Thursday, February 2, 2017


I understand 'cabinet collective responsibility' but are there no National MPs with the testicles to see what damage McSully's brain fart subservience to lame ducks, Obama and Kerry, will bring.
My MP is a cabinet minister and I have had the garbage , based on the false premise as a reply to my protest email

What moron sees a two state solution that has one of the states with the anhialation of the other as policy while ignoring the ringing support for democracy by the party threatened with being pushed into the Mediterranean.

As the parade of denial and obfuscation from back benchers who clearly gave all their moral courage away at Christmas so as to be relieved of having to offer it in response to an assumed supporting the shamefull driving of resolution of Useless Nations resolution 2334.
That may be harsh as it is yet unproven whether McSully made any attempt to consult his caucus or even cabinet before embarking on a one eyed biased Islam embracing path even Egypt declined to take.

It appears that all the reserves of statesmanship held by the National caucus was donated to the Clinton Foundation as McSully orchestrated an act of insanity that equals "Peace in our Time, and we all know how that turned out eh.

Then again it is the same hypocritical rubbish that sustained the faux protesting of the USA' s absolute right to tighten security vetting of those claiming refugee status that has resulted in 109 being detained for investigation under President Trump's Executive order that arose out of his campaign pledge.


Anonymous said...

Obama is starting to turn into a long and distant influence.

I suspect that after Turnball's treatment today when Trump does feel inclined to speak to the Bill it may be a short, sharp conversation where the Bill is told in uncertain terms how things are.

Though somewhat skeptical of Trump initially he is impressing me more and more - he doesn't buy into the msm games and he calls a spade a spade.

Plenty of irrelevant sore loser progressives in the USA at the moment.


Noel said...

We offered to take the quota and then the slow brains across the ditch realised they would have NZ Residency in a short time and cross the ditch. Then Kerry arrived and the Aussies had to amend the rules in case one of the refugees becames a respected brain surgeon and they may need his services.

Anonymous said...

Getting more like Breibart everyday......the 109 were NOT detained for vetting. The poor sods were in the air when Trump signed the order.....stupid is as stupid does.

"It's train crash" Mayor of seattle.

Jimmie...Being rude and ungracious with no talent for diplomacy is NOT a good thing, particularly when you are a thin skinned narcissist.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

This is he the America I know and love.....

Lord Egbut