Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Is it 'Simon Says'?  if so the silence is deafening, for all saints man,  say something
Mr English has been eerily quiet since McCully made many of the natural supporters of National endure a deep feeling a good friend has been dumped on with O'Bama's stitch up over UNSC resolution 2334 by the US declining to veto a clearly biased condemnation of Israel over integration through Jewish "settlements". Clearly a swift kick in the goolies aimed at Trump along with Netanyahu by a bitter and twisted Lame Duck POTUS
By joining such international heavyweights  as Malaysia, Senegal and in particular,  the seriously failed socialist state of Venezuela in sponsoring this one sided official chiding of the only functioning democracy in the middle East where Arab citizens enjoy full rights while all the Arab states support Hamas, a terrorist entity whose founding charter has the total destruction of the state of Israel as policy'
NZ is now identified as a supporter of mindless terrorism. All the while Christians and Jews are in serious endangerment throughout the world of Islam.

Now many center right supporters of what John Key and Bill English have delivered over the last eight years, while McCully has been a wart needing liquid nitrogen particularly over his bizarre machinations over funding a "sheep Farm in the Saudi Desert", are in a state of wonderment. For me why that was ever going to be a good idea while sheep do so well here in godzone with finding "markets" as the biggest obstacle, was puzzling to  say the least.

So for those of us with lingering doubts over the National leader who took his party to an electoral result that left Goff then Cunliffe and possibly Little all sustaining an aura of success by keeping Mr 20.9% in the same place of odium as the 1955 NZ cricket team who hold the record lowest innings score of 26 all out in a five day test.
Some are saying that Simon needs to be cut some slack as his woeful 20.9% was nearly 15 years ago, however I am somewhat less charitable. I recall one inclement evening when we were dining at "Robbies" in Wilsons Rd prior to a Crusaders home game (it earned us a handy carpark for our 80km drive home) and guess who swept in resplendent in a brand new "Driz-bone" and "Akuba"  hat. None other than a very tiny man trying to be noticed, it was election year after all!
That contrived but inept attempt at being a "man of the People" left me totally unsurprised when a few weeks later he was buried alive by the Labour Party,  I sometimes wonder what became of the oilskin coat or the hat, not much use in the House of the People, methinks.

So Bill maybe cease with the Simple Simon modus and perhaps make at a minimum, some convincing argument as to how exactly the serious departure from what so many of your natural support base see as changing to a cowardly belly crawling obsequious departure from the decent moral position that McCully has delivered.

Sorry but a pic on Facebook buying Kumara chips from Wendys at Havelock is not nearly enough and it is now weeks  since your confirmed choice as the International Face of NZ was confirmed as safely in situ until later this year.
NZ needs to know if you and your Cabinet colleagues are all in total support of this act of embarrassment that so many see it as.

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paul scott said...

I looked up Simon English in google. It said English artist or for colloquial useage refer to dodger. He does seem missing from action.