Friday, February 17, 2017


The current Aus Federal Greens leader Dr  Di Natale, a lot more telemarketable than the prune face he replaced, was trying in vain to make sense of the SA debacle where they have launched a drive to renewables for electric energy based on solar and more problematically, wind. on Sky News today

Having largely decommissioned the hydrocarbon based generation capacity, the State now has to get power from Victoria when the wind drops or becomes too strong and nightfall turns solar into a tourist attraction.

The ex lucky country is blessed with massive coal reserves and almost unmeasurable gas reserves, with much of the coal  ideal for clean hydrocarbon based energy generation, but Di Natale continues to beat the drum to hypocritically have Jay Weatheral  continue his doomed crusade that has dirty energy from nearby Victoria make it doable, until the network fails then it gets really messy. Something that has happened too often lately so now the talk is of storing energy. What could possibly go wrong.

Not long to go now and Perpetual motion will be proposed.
As a child with zero understanding of the fixed laws of physics I could not understand why someone had not harnessed gravity with a wheel and moving weights. Doggy Little, Form three physics,soon proved how it could never happen.

Poor old SA already has the dearest power in the nation but morons like Weatheral and Di Natale still think like Canute, they can stop the tides and enough voters still believe them.

Of course their cruise on the good ship "Stupid" could be made to work with a couple of little Nuclear plants but wind and solar are free,  right.  Nah wrong and eventually the people paying increasing sums to keep warm and cool alternatively will get it, wont they.

In breaking news, no not some rural Canterbury footy player getting pissed in Paris, this could be bigly.
Canberra reports have two of Saint Nick Xenophon's disciples flexing their muscles to build another pulpit, sounds like Mal might have more troubles as if he didn't have enough with the zoo that some call a Senate.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately SA coal is of low quality lignite or sub-bituminous, expensive to extract and burn cleanly. The Queensland coal is bituminous and suitable for power generation but incredibly expensive to transport by rail to South Australia.

Now that solar farms are proven technology and Australia is blessed (or cursed) with never ending sunshine there is no reason why a large investment should not be made in solar as in Saudi. Darwin with it's 30ft tidal fall is ideal for tidal hydro generation.

Using fossil fuel is labour intensive which means that the end user, industry and domestic pay more. It's a no brainer and it is only vested interests that are delaying the inevitable.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

plenty more if you Google.......

paul scott said...

And also when you were considering energy storage with weights and wheels and gravity, you forgot to add the principle of the lever. Once you put the lever in, the whole thing gets close to reality. Just as it is real that you can truck coal to Newcastle or Adelaide, cheaper than the other dreams at this time. a long time. Maybe the rest of the century. .

Anonymous said...

Who is using the the Scott family brain cell today?

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

I have an evacuated glass tube solar water heater system which works well - when the sun is shining. Not working so well in Wellington this summer and even the manufacturer of the system was sensible enough to supply the cylinder with an electric element in it. Solar and wind may make sense in individual cases but to have your mass supply based on them is lunacy because in NZ and Oz it does get cloudy for days at a time.

As an aside the solar water system was not a cheap option but I liked the idea and installed it myself without a permit on my new roof, also un-permitted. It supplies hot water to my ensuite which also is un-permitted. The house is now warm as well with its un-permitted double glazing and wife loves her un-permitted walk in wardrobe. She has always loved her huge un-permitted deck.

I hate Green politics because I have to ignore common sense to believe in most of it and hire people with a licence to do what I can do myself and get a permit from someone with an arts degree that doesn't know how to hold a hammer.


Anonymous said...

Lunacy?.... Have you not heard of the national grid where power is shifted around from a central point. Imagine several properties in your neighbourhood having different means of electricity generation and if the there is a periodic shortfall you power up the the diesel generator.

Good luck with the insurance companies on the un-permitted roof when it comes to unrelated insurance matters.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Legbut Amoeba, at last the Scott family possesses a brain cell.

It appears from your comments above that you do not

David said...

Legbut Amoeba, at last the Scott family possesses a brain cell.

Thanks for the info, Adolf, I was wondering when Paulus would be able to afford one.

paul scott said...

My brother and I share this brain cell, but he usually needs it over there at the Medical establishments he haunts,
While he's there I just sit in fron of a coal fire keeping warm, and cleaning guns and stuff,
Sometimes I ring up the Council and threaten them for fun.
And we once lent the brain cell to my sister, but she's only a woman you know
so she didn't know what to do with it.
My Mum was a progressive so no help there of course,
I am grateful to my father, he was a fascist, and when he died we inherited his brain
some kids are just lucky I guess.

gravedodger said...

Not sure how big the diesel generator would be that could power SA when the wind drops at night and the transmission from Victoria crashes.
Then again if Weatheral remains in the big chair it won't be needed, hell they power Scott base and US Deep Freeze with machines burning diesel.
Smarter people power aircraft carriers with nuclear, go figure.