Thursday, February 16, 2017

He Shoulda Said He Was A Maori, Eh?

An idiot was pulled over in Hobart at 0215 and blew 0.137, considerably over the limit.  While being questioned by the coppers he dropped his dacks and bared his arse at them.

Sam John Miller blew 0.137 when stopped by police in Morrison Street on Hobart's waterfront at 2:15am in October last year. 

In court Miller pleaded guilty to driving a motor vehicle while exceeding the prescribed alcohol limit, prohibited behaviour and using abusive language to police.  The court heard Miller got out of his van when his dog began barking and becoming aggressive towards one of the officers who had intercepted him.  The prosecutor said as Miller was out of his van and approaching police he was asked if he had anything in his pockets. Miller responded by removing his pants, turning his back to police, and exposing his buttocks.
The court heard Miller also invited officers to "check up there".

His lawyer, not short on ingenuity, tried a defense which might have worked better in NZ - indigenous culture and all that. 

Steven Chopping told the court when officers had asked Miller if he had anything in his pockets, he'd "put two and two together and got 111" and thought he was about to be strip-searched.
(He should have told the court he was a Maori and a 'brown arse' is a culturally historic sign of esteem and respect.  She may well have believed him.)
Unimpressed, the judge threw the book at him.

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