Monday, February 13, 2017

He learns Quickly

Donald Trump showed himself to be an expert at milking the media for tens of millions of dollars worth of free publicity.

Bill English has not been slow to follow.  This priceless picture tells a hundred thousand dollars worth of words.   The immediate subliminal message is 'This guy can actually so something useful.'

Image result for bill english sheep

I wonder what Andrew Little can do?

I know what he can't do - and that's win an electorate.

Anybody have any idea?


Paulus said...

Angry Andy can take off his glasses and put in his new contact lenses.
That shows he can see further than the next barbeque, which will happen if National voters in Mt Albert vote in the Green Candidate.
Fatty Green leader will get stuffed if the Green woman gets an electorate seat.
What joy it would be.

Psycho Milt said...

Things are only ever useful in context. The ability to shear a sheep is "useful" for a sheep farmer, but "pointless" for a Prime Minister. If there are voters out there who are imagine sheep shearing is an essential skill for a Prime Minister, National is welcome to them.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, you are side stepping.

The ability to shear sheep just might demonstrate to a non lefty that English has had a life outside politics - so maybe he knows someyhing about ordinary people.

The same cannot be said for most of the current crop of Labour drones - expect Poto Williams and Kelvin Davis.

paul scott said...

Andrew is useful because he will hold the Red/ Green coaliton out of power.
That's a a good job to do.
Unfortunately we will still be stuck with Co-governance with Irish and mixed race Chieftans ""Maori"".
Co-Governance, Immigration problems, and Regional development will be Winston's job.
Winston is very useful. he gave me a yellow gold card, but I lost it.
Don Brash [ M.Q.2016 ] would be useful, he would start to balance the books.

Willie, Hone, and Meritia, are also useful because they will further keep the Racist/ socialist, zombie combo where it belongs, out of power.

Psycho Milt said...

The ability to shear sheep just might bullshit to the gullible that English has had a life out side politics. He's been an MP since 1990 and before that was a public servant. Apparently he was a farmer for a few years in the mid-1980s, ie well over half his lifetime ago. I guess shearing sheep is like riding a bike, you don't forget how.

Nick K said...

What Milt said. Shearing sheep is about as useful as being able to stub out cigarettes.

George said...

Judging from the speed and clean blows Bill is a GOOD shearer.
That shows that he's a worker
I'd give him a stand and if not then a few more 'turns' as the PM.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Mil and Nick.

You both miss the point. What has Little ever done which indicates he could be useful?

Ordinary Kiwis can identify with English when they see him doing something like shearing a sheep. Precious few can identify with Little as each day he makes a bigger fool of himself.

Nick K said...

I'm an ordinary Kiwi. From my central Auckland office surrounded by office workers struggling to pay their bills; people living in cars; and other cars stuck in motorway traffic (which I can see out my window), I feel a distinct lack of identification with the PM on this one.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You should shift your office to a better location.

Duncan Brown said...

So much better an image than not being able to hammer a nail. It's not the fact so much as how it was presented.

Nick K said...

I'm still actually on the Shore, Adolf. The best place in the world to live (apart from Western Australia).

pdm said...

nick k - you are such a townie!!!

That used to be the ultimate insult to kids from cities and towns when I was a kid growing up in rural Central Hawkes Bay in the 50's and 60's.

Psycho Milt said...

You both miss the point. What has Little ever done which indicates he could be useful?

It's a bizarre point. What Little ever done that indicates he could be useful on a farm? Nothing I'm aware of - not a sausage. However, and fortunately in my view, no farming skills are required for the job of Prime Minister.

As a life-long wage and salary earner, union lawyers and representatives have been useful to me in a very direct way my entire working life and their skills are much more obviously relevant to the work of a PM than is the ability to shear a sheep - which is a skill that may be more easily grasped by 'ordinary people' than lawyering but tells us nothing about the shearer beyond the fact that he's capable of learning manual tasks.

pdm said...


Give it up.

Obviously you have never been inside a woolshed during shearing, let alone for a day - 5am to 5pm - in 40 degrees of heat and probably more on the stand. When I was a youngster a shearer doing 200 plus ewes a day was considered okay. I think Bill would have easily achieved that in his younger days as he was a very fluent shearer by the look of his effort the other day.

Your comments exemplify all that is wrong with Labour and its supporters - ever diminishing as they seem to be these days.

The Veteran said...

Milt ... methinks you miss the point. Politics is about perception and perception counts. Key's perception was that of a good guy you could happily have a beer with. English as safe pair of hands ... the shearing bit is a plus ... rural roots that he hasn't forgotten. Shearer as an inherently decent man not cut out for the rough and tumble of politics. Little, you tell me ... I see him as beholden to the Unions and a perpetually angry man.

Third and fourth parties ... doesn't matter. They're either cultists in the manner of Bishop Brian or there per courtesy of a bastard political system called MMP.

Psycho Milt said...

Meh. Everyone's perception is different. By mine, Key was a slippery con-man, English the epitome of the conservative Christian White men who run provincial NZ, Shearer same as yours, Little a guy who's spent his life helping the people who actually do the work.

I get that the ability to shear a sheep is appealing to people like Adolf and pdm, but they're staunch National voters. It has no appeal outside the core constituency. To people like me, a Prime Minister who can shear a sheep is like a Prime Minister who can speak Esperanto - mildly interesting but of no particular merit.

gravedodger said...

Of course a wannabe Prime Minister who fronts up on a BOP beach in shiney shoes and suit complete with a shovel to clean up an oil spill was cosher as he had once "worked in a freezing works as a student and was demonstrating his "worker solidarity" and grave concern for the ravished environment.

As the late Ben Couch once claimed, a shearer is rare in that they have a towel at work to wipe up sweat.

Psycho Milt said...

I don't recall a lack of manual labour experience being an issue back when we had a bankster PM who couldn't even hammer in a nail - perhaps that's because it isn't an issue?

pdm said...


FYI National has had my party vote only once since 1996 - 7 elections by my count.

As far as electorate votes go in 2002 Rick Barker got my electorate vote when I thought he was a good man and not a Clark sycophant - how wrong I was. Since then Craig Foss, an excellent electorate MP has had my electorate vote. One thing that I can guarantee this year is that the scatterbrained Anna Lorck will not get my vote.

As another point in my experience most shearers would have been Labour voters - probably not the case now as they have been driven away and mostly don't vote or have gone to the Maori Party. I cannot see present or recent Labour Party leadership being acceptable to them.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, your violin needs tuning. Little helping people? Helping them die in coal mines?

Psycho Milt said...

Mining companies kill people in coal mines, Adolf, not unions. I know Little hasn't achieved lofty heights of public service like making money from helping mount a run on his nation's currency, but we can't all be merchant bankers.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Go and read up on the gross negligence of union safety officers at Pike River.

I have an idea the relevant union was Little's EPMU whose safety officers failed to recommend proper safety measures.

Yes, the unions kill workers just as the Greens kill jobs.

Psycho Milt said...

Hilarious - the company kills 29 workers and it's the union's fault for not fighting hard enough against the company's vigorous efforts to keep it off the site. Those damn unions!