Sunday, February 5, 2017


Last night we were treated to the unedifying spectacle of the Warriors being booed off Eden Park when they lost their second match at the NRL 9s.  That loss scuppered their chances of progressing further in the competition.   This morning they exited the tournament having lost all the games in their pool.

It's a familiar story for the Warriors ... over hyped and under delivered but you can't blame the team.   They tried their best.   Warriors fans should vent their frustration on the management. 

The Downer 9s are meant to showcase the game but 'they' chose to appoint as captain a 44 YO out of the game for the last decade.   Bit like inviting Jeremy Coney back to lead the Blackcaps in an ODI against Oz.    And where were the name players the fans paid good money for to come and see ... Tuivasa-Shek, Mannering, Matulino, Johnson, Luke and Vatuvei ... all MIA.  

So Warriors fans ... don't boo the team.   Save it for the management.   They ripped you off big time.

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