Wednesday, January 18, 2017


CIA Director  John Brennan seems to believe he is another J Edgar Hoover, untouchable.

Larry Pickering has a post on some very serious background allegations on the man in charge of US foreign Intell,

Explains some of the as yet unanswered questions surrounding the desperation  accompanying the electoral failure of Clinton with her links via the Clinton Foundation to Saudi cash.

It could be a lot more than "sore loser syndrome".


Anonymous said...

GD- Trump won't have to worry about Brennan. He's a political appointment and Trump has appointed Mike Pompeo to replace him.

gravedodger said...

As a convert to Islam, wahhabism no less, what has he left as IEDs.

David said...

And the evidence for this is as non existent as Donald Trump's IQ! Proof, people, proof, not the ramblings of a drug addled once was a cartoonist of minor note.

There is not a shred of proof. No one has a photo of him in a Mosque, on a prayer mat, reading from the Koran, or forcing his wife to wear a rubbish bag over her head.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Perhaps you could do a google search David and indulge less frequently in slander.

January 18, 2017 at 5:00 PM Delete

David said...

Slander? No slander. I did a google search and came up with nothing but rumour, innuendo and, yes, libel of Brennan.

Neither you, Dodger or Pickering can provide proof of the allegations. All you need to do is post a picture of Brennan at Friday prayers.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

A carpetbagging, anti-American nonce. Voted for communism, the most misanthropic political philosophy ever devised. . along with Islam, that is.

gravedodger said...

John Brennn is a f*^king spy, apparently number one in the US so of course it is not easy to find evidence.
Not many non Muslims get to Mecca.

If Andrew Warren had not been so unbelievably stupid he would never have been arrested and charged but with his efforts even Brennan and Obama had to cut him adrift.

Keep putting your head in the sand it really works well for ostriches, that's why their feathers are a fashion statement.

David said...

So GoG, he voted for a Communist candidate when he was 25. I don't think he was alone. Please cite the law that makes voting for a Communist candidate illegal. Ming tried to ban the CPA and his "law" was kicked to the curb by the High Court and he was handed his arse by the Australian people in a referendum.

Gravedodger, you've got nothing and you know it. Here's a dollar, go and buy a fucking clue.

DenMT said...

The linked article is awesome! Excellent entertainment, not least for the revelation that Obama secretly designed a boundary fence with fleur-de-lis elements in order to pay homage to his Islamic masters.

The article claims 'ample evidence' that John Brennan is no less than a Wahhabist Muslim. I sometimes wonder what planet you people are living on, reposting this bit of absolute, utter rubbish. But please continue.


Anonymous said...

I have been reliably informed that if if leave a tooth under my pillow I will find a shiny sixpence in the morning.

Hitler was a Catholic, so what. I used Snopes to sort out the rest of Pickerings ramblings...what a dick.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

Dogger swears by Pickering, Adolf the Australian.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Most of the pathetic anonymous trolls who come here swear by The Guardian, the NYT or Dan Rather.