Monday, January 9, 2017


For as long as I can remember mayhem on the TiTi (Lower) Marae at Waitangi has featured as the lead item on the TV news on Waitangi Day.   The reality is that the disfunctional Marae leadership have abrogated their host responsibilities and Marae protocol to the point where the Prime Minister has said enough is enough ... you want me to respect the mana of the Marae but in turn you refuse to respect the dignity of my office by refusing me the right to speak at the powhiri welcoming me onto the Marae. That is a studied insult. Bill English has made the right decision.

Kingi Tauroa is the chief lunatic in charge of the asylum.    He plays to the cameras.    He enjoys his moment in the sun.   But the reality is that the TiTi Marae has no special place in our history.   The action was all on Treaty Grounds.   TiTi Marae came later and if individual Maori wish to protest at the Marae then fine, but the Prime Minister is right to call time out on his attendance there.   I would go one step further and pull any official recognition afforded the TiTi Marae.   You earn respect; the Marae, by its own actions, has forfeited any respect due.

Talking to a Maori mate of mine over a beer at Jimmy Jack's Rib Shack in Paihia this afternoon after the story broke.   He rolled his eyes ... "Kingi doing his thing ... doesn't speak for me, never has".   The voice of embarrassed Maoridom.    Take that over KT and his bunch of kaumatua misfits any day.   


Anonymous said...

Totally agree, it is a huge embarrassment along with the Waitangi Tribunal exceeding it's brief with the veterans enquiry and initiating ye anther health enquiry in order to keep Maori and Pakeha law firms solvent.

It is 2016 and we are all grown up now so the things that reek of separate development and should be ditched are.

Maori All Blacks,.....unless all New Zealanders (born here) of different ethnicity can call them selves AB' Chinese All Blacks.

Maori party or any political party that caters to people of one racial group.. the focus is so narrow they do not have any influence on other parties policies and all they do is offer hope and illusions in order for a few silver tongued pollies to feed at the public trough.

One nation, one people with the freedom to worship and follow the culture of their choice without political interference or discrimination should be the aim.

Should be easy enough but I'm sure this would be seen as racist.....just can't bloody win.

Lord Egbut

Keeping Stock said...

In the interests of accuracy Veteran, the lower marae at Waitangi is Te Tii Marae.

Otherwise, I concur.

The Veteran said...

Keeping Stock ... ouch, you're right although many choose to spell it as it is pronounced.

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you and I can both agree to disagree about some things but you're right on the money with this one and I endorse your comments about the Waitangi Tribunal exceeding its brief with the Maori Veteran's Kaupapa Inquiry and especially the bit about it being a make-work scheme for second rate law firms.

Just as before, there are vulnerable veterans out there prepared to believe a lot of tosh about 'manna from heaven' in the form of lotto size lagesse due and payable to them and again, they will be disappointed because they were sold a lie in the first place.

Shelldrake said...

Kingi Taurua, certified as mad.