Wednesday, January 18, 2017


It is not conclusively decided if Einstein actually proposed the definition but it is a great fit.

Insanity; " doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result".

Our inept media joined with the red left to attempt to knock John Key off his perch for a decade with zero result from what many labeled "KDS" for Key Derangement Syndrome.
Now the U.S. Media along with the snowflakes are going after POTUS elect Donald Trump.
Now if "KDS" was pathetically failing for a decade, it will be interesting how "TDS" goes.

One of the saddest manifestations so far has to be the attempts to deny the college band from an Afro American college (university) from Alabama State participating in the Inauguration Parade for the swearing in of Mr Trump.
The inauguration of a president has a great history of non partisan behaviour and to deny those youth f something they will proudly carry as a special memory for the rest of their days, it is not just sad but tragic in the true sense.

Jeez Wayne , George W Bush invited all the living Presidents to a White House luncheon to make Barry feel welcome eight years ago, to the exclusive club. Compare that action in the wake of a campaign against War Hero John McCain, Senator from Arizona that was very bitter at times to the petulant spiteful behaviour of the current decisive sharp point as he frantically comes to the realisation his record will be dust in the sands of history as it is dismantled by the terrible Mr Trump.

Orator he has clearly been so long as the Telepromptor continued to function, but statesman and man of the people he ain't..
Black Lives Matter will be his enduring legacy and many more people of colour have died or are at risk of early death from his not very subtle efforts.

The kick in the conjoines for the students of the College established by freed slaves has so far failed due to the efforts of the college President who understands the insane stupid that is being attempted on his youth.
Well done that man, Billy Hawkens Phd, president of Talladega College that celebrates its 150th birthday this year, they get what democracy should be while the snowflakes melt in the mid winter temperatures.
Dr Hawkins is standing tall.


Anonymous said...

A petition was started by Shirley Ferrill an ex student (1975) against the attendance of the school band. Many have signed and many have not. It's called democracy and freedom of speech. I personally have no view whether they play or not and for the life of me I cannot understand why you should either.

Lord Egbut

gravedodger said...

I guess old egg it would always escape your logic and hurty feelings that a significant bit of the democratic process in the US of A that has largely escaped politicisation has been grasped to abuse a totally uninvolved bunch of youth about to embark on what has a potential to change their lives.
Al Sharpton must have replaced Che's poster above your "Bob Semple D8" little beddy byes.

Here is the news old egg, to win the race for POTUS a candidate needs to win a majority of the votes to be cast in the electoral college under various State due process.
Donald J Trump did just that, and in the words of VP Joe Biden as he closed that constitutional step to snowflake "Democrats" still in denial, IT'S OVER".

As for California and their now wasted 55votes, take them and secede, it does not matter anymore.

Anonymous said...

Politics and common sense does not stop on election results. All Democrats are not "snowflakes" ( a word beloved of the alt right and Russian trolls) as all Republicans are not gun toting Ku Klux Klan. As it turns out they are not uninvolved as several have relatives who are in deep shit if their medical insurance is taken away from them.

Lord Egbut