Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Just What Australia Needs

Another left leaning newspaper specializing in fake news.

Yes, the New York Times is to establish itself in Australia, just as Fairfax announces the demise of print edition weekday newspapers.  I wonder what classified information the NYT will find here to publish for Australia's enemies.

The report in The Australian implies birth of an Australian version but further searching reveals the paper simply is setting up a bureau in Australia.

So, no, you won't see the NYT competing with Fairfax and the ABC to deliver the same biased drivel to the same brain dead leftist drones. 

Happy days.

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David said...

A spell checker is just what Adolf needs. :-)

On the rare occasion that Herr Fiinkensein provides a link, it is behind a paywall. Here is the text.

Fairfax Media is expected to formally outline plans in 2017 to stop printing weekday metropolitan newspapers, as The New York Times ramps up expansion plans in Australia.
Credit Suisse analyst Fraser McLeish predicted a flurry of dealmaking at Fairfax this year to “significantly reduce print exposure”.
Fairfax will lay down a timetable for the weekday digitalonly transition, exit its New Zealand publishing business and offload or merge the Regional Media unit, Mr McLeish said in a research note to clients.
“We expect Fairfax to formally outline its plans for a move to a digital-only weekday model for the metro titles,” he said.
In a note published in October last year, Mr McLeish said: “Metro Media would become a smaller, but more stable and sustainable business.”

Nothing to see here, just examining of chicken entrails by a banker.

Also, as to "fake news", then that must surely be Herr Fiinkensein's favoured propaganda sheet that has waged war against The Age/SMH/ABC as they continually break stories that show Rupert's rich prick mates engaging in very unsavoury conduct.

Where are the stories in Th Aus about 7/11 stealing from workers? When was the last time the Oz broke a story to compare with The Moonlight State?

As to the demise of print edition newspapers, that is no surprise to anyone. The only question will be who goes first (oh, many already have) and how long before the last one folds up.

And, as a Once was a kiwi, I would have expected that Herr Fiinkensein would have been well aware that it was the ABC's Four Corners that helped finger the French for the only terrorist attack on New Zealand. Where was The Oz at the time? Under mining the leader of the opposition!