Thursday, January 19, 2017


Israel has accepted the creation of a Palestinian State seperate from The Kingdom of Jordan where many stateless Palestinians have chosen to live albeit as second class citizens.

Many of the luvvies who struggle with the concept of the only Democratic state involved in the frontline of Islams drive to expand it's area of domination concur but with the added requirement that Israel give up its infinitely more secure borders following the expulsion of Jordan from the West Bank including the serious Jewish historical linked structures that include the "wailing wall".

I think I have worked out what is preventing the "two state" solution from getting airborne.
While Israel's concept comes close to having some acceptance by all, except the Hamas controlled Gaza City Area and the slightly less murderous Fatah West Bank, who have a totally different conceptual aim.
The still stateless Palestinians understand that their "two states" will be Gaza  and Palestine who will move into the defeated territory when they have destroyed modern  Israel, slaughtering every last Jew.
There is the Arab understood two state "solution" McSully supports.

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