Thursday, February 9, 2017


TV1 lead item on the 6.00 pm news.   Stepbrother of National Cabinet Minister Nikki Kaye charged with murder in the US.    Then followed a lengthy analysis of where to here for him with the Minister badgered for comment..  

Why the interest.   Why the special treatment of him over every other alleged murderer?   Rhetorical question.   Look to the caption.

A repeat of what happened when David Tamahere, brother of John Tamahere was convicted of the double murder of Heidi Paakkonen and Sven Hoglin.   It was almost as if JT was on trial.

You can pick your friends.   You can't pick family relations.    Unless the MP has a direct involvement in the incident then it should be treated like any other ... but I won't hold my breath.


Andrei said...

The interest in this story derives from the fact that the fellow in question potentially faces the Death penalty and such cases always attract media attention, remember the Cohens from long ago?

The other aspect of this story is that the gentleman in question is from the privileged segment of society and has fallen from grace and this to will attract attention - remember the Mille Elder circus?

This is news whether you like it or not

Of course if the crime had happened in New Zealand and was before New Zealand courts the connections of the accused would likely see the matter suppressed and some might be blogging on the injustice of that - it has been seen in the past

Anonymous said...

The scourge of meth can hit any family.

That is the message that came over from this story.

Especially for Kaye - first cancer and now this.

I actually think that despite TVNZ's best efforts the voters will sympathize with Kaye over this - most families will relate to this.

No family is perfect and her's is no different/