Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ha Ha Ha, How Was That.

Decades of pitch doctoring, dodgy food, rioting partisan crowds, the heat and the flies all merely added to the embarrassment as India, who have become the self appointed   'my way or the highway'
people in charge of world cricket, spectacularly crashed in a first test against number two test ranked Australia
Arrogant to the degree they even think they should dictate who will and who will not be permitted to play their national team  as opposition,  riddled with corrupt practice around sports betting and fixes, it all came dramatically unstuck as a young 32 yo left arm spinner took Australia to a crushing victory in Puna with 12 wickets for seventy runs over two Indian innings batting failures where they barely made totals in excess of 100 all out.
Kerry O'Keefe  took 6 for 35 twice to hand Australia their first test victory in Asia after nine matches and their first Sub Continent win over India since 2004.

Yeah I know it may well turn out very differently in the remaining tests of the series but that was a hiding at home where the normally bulging crowds assessed the local heroes as a fail by staying away in their thousands.


Nookin said...

Kerry O'Keefe?
Is he still playing? He would be in his 60s surely?

The Veteran said...

meanwhile at the third ODI in Wellington ...

Marc said...

The "smart" Indian players had their money on the Aussies. Next test, they will double-down on the other side. That's their "game".

gravedodger said...

Sadly Marc as a default thought it may well be true, but by the end even Kohli was geting a bit cross and he doesn't need the dosh.
Fair comment Vet but Williamson's men cant blame the wicket, that one in India was a disgrace at any level of the game and it was very ordinary on day one.
Well spotted Nookin lets say Steve, ok, made a similar error with calling Mitt Romney George previously, no excuses.