Saturday, January 14, 2017


Forget all those nice young men that successive judges have bent over backwards to be forgiving to.
All Blacks, Law students, some scion of a wine family, a list that seems to be well beyond the Blind Lady  of Justice, here was a case where such impressive  leniency could seem fair and good.

A woman married to a man for 25 years becomes aware that someone had been a very naughty boy.
Teenage son  finds some images on bad dad's cell phone of the fellow player in some examples of friction while wearing what some prurient justice deemed insufficient attire.
How bloody dumb was that not the activity but keeping the images on  a cell?

So Mrs Now Really Offended (not her real name), prints a few A4 posters of the  naked woman and some inimate action pics of Bad Dad and his new paramour and places them strategically around their little village where Bad Dad was the fire chief

Any way humourless sharp point Clayton (the judge you have when you don't have a judge) convicts wronged woman for distributing offensive matter and fines her $250.
Should have nominated her for housewife of the year, hell no one died in the commission.

Last time I checked creating red faces was normal societal fun and games, way less damaging physically than a young rising star smashing two young ladies and someone else trying to help them.

Justice aint Blind it is crippled and needs intensive care.
Chief District Court Judge needs to call Mr Clayton in for a little chat that sometimes revenge is a dish best served cold,  even for heat seeking Fire Chiefs. The perpetrator of the "offensive" was not Mrs N R Offended, it was the dumbarse who deserved all that embarrassment and more.


Anonymous said...

Morning Dodger......who exactly is the blind lady of justice? I've heard a lot about her but can't place her.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

The cops use posters of suspects and my supermarket has a clearly racist wall of shame. One should never be punished for telling the truth but in any case this is the best $250 she ever spent.


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