Friday, January 20, 2017


Yes, it's election year, and yes we can expect politicians of all stripes to say silly things, but the hubris and cant being uttered by the Little man and the OAP from St Mary's Bay over entering the Pike River Mine sure takes the biscuit.

Lets start from the beginning.  The Pike River Mine was located on crown land administered by DoC,   In 2004 the then Labour Government gave approval for the mine which started coal production in October 2008.    On 19 November 2010 an explosion in the mine left 29 dead.   There was was a second explosion on 24 November and a third one three days after that.  The formal advice tendered to Solid Energy (which purchased the mine from Pike River Coal after it went into receivership) is that the mine is too dangerous to enter and should be sealed.   The families of the miners killed in the tragedy commissioned their own advice which suggested an operation to recover the remains of those trapped in the mine (assuming there are any to recover ... temperatures in the mine were assessed to have reached something in the order of 1200 degrees centigrade) was both feasible and practical.   One might argue that the families are hardly a disinterested party.   Enter Little and Peters to the fray ... they are siding with the families.  

So what are they proposing ... introducing amending legislation into Parliament to absolve the Directors of Solid Energy from any liability under the Health & Safety Act should things go wrong in any recovery operation.     Quite simply that beggars belief.     What if something did go wrong?.   Where does that leave the people involved?   What recourse would those families have?

Little and Peters are playing politics pure and simple.   It's not their lives they're putting at risk.    Leading from the back ain't leading.   For them, hubris and cant rules OK.


pdm said...

AS an aside Vet I heard Peters earlier in the week (Wednesday I think) tell Jamie McKay on his `The Country' Newstalk ZB programme that his permanent residence is now at Whananaki in Northland.

Has he been kicked out of St. Marys Bay or was he lying to Jamie Mckay and his listeners?

Anonymous said...

Was it not Peters's partner who actually lives in St Mary's Bay who got some sort of gong in the recent honours list - or am I confused ?

The Veteran said...

pdm ... well, I have it on VERY good authority that the good people of Whananaki don't see WRP too often but who am I to call him a liar.

Paranormal said...

National should support Angry Andy's legislation through parliament. With one minor change. Angry Andy and Winston First (hopefully all of them) need to lead the re-entry into the mine.

Shelldrake said...

Is that where the whana whare is?