Monday, February 27, 2017


That Mt Albert spend another million exercise in futility leaving pretty much  zero lessons to be absorbed.

There will be some fallout though and precious little for little on notice.

I am constantly amazed at how the media and socialist wannabees continue with the false premise that Ardern is now or ever will be a candidate for P M.
Just as The Little prospect reveals on a daily basis,  he is and always will be a union hack who thinks bullying is the way to leadership,  she has nothing apart from some vague youth factor and a lifetime immersed in Labour activism.
She sets out with great expectations to make a mark in the house and question time always exposes the shallow puddle of understanding on every issue she actually possesses.

Nicky Kaye must be a lot more confident now, if she can take up education from Parata and not become victim to the intense attack that will come from the Union branch of political Labour, Aucklend Central will become hers.

Poor old A T Little just cant see any semblance of how the idle chatter over Lattes and Muffins has even a tenuous link to his very own Corbyn factor. Old Auntie Annette is by far and away the only thing that gives Labour any credence as a party in waiting. Chippy Hipkins, Dodgy Parker, lazy Moroney, Skinhead Clarke and Grunter, are not even bench material so having seen Helen, and Michael retire abruptly and then seen Goff, Shearer and Cunliffe off,  it is dire to be fair.
The Media are trying to generate some doubts with Foster Bell making it number nine from memory who have taken the hint, accepted time has come or see better opportunities elsewhere,  as something it probably is not.
Meanwhile many on the opposition bench realise that MP is the best they could ever hope for and retirement is just never an option.

I see merit in the call while MMP proportionality is the meme, Shearer be replaced by Mackey from the list and Mt Albert be managed by a spare from the Labour list until the next GE, with machinations of the list somewhat more rigid than what permitted the facile efforts The GP went through to get Red Russel in situ.
With a three year parliament, the constant option of confidence and supply at the whim of the house, and the voters choice through proportionality set at the last GE it seems to be rather stupid to spend taxpayer money on such futility.
And before anyone suggests Winston's Lazarus effort as relevant just what did that achieve for anyone besides the pin striped sartorial exercise becoming a road block  for the far North and democracy as New Zealand currently grapples with.
Oh there was a bloody nose for Joyce.

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pdm said...

That `SPARE' from Labour's list would probably be pleased to have something (useful?) to do.