Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Yet the Traffic Police continue with their moronic obsession with speed and drink driving while fatal accident stats mirror movement numbers. Hello, there are so many more vehicles on the move in 2016

Fatalities on NZ roads peaked pre oil shocks in the early seventies with similar horror levels in both population and per Vehicles references.
Better engineered vehicles, improving road design and much faster and comprehensive first response attention when excrement hits rotary have led to a pleasing remarkable reduction in road deaths to around half the 1970 levels.
However with relatively amateur abilities often  replacing many of the more professional drivers at holiday times coupled with serious extra loading of people and goods for the trip, reducing accident rates at holiday times needs far greater enforcement planning than the mindless strategically placed speed cameras and drink drive smash and grab mentality.
Education, driver training and mufti car/motor cycle policing without an overweening revenue driver are badly needed to discover and attempt to improve driver behaviours.

The tragic bus incident at Wharerata and the three fatals at Southbridge were never going to be prevented by a camera situated at the end of a passing lane or concealed at the bottom of a downhill on a strait bit of 'holiday highway, neither were they within the other revenue gathering, driver  threatening policy of booze check points.

We joined the SH 1 at McLeans Island Rd on Johns Rd last Thursday heading to Parnassus for New Year and from that point until the Waipara Junction it was nose to tail at between 45 kph and 80 kph, punctuated by the odd moron who gained a few places often with a less than defensive driving manoeuvre.
After the Big W (pub now long gone) traffic volumes diminished by over 90 % But no reduction in morons heading to, I assume, Kaikoura.
Big ups to the ignoramus who gave us such a fulsome greeting just past the Glenmark Church, I assume he considered our contributions to the roading fund as insufficient to permit us to share his roads.
I used to pull over as soon as a faster vehicle caught up but now unless there is a widened road such as in a township or a designated slow lane or passing lane, I don't risk accident or damage just because the verge might appear OK, a mirage that can suddenly end with a culvert or other obstacle. That practice ended one day around ten years ago in the Lewis Pass when a  maintenance shingle area seemed to offer such an opportunity only to do some serious damage to my trailer from a crater that some might describe as a pothole.
Should anyone wish to get to their destination earlier, either get started earlier or be prepared to be tolerant. Ignorant attitudes can be quick to condemn a nervous nellie towing a well loaded trailer or mobile home but accept a heavy truck and trailer crawling uphill as no problem
Stupid can lead to tragic outcomes all too quickly, and afaik there is no quick fix for stupid. A salient fact that the unlicensed 14 yo at Southbridge will spend the rest of his days dealing with.
That said my sympathies go to the families of those three dead and all those who will now find Christmas holidays an annual bitter memory for all time, whatever the probable cause of avoidable death is decided by a coronial inquiry.

As for Cliff and his bereft of answers police planners cease with the now revealed as a naked Emperor 'jihad' against having a quiet one or allowing road speed to go to 105 kph on a straight road with no other traffic around. That white noise  is clearly running out of steam as stats around increasing traffic densities reveal.
Continued adherence to the now exhausted meme is tiresome and in fact probably adding to the problem as the carping continues its irrelevance while stupid and ignorant coupled with poor judgement continue to increase with the growth in movement numbers.

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