Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday's Fulminations

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DenMT said...

Regardless of what opinion one might have of the new President of the USA as an individual, he seems to have strayed pretty far from some of the key policy planks in his campaign.

The message on his geopolitical ambitions has been exceptionally hard to parse, given that under his election campaign he painted a picture of a much less interventionist America. The last days have seen militant diatribe directed at Iran and China, and not least of all a mission that went FUBAR in Yemen - which by all accounts was explicitly not greenlit under drone-happy Obama.

And the whole 'drain the swamp' thing appears not to have been very serious either. The consolidation of power in the hands of a very small, seemingly overly green group of cronies is worrying.

His key populist policies have been hastily addressed - the 'Muslim ban' looks unlikely to survive once it is tested legally against the Constitution (and common sense), and it will be interesting to see how and if the construction of The Wall (cue Game of Thrones theme music) will proceed given the difficulties of funding such a project. I doubt the Trump administration will be able to appease any but the most dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporters by paying for the Wall project by skimming the coffers, and mooted tariffs will undoubtedly cut both ways.

Bottom line, my two cents says that the populist approach will not survive contact with the hard realities of implementation. The rabble-rousing approach only has a narrow appeal on Twitter - at least I live in the hope that a majority of Americans would prefer to see the Oval Office occupant acting much, much more statesmanlike. I also expect that any continued attempts to assert 'alternative facts' over the 'mainstream facts' of a 'hostile media' will backfire.


Anonymous said...


Obama tried that path and was both ineffective and devisive as a President.

Though not an original fan of Trump I am enjoying the specticle of him calling a spade a spade and ripping into people when they need it.

NZ could do with someone similar.


Anonymous said...

Yes Jimmie, you are the sort of bloke who gets off on pub fights. What absolute nonce you are.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

After all the bullshit about dictatorial EU policies and poor old UK being subservient to power hungry Eurocrats who care nothing for the well being of the poor suffering Islam besieged masses in UK.

From the white paper presented to parliament yesterday....“The sovereignty of Parliament is a fundamental principle of the UK constitution. Whilst Parliament has remained sovereign throughout our membership of the EU, it has not always felt like that.”

A huge fraud has been perpetuated on the world.

Lord Egbut. Sock draw consultant.

DenMT said...

Jimmie: it says a lot that rather than addressing how closely Trump cleaves to his policy platforms, that you enjoy him as 'a spectacle'. A more perfect example of 'style over substance' would be hard to find.

I am convinced however that he is all mouth and no trousers, and his credibility will disappear at the first serious hurdle.


Anonymous said...

"Senior moment...PERPETRATED"

David said...

further senior moment Sock drawer consultant

The Veteran said...
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