Monday, January 2, 2017

Repaint, Repaint And Thin No More (slightly edited)

Adolf has been preoccupied with a paint brush for the last couple of weeks.

Getting the house ready to put on the market with a move to Bunbury in Western Australia on the horizon.  The Cook has been angling for a move for some time.  (The younger Adolfian daughter lives there and runs a small business.)

Paining in this part of the world requires unusual hours.  The job starts at 0500 hours and ceases before 1000 hours on account od surfaces becoming too hot.  Paint dries almost before it's off the brush.

One thing I'm pleased about is the fact the house is brick and tile, unlike our previous home in Auckland which was weatherboard.  So, thee job basically is spouting, down pipes, window frames and doors.

Oh, the lawn?  Santa Anna couch with heaps of water, urea and high NPK fertiliser and trace elements.  It's the greenest lawn in town.  Funny thing is, Australians only water their lawns after they've died.  You have to think about that.


paul scott said...

I am suspicious you are painting with acrylic. But you do mention thinners, so maybe not. I once tried to help paint a place in Invercargill with Acrylic. You can't do it. Invercargill is never above 10 degreesC.
There is a good available free fertiliser for lawns high in N,K,P, and trace etc, but my neighbours turn away when I apply it. I have a friend who lives near Wagin over there.
Wagin, how she got to Wagin I don't know, probably following Red Dog

Paulus said...

Love Bunbury - one of the nicest towns in Aussie.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

paul scott

You need to study scripture and you will see the headline is a piss take.

At the moment I'm applying shellack based primer to oil based Killrust on the underside of a pressed metal deck roof. ($50 per litre About 100 sq metres of it. It's off to the side and out the bk soyou can't see it in the pick

The rest of it is indeed water based paint.Once the sun rises you have to stop.


Something to do with the importance of being earnest.

David said...

I wasn't aware the Adolf was a "happy chappy". :-)

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


You simply are unaware, full stop.

Anonymous said...

I'll give you a call next week. It's time we had a chat.


The Veteran said...

Hmmmmm ... so you're leaving Oz and going to live in WA. Still, they too have half decent 'Reds' from Margaret River ... enjoy.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

More like leaving one economic shithole for another. South Australia has been stagnant for God knows how long and WA fell into the hole a couple of years ago when suddenly nobody wanted their iron ore or bauxite. Power prices are going through the roof as so-called 'green' energy sources kick in. That is the prime reason there are no jobs here. Power is too expensive so businesses go elsewhere.

At least SA get a decent short term boost from a one in thirty year record wheat harvest.

The Veteran said...

Adolf ... saw that report on power prices ... 'they' have much to answer for. Shut down coal fired stations and replace them with ????? and suddenly there is a power shortage and prices go up and the sheeple wonder why. Called supply and demand.

Green economics work ok not.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Quite so Vet

Word on the street is that in spite of the gerrymander, (Labor holds power with 47% of thee vote) Labor and Jay Weatherill will be tipped out. Weatherill is challenging the current redistribution which will help sink him.

Sadly, the other lot are only marginally more competent.

I'm seriously considering having large banners erected in Adelaide during the campaign.

"JAY is for JACKASS"

Jobson Growth said...

Adolf Fiinkensein on Trump winning espite losing the popular vote : "The popular vote doesn't count, only electoral college votes count.

Well Adolf, same in Oz, the popular vote doesn't count (except Tasmania, ACT and The Senate), the number of seats won is what counts.

Any chance you could resolve to show consistency in the New Year?

As for a gerrymander, your Republican friends in the uStates have that down to a fine art.

Without Republican gerrymandering there is no way that Trump would be the Pendejo elect.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

I did a job at Harvey and stayed in Bunbury for a few weeks a couple of years ago. Bunbury is a fine town. Same goes for other WA towns like Esperance, Broome and Port Hedland.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Clearly you don't understand the meaning of redistribution.

When all seats contain roughly the same number of eligible voters you friends are dog tucker.

Go join them and chew on a bone.

Jobson Growth said...

Adolf, as an ex resident of Johville, I am well aware of what "redistribution" means. Up there, it was anything that further enriched Joh, Hinze, et al.

In other Australian states it is an attempt to predict the future. Redrawing boundaries based on the last election in order to make the next election "fairer" is like trying to nail jelly to a tree.

Tin Shed broke the Playford gerrymander in SA and the Libs have been trying to reinstate it ever since. South Australia is unique in that it so highly urbanised with very few people outside Adelaide. Queensland, OTH, is the opposite with more people living outside Brisbane than within.

True electoral reform would not be tinkering at the margins. True electoral reform would be something like eliminating single member electorates for a multi member electorate, a la Hare-Clark in Taswegia.