Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Today the out going President of the US is scheduled to make a farewell speech.

If as I expect he lists the achievements of his eight years it shouldn't  take long but with his track record of obfuscation, misrepresentation  and exaggeration so long as the teleprompter does not breakdown he will take a long time to say very little.

With the complete shambles he leaves in the Middle East, at least his predecessor had the motive of revenge for his disasters from the failed assassination attempt on his dad, but Barry has only ineptitude and stupidity to blame and there have been shiploads of both.
His legacy will be with us and in particular Europe for generation from the forced exodus of Muslim men from all corners into mainland Europe.
Hell even Ms Merkell's deputy has finally woken up to what has been wrought.

Black Lives Matter, well Barry here how it should be, "all freakin lives matter", even that challenged victim of the very drawn out beating and humiliation from a bunch of discoloured perps, two with male traits and two possibly female. 
Oh and what has happened in your beloved Illinois.
From Chicago Police last Summer;
murder victims by race

murderers by Race

Then there is Medicare or as it is now, Obama care, what a bloody crying shame those horrendous unaffordable premium surges came when they were so damaging to the only hope you had that Billary could win and somehow stop the coming implosion.

Homeland security is only accomplishing massive inconvenience for many while enough mentally unstables still sadly get to carry out their damaging lone wolf attacks.

so Barry O'Bama put simply GBABY (good bye and bugger you)


paul scott said...

You must have made those figures up.
Chicago is a sanctuary city, clean, tidy, and where IslamObama learned his BLM ethics.

Anonymous said...

Mr Dodger did not make those figures up. A rightwing online site called Intellectual takeaway run by two of the richest men in the US did....http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/Intellectual_Takeout. The murder rate 2016 for Chicago is 762 so those figures you supplied are suspect.

The statistics are meaningless unless you include the rest of the demographics like nearly 50% of all black deaths are between 17 and 25. In the 70's and 80's it was regularly up in 800's, 2015 was under 500. That there is gang problem in Chicago, Washington and Baltimore (and Auckland) is beyond dispute but it is not a racial problem it's about turf and money and in the mix are the white gangs who are white supremacists and do kill and maim on racial grounds.

Obama has his failings, he is human, but to blame the mid east problem on him is bizarre. He inherited the problem from Bush, Bremner and Rundsfeldt who are the true founders of ISIS.

Lord Egbut

Jobson Growth said...

Lord Egbut, do not introduce facts to a right wing blog. It makes their ears bleed and then you get hit with the CtrlAltdDel Stick again.

But I do wish that those who presume to pontificate on matters uStates would at least familiarise themselves with a few facts.

"Then there is Medicare or as it is now, Obama care, "

Bzzzzt WRONG! Medicare and "Obamacare" are two totally different things. But that's OK, the uStates is full of morons who are happy to see "Obamacare" repealed because they get their health insurance through The Affordable Care Act, aka "Obamacare".

20 Million Americans now have health insurance thanks to The ACA aka Obamacare. Bad debts for hospitals are at record lows. And the GOP is going to replace it with ..... Who fucking knows, who fucking cares, we're the GOP and people don't matter.

But the Pendejo elect wants to shut it down and then replace it with something exactly that same for reasons.