Friday, February 3, 2017


If, as reported, President Trump did indeed hang up on Prime Minister Turnbull 25 minutes into their conversation then it was an exceedingly dumb move on the President's part.

Sure, Turnbull is a patrician 'silvertail' leader of a Party that is lurching from crisis to crisis and in danger of fracturing but he's also the Prime Minister of a country that has been arguably America's staunchest friend and ally post WW2.

You just don't do that and I suspect Trump, having acted in haste can now repent at leisure as he reflects on how to mend fences.   Much more of this though and I might be tempted to put a lazy $100 on Vice-President Pence becoming President Pence by the years end.


David said...

Trump gave Turnbull the chance to show true leadership, and Turnbull bottled it.

He needs to give the US 48 hours to remove all US military personnel from Australia, and that includes Pine Gap. All orders for US military hardware will be cancelled. All US companies wishing to do business in Australia to pay a $100 million bond to ensure that they pay their tax and not shuffle money around. A 50% tariff will be applied to all US made motor vehicles.

Grow a pair Malcolm, and piss in his face.

The Veteran said...

David ... we much be watching different news channels. How does Trump hanging up on Turnbull equate to Turnbull bottling it ... just askin.

Not sure your cutting off your nose to spite your face solution is overly helpful either but then I'm sure Bob Briton would approve.

David said...

Turnbull bottled it by his lying statements after the phone call, only gradually being forced to reveal his humiliation. I learned that when a bully attacks the best form of defense is to return the attack. Trump bullied Turnbull, and Turnbull let him. He did not counter attack. He has done a grave disservice to the people of this Nation.

Kicking the Yanks out of Oz would do us no harm and would make it easier to develop an independent foreign policy. Putting a tariff on US made cars would do us no harm as Australians have already voted with their wallets on that one.

We need more Bob Britons, just as the rise of the Hansonista is re-energising the right, the left also needs a ginger group to motivate it.

David said...

Further to standing up to the bully, I have no love for Abbott but Turnbull should recall Smokin' Joe Hockey and replace him with Abbott. Abbott shirt fronting Trump would be a sight for the ages.

Nookin said...

So, Trump throws all his toys out of the cot, boasts how important he is, hangs up and sprays his exasperation all over the media making a total dick of himself Then, still acting like a spoiled brat, acknowledges that he will grumpily honour the undertaking.

And yet, somehow, Turnbull is the one who is humiliated! There really is no pleasing some people. Turnbull has come out of this with some dignity and he still has his agreement.

Trump, the world's greatest dealmaker in his own mind, has come across as a blustering despot who will look for as much wriggle room as he possibly can get and who regards US compliance with deals as optional.

David seems to have the same propensity for throwing his toys out of the cot, also.

Anonymous said...

This must be Frosty Friday.
I agree with David!


Andrei said...

This is hilarious, five days after Donald Trump was elected the outgoing President Obama stitched up a deal with Malcolm Turnbull to take a couple of thousand "refugees" that Australia wont allow into Australia but has warehoused on two islands into the USA

This was a dirty deal, a snare left by Barack Obama to trip up his successor and Turnbull has to have known that when he went for it

I bet if Hillary had won as she was supposed to the deal would have never been done

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Spot on, Andrei.

David said...

Here's a dollar, andrei. get a clue. 5 days after Trump was elected, Obama was still POTUS. The US doesn't go in to a caretaker mode in the way Oz and NZ do.

The Jews pay Hasbara Trolls like Whaloil and his bride, what's the term for a Russian troll? Federal'naya sluzhba bezopasnosti troll'?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Vet, I'm more than tempted to put a lazy hundred on Turnbull being rolled before Trump.

Long before Trump.

Noel said...

"..that Australia wont allow into Australia but has warehoused on two islands into the USA"

So they were shipped to Manus, then offered PNG citizenship but after observing the PNG guards decided they would stay in the camp. Then NZ offered a lifeline until the slow brains in Canberra realised they would be on a fast track across the Tasman. Next was Kerry but the slow brains had to change their long term plans because one of the displaced persons could end up been a brain surgeon and they might have to allow him into Australia.

I guess there is going to be some lip sewing on Manus after this hope has been dashed.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

On a more serious note, it appears to me Turnbull very deliberately colluded with Obama, four days AFTER Trump was elected, to get rid of a problem but in doing so created a land mine for Trump. No wonder Trump was more than a little annoyed. Turnbull thought he was smart but, as in almost everything he has done, his hallmark has been ineptness.

If only a few political leaders had hung up the phone on Hitler in 1938 and 1939.

Noel said...

David said...

...four days AFTER Trump was elected,... Obama was still POTUS and what he did was within his powers.

And in the bizzaro world Herr Fiinkensein inhabits Turnbull is Hitler and Trump is Chamberlain. WOW! No wucking funder Herr Fiinkensein bans Godwin's law here. :-)

Meanwhile, President Pussy Grabber marches his jackboots all over the US Constitution and Adolf cheers as the trains leave the station.

Andrei said...

