Saturday, February 25, 2017


Picked up this little snippet from Ian Lavery, UK Labour's Campaign and Elections Chairman, commenting on their loss of the Copeland seat to the Tories ... Jeremy Corbyn was not the problem "He was one of the most popular politicians in the country".

Popular among Conservative voters ... yes.  Labour voters?????

Some muvvers do have em.


paul scott said...

Its good. Theresa May supporting the country over Brexit. Over here we have Andrew, Willie, Hone, Meteria, and madmouth Morgan, also some of the most popular politicians in the country.

gravedodger said...

To lose a seat to a siting government almost impossible under the many guises of the Westminster system, but Tom and Jerry manage to do it, and still offer optimism.
This was real bad news, Labour UK had held Copeland since the seat was created nearly 40 years ago

The Veteran said...

How bad does it get for Labour in England ... ooooop North is supposedly Labour territory. It's now possible to walk across the country there without setting a foot in a Labour held constituency.

Anonymous said...

Yes Corbyn made the wrong call on Brexit and did not show leadership when it mattered but to read Copeland as disaster for labour is reading the wrong runes.

It is the existence of four dogs in the race, something that does not happen in NZ. In 2015 the liberal Democrats poached the Tory vote enabling a Labour win. In the bye election UKIP split the Labour vote. When UKIP folds as it must, one MP in ten years, there will be a return to the labour fold because there is nowhere else for the tribe to go..

The English do not handle democracy well or perhaps I should say Anglo Saxons. It very tribal and to be able to point out a house or houses and say those people will vote labour next election without knowing the policies yet to be announced is dispiriting. Play the ball not the man.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you've been out of the country too long old son. Back here the constituency winner is determined on a FPP basis. There are at least four 'dogs' in the race (as you so quaintly put it) ... National, Labour, Winston First and the Greens. You can argue that Winston First splits both the National and Labour votes while the Greens split Labour.

I agree the tribal vote is more marked 'Ooooop North' ... until UKIP came along. Wouldn't write them off just yet although clearly Nuttall bottled his campaign in Stoke. It wasn't too many years ago that Scotland was a sea of Red ... look at Scotland Labour right now ... just one seat in Westminster and beaten into third place in the Assembly by the Tories.