll a "cast"  sheep back onto its feet.

Sheep get cast when they are on their back and cannot regain their feet and it is often made worse when stomach gas accumulates bringing death quite fast.
Often long wool sheep near shearing are more prone but the accompanying pics dispel that as a  contributing factor.
 Just off  the coast of The Netherlands is the Island of Texel and a breed of sheep bearing that name were imported here  in the late 1980s.

We farmed some as they had beautiful juicy fine grained meat, very succulent, a trait that transferred with crossing to create a great lamb carcass.

However, as a breed they were thick,  often cast because they were to bloody lazy to get up.It often only took a cast by a heading dog to give the necessary impetuous for sufficient additional effort but alas, too often they just expired in situ.


The Veteran said...

Bloody sheep ... like when we were trying to kid ourselves that we were farmers (in Pukekohe). We were 'growing' Murray-Grays and sheep while everyone around us was growing vegetables. Doing what I thought all good farmers did in dosing sheep but failed to recognise that bending over someone's good mate could inflame passions and wallop ... atacked from behind by a very aggressive and large sheep ... completely bowled over. Mrs Vet has only recently stopped laughing.

Anonymous said...

The only reason that sheep are cast, and we have "uncast" few in the UK as we pass by, is because the owners (farmers is an insult to real farmers) have not been sheared, cue Bill English, real bloke. Regularly sheared sheep are not cast.

Vet...A very cross sheep is not an animal to be crossed.....

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


The word you were looking for is shorn.

And on the matter of sheep being cast, as in so many things, you are wrong again.

I'm from a sheep farm where sheep were 'regularly sheared' (the quaint Shakespearean term) and they still got cast. Usually in the month before lambing.

Anonymous said...

Like your hero whenever you move your lips you are suspected, and very often proved, to be lying er, sorry alternative facting.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You really really don't like being shown up as a bullshitter, do you?