" Obama was still POTUS and what he did was within his powers"

Well obviously, and he could have nuked Tehran in that time as well

But was it wise?

And was Malcolm Turnbull wise to promote it given it contradicted Donald Trump's stated policy objectives?

Theoretically the ancien régime should make the path smooth for the incoming rather than try and sabotage their stated objectives

BTW it is no coincidence that Ukraine has blown up again since Donald Trump had his call with VVP - this too is an act of sabotage against the possibility of closer relations between Russia and the USA another attempt to throw a spanner in the works

The Veteran said...

For those of you wondering, David's poster boy Bob Briton is the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA).

Anonymous said...

Surely that would be Comrade Bob Briton?

Anonymous said...

"Turnbull very deliberately colluded with Obama, four days AFTER Trump was elected."

Remarkable insight Adolf. Between November to Jan 20th, as with all Presidents since Eisenhower, there exists a President and a President elect.

David said...

this just in from FSA Troll andrei.

BTW it is no coincidence that Ukraine has blown up again since Donald Trump had his call with VVP - this too is an act of sabotage against the possibility of closer relations between Russia and the USA another attempt to throw a spanner in the works

Most of us remember, or learned about, The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact and we don't like seeing it replayed by Putin and his Puppet.

Putin has schooled trump perfectly. trump may not be very eloquent or intelligent, but he knows how to claw as much wealth for himself as possible, just like Putin. And just like Putin, Trump ignores the courts and will ignore Congress. He has gutted the bits of government that do the work, he has filled the swamp with alligators. he has gutted the ability of the military and intelligence agencies to be involved in decision making.

In short, Putin has used Trump to stage a very American Coup.

Anonymous said... are in great danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater...the enemy is not the US, Drumph is, and reacting like spoiled brat by banning US goods etc. only makes Drumph more powerful and reinforcing fortress America.

The refugee deal by Obama was partly linked to Australia's unstinting support in Afghanistan.

Now here is a monumental flip flop which now makes many posts redundant .........

Lord Egbut

David said...

For those of you wondering, David's poster boy Bob Briton is the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA).

The last time the world was faced with a threat as bad as the Trump/Bannon/Putin Axis of Evil, it was the communists who were the first to stand up while the capitalist sought ways to profit from the evil.

Remember the International Brigades that stood up to fascism in Spain? Then remember the likes of Henry Ford, Thomas Watson et al. And for good measure, we must also remember support from the highest level, King Edward VIII & Pope Pius XII.

A bayonet is a weapon with a worker at both ends.

The Veteran said...

Gueez David ... and the Stalin-Hitler pact never happened; Poland was never dismembered and the Katyn massacre was a myth ... oooooops sorry, that's not right, in November 2010 the Russian State Duma approved a declaration confirming Soviet responsibility for the massacres and blamed Stalin for having personally ordered the killings.

David said...

Veteran, here’s a few more red herrings for you to toss around.

Not all communists were Stalinists.

It was Australian workers, inspired by a communist leadership, that refused to load pig iron bound for Japan to be used in its war against Manchuria.

It was 1937 and aggressive Japanese
Attacked the Chinese people tried to bring them to their knees
Poorly armed and ill equipped the peasants bravely fought
While Australian water siders rallied round to lend support

Attorney General Menzies said the ship would have to sail
"If the men refuse to load it we will throw them into jail"
But our unity was strong - we were solid to a man
And we wouldn't load pig-iron for the fascists of Japan

For the Judas politicians we would pay a heavy price
The jungles of New Guinea saw a costly sacrifice
There's a lesson to be learned that we've got to understand
Peace can only be secured when the people lend a hand

The Pig-Iron Song song by Clem Parkinson.

It was not the capitalists who led the resistance to Hitler's proxy war in Spain, it was ordinary people, inspired by communism, socialism and a united love of humanity and hatred of fascism.

Would the holocaust have happened without Thomas Watson's' support? Of course, but it would have been far less efficient. All Watson had to do was refuse to supply Hitler with the punch cards for the Hollerith machines.

And remind me again where Germany got its technology. Oh, don't worry, I just remembered. Germany received a large number of patents from American firms Pratt and Whitney, Douglas, and the Bendix Corporation, and the "Junker-87" dive-bomber was built using purely American technology. By 1941, when the second world war was in full-swing, American investment in the German economy totaled $475 million, Standard Oil invested $120 million alone, General Motors — $35 million, ITT — $30 million, and Ford — $17.5 million.

Meanwhile, it was left to the workers of the world to undo the carnage wrought by their capitalist overlords.

The Veteran said...

David or perhaps Comrade David ... so what were Russia's exports to Nazi Germany worth during this period and which country offered training facilities to the fledgling Luftwaffe in defiance of the Treaty of Versailles which forbade Germany to have an airforce ... hint, try Googling up the Lipetsk Airbase in the Lipetsk Oblast.

So take off your rose tinted spectacles. Trade trumps war most times.

David said...

Trade causes war most times. There, fixed it for you.

The Veteran said...

Dear Comrade David ... that's a fascinating solution ... stop trade and no more wars. Wonder why no-one else thought of that