Monday, January 9, 2017


Andrew Beecroft enjoys a reputation as one who gives a dam where youth offending is concerned, imeho, well deserved, but whether from  his doing or not, his shares took a hit on the gravedodger 'main board' during the Holiday Shutdown of NZ when he joined the hypocriticals.
Along with incumbents Garry Morgan et al who, having gained by whatever means more than comfortable security, he was reported in the lame stream media suggesting more money be removed by fiat from older people and donated to the young.

Sorry Andy but with zero appreciation from one of your target demographic as donor, that is in a word, moronic, retarded, idiotic and merely demonstrates again how totally removed from reality you have become.
Now I did not envy your previous job of sitting on the bench listening to endless diatribes from learned counsel as to why yet one more scrote was appearing before you for what society regards rightly as untenable activity.
Now you have reached a new zenith as Children's Commissioner that gives you a new 'Profile' from Chief Youth court Judge, you are clearly  no better informed with what you were reported to be saying in the news vacuum that always comes with the one month shut down for NZ Inc.

As one who was born into actual 'poverty' during WW2 yet managed by some serious hard work, long hours, much involving extreme hard physical labour and denial of much of what generation Y Z or is it now AA see as their entitlement,  I find your reported remarks  flippant and offensive here and now some seven  decades later.

Long drop/removable bucket,contents to be buried, sanitation, using cut up squares of news papers for wipes,
Untreated drinkingwater supplies from water races and contaminated roof gutters,
Hand me down clothes,
A two mile walk to reach a converted "K" Bedford truck as a school bus with unrestrained lengthwise bench seats to a country school,
That school staffed in the main with fresh out of training school teachers bent on getting the two years rural service out of their hair,
Very rare trips to the city some 100 kms distant on metal roads until Woodend where they "sold beer by the pound" and the concrete slab road gave a percussion like road noise as tires crossed the bitumen joiners. A journey probably necessitated by a lack of anyone to guard us at home. That two hours there and back under a frayed taupaulin sitting on a straw filled double striper sack on the tray of the 1930s V8 utility
a very simple food diet with plenty of sugar, salt and animal fats, with considerable if it could not be sold we ate it philosophy
Father who was gone working  from dawn til dusk even at christmas,
Mother buried under the drudgery of no dish washer, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, a white spirit Iron.
House  water heated by the wet back in the wood range that only produced during daylight hours or on 'Mondays' by lighting an old pumice copper, handling scalding wet sheets with bleached broom handles to a mangle then hanging the resulting laundry on a clothes line of Number eight wire strung between two trees, not placed for efficient use of space or convenience,
Domestic lighting from one "aladdin lamp" with a fabric mantle that allowed evening reading for adults in the kitchen,
no candles, ever, for fire risk reasons and no torches or lighting till dawn broke.
A solitary Dr some 30kms distant, no  fire brigade or ambulance
party single line earth return telephone hours 0800 to 2000 hrs daily, shared with six other households, wire strung on dry  Manuka poles sans insulators.  A unreliable system that gave a working knowledge of Morse code with A D K M R S U and W as call signs,  T was for exchange and E was ring off.
One valve radio, battery powered and not to be touched by any other than  an adult
No ice creams, fizzy drinks, chewing gum, lollies,
A church  service once a month in a bachelor neighbour's living room,
Social contact beyond immediate family zero,
An unstated expectation of a work effort as soon as physically able,
Christmas stocking stuffed with books signed with seasons greetings from elderly childless aunt.

And "HOLIDAYS", well there were the weeks away from school but as for going on holiday that was stuff of fairy tales read about in The Famous Five from Enid Blyton involving the exiting and Idyllic adventures of George(girl) how confronting was that for one with two decidedly non female Uncle Georges and a King of the same name, Julian Dick and Anne and a dog with no clear purpose called Timmy.

Here citizen Beecroft is my well considered sentence with more allowance for your previous lifes work that my charitable disposition should consider for your clearly ignorance based offensive remarks so well recorded and not refuted in organs of media that should have stood with you in the dock.

So my still regarded with diminishing respect learned ex judge, relinquish  all your superannuation entitlements, donate all your accumulated wealth to charity beyond your reach and rent a disused farm house somewhere a need is apparent and work your remaining years to unpaid remedial work amongst the youth you see as so deserving of my meager hard won financial reserves, then approach the LSM with a wonderful tale how you find poverty, safe in the knowledge it was not forced on you by a government acting within the law enforcing your stupid ideas on a defenceless bunch who worked hard and went without to accumulate what would appear to you to be  peanuts.
Or alternatively get down from your ivory tower and actually try to get an understanding as to just how generously we resource the so called deprived youth of 2016.
To me with my memories backed by recorded history your pontification is more offensive than a totally well intentioned warning to a clearly inebriated member of your newly discovered altruism entitled youth who demonstrated just how the current system can leave a young lady so bereft of language skills. In a  tirade  on social media where  in excess of 25 words in a diatribe of some minutes it included such profanity and that lady in question has allegedly "won an English prize"at her state funded highschool.

Perhaps you should consider wisely using your remaining time in study and inquiry into the real world you so clearly left some time ago.


paul scott said...

The sheer luxury of Dodger's upbringing was an interesting , and quite inspiring read.
I didn't like the sound of that v8 bouncing over the concrete slabs, and it surprised me they did build roads like that.
I could have managed the bucket empty from the out house, but the newspaper squares, well, not so good.

Over a period of time I think Beecroft has been reading about himself in newspapers, and had begun to wonder how we ever managed without him.
Like Susan Devoy, he seems to have aggrandised into the new role, settling into the swamp of elitism as these grand appointees tend to do .

Older people now have several advantages in fighting would be social re organizers.
First we have the information sources like this column, which dish out reality without the virtue seeking hogwash that would come from the MSM.
We also vote in large numbers, and I think a surprising number of us are vigilant.
There was not any way my father could have access to the same historical and social facts that I have,
and there was little enough he could do about it.
We can.
Dodger gives warning here, by alerting us that Beecroft is settling into the swamp, and knows how to re organise society..

Anonymous said...

You lucky, lucky bastard.


pdm said...

Paul Scott - not too many years ago the main road (SH2) from Hastings to Clive was made of concrete slabs. Still like that in the early 80's as I recall.

Anonymous said...

pdm......troll Scot would not know that as I doubt he has ever been to NZ. forgot the good bits like swimming with then trout at Coes ford where under water visibility was better than the barrier reef. Now a stagnant slimy swamp all in the aid of the great god dairy. I preffered the old days when we really were clean green and a 100% pure.

Lord Egbut

Wan Kin Socks said...

Lord Egbut, all the Kiwi men I know who went to live in Thailand fall in to one of two categories and neither are welcomed here on their return.

Wan from อุดรธานี

Anonymous said...

Mr Socks ....I presume you are talking about Troll Scott, his server might be located in Bangkok but he is not.

Lord Egbut

Wan Kin Socks said...

Interesting, Mr Egbut.

I am sure this is the same man one of my สาวประเภทสอง pointed out to me last night.

Wan from อุดรธานี

Anonymous said...

Go away you tosser..........