Monday, February 27, 2017

A Month In Politics

President Trump has been in the chair for a bit over a month and what has he done?

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From memory:-

Authorised a couple of major oil pipelines, held up by Obama.

Introduced thorough vetting of travelers and immigrants from countries where law and order is in  short supply.

Commenced the repeal of  Obamacare.

Struck down Obama's dunny laws.

Sacked a dissident acting Attorney General.

Told the biased media to get stuffed.

Declined to attend the media's gloat fest annual roast.

Revised the rules of engagement for American troops in Iraq.   (The war Obama  said was won and over.)

Put Churchill's bust back in the Oval Office.

After a month in office in 2009, what had Obama done?

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Removed Churchill's  bust from the Oval Office.

Commenced writing his umpteenth autobiography, taking care to note he was born in Hawaii, as he no longer needed a foreign student scholarship.


Anonymous said...

Obama picked up a Nobel Peace Prize early on with a reason for deserving it given as ....jus becoz...


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes, I was going to mention his peace prize for later entering more wars than Truman and destabilizing the Middle East and Eastern Europe but I thought to do so would be churlish.

pdm said...

Obama would surely have played a few rounds of Golf in that first month.

paul scott said...

Too good, the World has been getting better every day for a while.
It could go on like this for a generation or so.
Big climate melt down of snowflakes and pyjama boys living with their mothers.
And Soros will die, but Islamobama will keep stirring trouble to be remembered as the most useless President ever, followed by the best.

Anonymous said...

This what he has done. Obamacare care still in place because the lightweights do not know how to replace it.