Thursday, January 26, 2017


A minion in the skeletal remains of the Labour Party, that during the heady days, expedited the citizenship of an Asian gentleman who along with being extraordinarily adept and generous to Ms Clark's outfit just happened to be on the China Government's 'most wanted list' for financial irregularity, even to the extent of a privvate citizenship ceremony in the Parliament,  is outraged that the Key mob gave alleged 'secret' citizenship to a very rich American who sadly has given financial support to President Trump.
Being mega rich Mr Peter Thiel must never be allowed any privacy eh.

This appalling misuse of government power by Minister The Honorable Nathan Guy only came to prominence because the new citizen  had the temerity to purchase a bit of lakeside land at Glendhu Bay near Wanaka, something as a NZ citizen he was perfectly lawfully enabled to do. Now there is so far zero evidence that Mr Thiel's process  was anything resembling the act in haste repent at leisure circus drama that accompanied the process for Mr Bill Lui, if that was his real name,  by  Shane Jones and  Good Ole Boy Dover with the assistance and connivance of Mr Rick Barker and others who were too embarrassed to be openly associated in the face of serious advice from immigration officials that Yang, Bill or whoever he actually was should NOT be granted N Z Citizenship.

Of course the fact that Mr Thiel has invested serious dosh in Lil ole NZ's commercial success in the world of IT, the Rod Drury created  XERO outfit is of little consequence as, if true  would be only the rich getting richer and in the absence of any proven  political patronage, there must be something dodgy going on.

Mr two dads should return to his office sports and perhaps get a few more Peter Theils to head down under disregarding the sad spin off that such wealthy persons do widen the gap between rich and poor in the sad little welfare sustained country that pays Mr Lees Galloway so much more than he could ever wish for outside the Parliamentary Trough.

Perhaps he should leave envy to the MOU partners it sits much more comfortably in their persona being green and all.


Paulus said...

I understand Mr Thiel had Residency five years before he took Citizenship.

I wonder under which Minister he got Residency - could it be Mr Cunliffe ?

The Veteran said...

Clearly Thiel is a contributor to society (as are many new New Zealanders). Much ado about nuffin. Hold on, in the mantra of the 'left' ... he's a 'rich prick' (American to boot) ... must be bad ... must be opposed.

The politics of envy may resonate with the no-hopper classes but to many ordinary New Zealanders who see success as something to be admired and strived for it shows a Party still wedded to the continuation of class warfare where rich (whatever that means) is a dirty word. Sad.

The Veteran said...

Sheesh ... have just picked up that the attack is being orchestrated by none other than Iain Lees-Galloway, MP for Palmerston North. The poor little rich boy from King's College whose parents moved from Palmerston North into the Rangitikei electorate just so they had an excuse for not voting for him ... source IL-G's maiden speech.

That comment sums him up perfectly.