Friday, February 24, 2017


Lord Egbut is the salt of the earth even though we have, on occasions, agreed to disagree.   He's been there and done that and his opinions, honestly held, are always backed up by research.   I have a deal of respect for him.

The breaking news that the Tories have won the West Cumbrian seat of Copeland from Labour will be devastating for him.    This has been a Labour seat since its inception and is the first by election gain by a governing party since 1982 ... it's better than that.  The Copeland result is the best by election performance by a governing party in terms of the increase in its share of the vote for 55 years.

As the new day dawns the only dark cloud on the Conservative horizon may be that Corbyn is rolled although their gerrymandered voting system captured by the 'left' favours Corbyn.

Been a tough week for Egbut as a card carrying 'European'.   I suspect in his lexicon 'Blairite' is a dirty word and to see Tony come out in defense of Europe must be somewhat galling given that the official Labour position is to respect the referendum result.   Strange bedfellows indeed ... Sir Oswald Mosley, Leader of the British Union of Fascists, was a convinced European long before it became fashionable.

And they say politics is boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Veteran... I wonder if we could just revert back to our previous on this subject. I suggested that if the Lib Dems who campaigned in Stoke on Trent on a remain platform could raise their share of the vote by 30% it would cause worry in the marginals.....they raised it by nearly 100% and that with a Doctor of the Muslim faith as their candidate. Labour have held Stoke since 1066.

Quite right on Blair, the detestable little turd. It's a bit of a quandary, like Trump speaking in support of feminism.

Copeland...home of Sellarfield (Nuclear) the big employer. Corbyn's opposition to nuclear power did not go down well....he has to go. He is a good man but not a leader.
LibDem raised their share of the vote by 80%.

The excellent news which makes it all worth while is that UKIP, the nazsty party have been put back in their cage....they are kaput.

Lord Egbut (Liberal Democrat)

Anonymous said...

Strange choice of simile Veteran...Mosely was enamoured by Hitlers Facsist movement. And now Putins New Wave fascists support and fund UKIP as they do all ultra right wing parties...Wilders, "La Bic" etc. who want to destroy Europes unity.

Unless we up our game we are walking into a shitstorm of our own making. We have to adapt or die in this new information age.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Lift the corporate veil and you are revealed as a Liberal Democrat ... not I hope of the Paddy 'Pantsdown' variety ... met him once ... good guy.

I refer you again to lies, damn lies and statistics. Lifting the Liberal Democrat vote by 80% doesn't mean much when you start from a very low base. In Copeland they came third with 7.2% just ahead of UKIP. In Stoke they came fourth with 9.8%. In both those seats they scored less than what the Party is are currently polling nationally (11%). Not sure that result translates to your 'worry in the marginals' comment.

Can I congratulate you on crossing the Rubicon with your comment about Corbyn. However such is the state of the Labour Party captured by Momentum ... he won't go quietly if at all.