Thursday, January 12, 2017


So Kingi Taurua now sez the letter, sent over his signature, to the Prime Minister making it clear that he was to be denied speaking rights at the Powhiri welcoming him onto the Te Tii Marae at Waitangi didn't say what he thought it said and he's sorry about that ... ROFL.

Don't back down Prime Minister.   Don't go.   Never go.    The Marae has no mana.   The lunatics that run the place have seen to that.    John Armstrong (bless his cotton pickin sox) has summed up the situation perfectly here

Updated further ... KT now claims the letter sent over his signature was authored by certain 'Young Turks' on the Marae committee.   Ipso facto ... not his fault.   Clearly if we were believe that (and I don't) Taurua doesn't subscribe to the HST dictum ... the buck stops here.    I see that David Rankin, respected Ngapuhi elder, has disowned KT and his mob and endorsed the decision of the PM not to turn up.   Hurrah for common sense.   


The Realist said...

Agreed Vet!
Why the hell would he want to go there to have sewage thrown over him, or assaulted, or insulted...
I recall years ago when the Queen was there and that silly woman hit her with a wet towel. I actually watched it on TV with my father who was in the Navy during the war. The "Honour Guard" was a naval detachment with fixed bayonets which simply stood there like statues. My old man just about had a fit. He was bouncing off the walls and ceiling and said in his day the navy boys would have got stuck into the bloody Maoris with fixed bayonets which is in fact their function. What part of "Guard" did they not understand?

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

Does our famous Gunner Tuarua attend any of your get togethers for Vets in your area?

I wonder that some of the locals don't use a little traditional Maori medicine to treat his stupidity - brain surgery performed with a delicate instrument called a Patu.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

So pleased to see a piece by John Armstrong.

One of the rare intelligent and worthwhile journalists NZ has produced. Even if he does tilt a bit left now and again.

Anonymous said...

What a twat you are Troll.. WTF has this to do with the subject...oh yes I know..deflection.

Lord Egbut

Noel said...

I'm in favour of changing the name of holidays to simply numbers.
New Years day would be Holiday No 1 and so on.
No more claims from the religious nutters about not been in the true spirit of Christmas.
No more need for politicians to attend Waitangi.
No more claims of corrupt Unions.
No more claims that kids shouldn't look for Easter eggs.
And so on.

He bro number three holiday next week, going fishing?

The Veteran said...

TTSP ... 304325 Gunna Taurua AK has never turned up at a Vvet gathering of any sort. If he did I guess I would have to grit my teeth and welcome him as someone who did his duty.

Egbut ... not sure who you are referring to. Neither 'The Realist' or TTSP are trolls. TTSP is one of our own (V3).

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy said...

The image of Taurua on Maori Tv a couple of years ago on an ANZAC day programme, where he claimed to have patrolled into villages and killed women and children, along with being ejected from an RSA because (1) he was Maori and (2) because of his facial tattoos, absolutely appalled me. There would have been people in the RSA's watching that disgusting filth and then looking at us wearing our medals........

Unfortunately reporters and interviewers on Maori TV [like those hearing evidence before the Waitangi Veterans Tribunal eh Egbut]have no idea of what the words Who, What, When, Where and How mean. Taurua and his fellow idiots are allowed to say what they want in any of those forums without question or challenge.

I am indeed fortunate that my brain was not fried by Agent Orange while in Vietnam. The last herbicide mission in Phuoc Tuy province occurred 0n 30th June 1968, a full 6 months before I arrived. [And that was Agent White which contained none of the 'dreaded' Dioxin]

Anonymous said...

Obvious he was referring to Adolf. Don't protect him.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No, don't protect him. He's an idiot who couldn't read Vet's reference to John Armstrong.

Shelldrake said...

He is mad. FULL STOP.

Noel said...

TTSs When NZDEF received an embargoed copy of the Australian Army/Peck/Sinclair, title it as you will, report in 1982 from that point any veteran who claimed he was exposed to aerial application of Agent Orange could have been corrected.
Instead it lay gathering dust never to be signed out to any investigator contracted by the Government of the day.
Its ironic that people who made no comment on the "Masters's Map' which provides no detail of the primary and secondary target areas for the Ranch Hand mission now see it as important to "correct" veterans claims at the Waitangi Tribunal. Is this some sort of recompense for command failed for decades to utilise the dust collecting report that detailed by grid reference of all Ranch Hand mission in Phuoc Tuy or is just pettiness?

Anonymous said...

He is mad. FULL STOP.
Who Adolf...yeah we know that.