Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hewlett Packard demand diversity in law firms

From NZ Lawyer:
Law firms working with Hewlett Packard will be required to meet its diversity standards or risk losing up to 10 per cent of their invoiced fees.

Hewlett Packard's general counsel (fancy words for the boss lawyer who works in house) states that women make up 55% of HP's workforce.

I thought diversity included more than just hiring women.  Silly me.

How many Asians does HP employ?  How many Muslims?  How many homosexuals? 

I don't know the relationship between HP and its exterior legal advisors, and in particular don't know how much revenue is involved.  But lawyers spend their day working their way around rules and regulations in order to make them work for clients in the situation they face. 

I don't think a silly diversity edict will worry them too much.  Anyway, what is HP going to upon receiving a hefty legal fee?  Ask them how many women the employ before paying it? 


David said...

How many Asians does HP employ?

Given they manufacture their consumer products in China, I'd say the correct answer is Shitloads.

How many Muslims? As a global business, I guess it would be less than Shitloads but more than a quite a lot.

How many homosexuals?

Probably slightly above the universal average.

You do realise that it is possible to be Asian, to be Muslim, to be homosexual, and still be a woman?

Nick K said...

Then that person should become a lawyer and work for HP's external lawyers 😃