Sunday, February 26, 2017


Sadly for a half brother of the current leader of the Gilbert and Sullivanesque international joke that has ceased to be even remotely funny, it ended in a Kuala Lumpur Airport when two women rushed him and smeared oil laced with VX nerve chemical that saw Kim Jong Nam an older half brother of current thug in chief, dead before he reached Hospital.

In 1948 as Asia was being reinstated in the aftermath of the Japanese attempt to redraw the maps, the Korean Peninsula became another pragmatic solution as Joseph Stalin continued his desire to create a ring of puppet Communist states as a buffer to assault on the borders of the USSR. Korea that had been dominated and oppressed by Japan in the first half of the 20th century, was divided into Soviet Occupied North and American Occupied South.
That was the opportunity for the Black Comedy to commence with North Korea adopting the farcical Nation name, The Democratic Peoples Republic Of Korea. There was Only one accurate word in that grand title, Korea. Democracy was never seen again, Peoples never had any meaningful effect and Republic should have been replaced with Dictatorship.
The "Kim" family took control under Kim Il Sung and today three generations of brutal dictatorship later Kim Jong Un has succeeded his old man Kim Jong il.

People who were mildly amused at the machinations to establish familial dynastic power in the US by Clinton, Bush, and Kennedy clans dont know nuffin, Kims are in charge of the DPRK.
The latest removal of a perceived threat by murder in Malasia has been accompanied by many wild rumours as N, Korea scrambles to retain a semblance of control of the unfolding farce.
Four men who may or may not have 'diplomatic' status have fled back to the Black Hole that is DPRK, two women are under arrest and remarkably Malasian Police want to interview another N Korean who may or may not  have diplomatic protection.
I say murdering potential opponents as although getting accurate news from N Korea is extraordinarily difficult, possibly the biggest story in this genre came with the sudden arrest and summary execution of  Jang Song-Thaek whose major fatal mistake was marrying a daughter of Kim Il Sung, as Kim Jung Un sought to consolidate his power after succeeding his old man in 2011.
Kim dynasty of what is somewhat full of black humour  describing the absolute monarchy  regime running things north of the 39th parallel.
The Demilitarised Zone that has been the border between the two Koreas that are still technically at war with only an armistice between peace and renewed hostilities in place since 1954, sixty years ago.

This along with the absolute mess that is the Middle East are two long standing seemingly intractable  international threats to world order that fuel fears of what President Trump might do. Of course well over half a century of futile maneuvering  having failed to create progress, Trump might just find a way around them but an alternative of pouring petrol on a fire is too real a threat  for many.


The Veteran said...

GD .... get your facts right and stop peddling capitalist lies. KCNA (the North Korean Government News Agency) sez Kim Jong-nam died of heat-stroke.

I understand the KCNA are already working up version #2 of the story. Overcome by heat in the poorly ventilated terminal building he was helped by a fellow North Korean tourist close at hand who unselfishly gave him her cold facecloth which he unfortunately ingested and choked to death helped by the fact that the Malaysian medics delayed treating him on instructions from President Trump until it was too late. Seven days of national mourning is being declared. Flag factory No. 5 is working overtime to produce 50,000 US and Malaysian flags which will be ceremonially burnt in Pongyang's central square in protest of this unwarranted intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign nation. Further, that President Kim Jong-un has personally intervened to order the 77 virgins who were planning to self-immolate themselves in protest against the cowardly actions of the US and Malaysia to desist. In an interview he said ... "I understand their righteous wrath but I have a better idea on how to handle this". He has invited the 77 to wait on him in his private apartment so he can thank them personally for their devotion to the country.

Anonymous said...

That puts me in a quandary now. Who do I believe? The source that is approved by the countries honest leader or the lying dishonest mass media. It's Sunday for god's sake don't make me think.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I wouldn't dare attempt the impossible, on any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

It seems the father of the Seal killed in the botched raid refused to meet your draft dodging hero....that speaks volumes. Would like to debate that one with you but as you censor everyone who disagrees with you it's a bit pointless.

Lord Egbut