Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Traveling home yesterday around noon came up behind a marked police ute to become number four in line doing sixty five on straights reducing to as slower on corners.
Oncoming made passing impossible so some six kms later with the convoy now in excess of ten the cop had had enough and lit up with siren.
The poor bugger at two must have needed a change of undies and I have no clue as to what the moron in the White sedan leading ended up with, if anything as a ticket but it was a very clear case of "driving without attention" even "inconsiderate road use".


homepaddock said...

That was good policing.

Though it's not always the driver in the first vehicle at fault. Sometimes it's the second that won't pass but keeps too close to the first to allow anyone else to pass it safely and there's not enough space to overtake the first and second.

Chris said...

We came back up to Marlborough from Canterbury last week, and generally the traffic was good and trucks mainly let u know when it was clear to pass. But just out of Springs Junction, we came up behind a line of cars which were behind 2 Emmerson Transport flat deck trucks which were empty traveling quite close together, so cars could not easily get past. Luckily they pulled off the road at Murchison. These drivers should have known to drive with a km or so between themselves, surely.

Johno said...

Have to say drivers on my travels over the holidays were pretty good. Drove over the Coromandel ranges half a dozen times and there are always trucks, campervans and towed boats struggling up and down but most of them pulled over at the frequent bays and let traffic past.

Good to see the plod did something in this case, but then again, he was being held up himself so can't give him too much credit.

Plod are still setting up speed traps in the passing lanes, for example SH25 before Waitakaruru, so in general I consider the traffic plods to be a pack of revenue collecting maggots pretending to be all about safety.

And no I did not get pinged because I wasn't speeding.

The Veteran said...

It's bloody annoying especially when after x k of the shit you, as number three, see a chance on a straight and speed up to pass numbers one and two and you get pinged in the process by one of those 'great white shark vans' tucked away on the side of the road ... still, what's $125 between 'friends'?

Number one appeared to be a luvly couple of advanced years while number two was a tourist from Asia.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

These people infest the world.

Try traveling for 250k north of Adelaide when the Australian neanderthal caravan brigade is on the move. 90kph on 110kph highways.

If you ever get the chance to ask why, you'll be informed that is the most fuel efficient speed.

Never a thought for the twenty or thirty vehicles, including semitrailers, caught behind them. Yes, semitralers which enjoy a speed limit of 100kph.