Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday's Fulminations

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Jobson Growth said...

When Pendejo elect becomes Pendejo of the uStates, this is what "Draing the swamp" will look like.

"On Tuesday, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its estimate of how many people will become uninsured if Republicans move forward with their likely plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and the numbers are brutal. Thirty-two million people would lose their health insurance by 2026, and premiums would double in the same time frame.

Americans would also see a sharp and immediate drop in insurance rates. According to the CBO, “the number of people who are uninsured would increase by 18 million in the first new plan year following enactment of the bill.”

Yep, how's that gonna work out for the rust belters?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Clearly the CBO needs draining very early in the piece.

Those 32 mil people never wanted health insurance in the first place.

David said...

Fact free as usual Adolf.

So the nearly 40,000 who will die each year don't want health insurance?

A Massachusetts study found that “for every 830 adults gaining insurance coverage there was one fewer death per year.” If this figure is applied to the 32 million who will lose insurance if key provisions of Obamacare are repealed, it means that about 38,500 people will die every year who otherwise would have lived in Republicans succeed in their plans to eviscerate the Affordable Care Act.

Yes, I recall the Rethugs talking about "death panels"; here they come courtesy of President Golden Showers and the Rethuglican kleptocracy.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

'A Massachusetts study'?

Unattributed, I see. Usual leftist bullshit.

By the look of it, carried out by the Massachusetts Democrats and published in The Lancet.

Or was it the same gang of third formers who wrote and peer reviewed all those learned papers for the IPCC?

David said...

Jobson, it is worse than that, far worse.

The Pussy Grabber in Chief has recalled US Ambassadors, and done nothing to replace them, leaving the US unrepresented in major and minor world centres.

As of 48 hours before the inauguration, Trump had named only 28 of the 690, less than 4%. That means that when the Trump team goes to work on Friday afternoon, some 96% of their key offices will be empty.
Traditionally, the four most essential departments for running the federal government are Defense, State, Treasury and Justice. Here are how many of those key positions at each the Trump team should fill:
Defense - 53
State - 263
Treasury - 27
Justice - 27
How many nominations have been announced for each of these departments? Precious few -- only the Cabinet member in each case except for State, where the UN ambassador has also been announced. In all four of these critical departments, not a single deputy secretary, nor undersecretary, nor assistant secretary has been announced.

The Orange Chimpanzee finds work is hard.

Should a major world crisis unfold in the next few months, Trumplethinskin will have no serious advice available to him, all he will have to protect the USA is his Twitler persona.

Oh, and he's got 635 promises to keep, most of them on Day 1.

Paranormal said...

Just shows the CBO has no idea what they're talking about. Insurance just doesn't work that way.

If premiums are going to double with the uninsurable risks leaving, the premium increase if the uninsurables were staying must be eye watering multiples.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...



Anonymous said...

The Russians have now turned their attention to the German elections and the Germans being a far more educated people have realised the threat need to be contained. With fake news already swamping blogs the Govt has initiated factchecker sites which are being advertised. Merkel and refugees are the targets with false numbers, false crimes and Merkel's imminent conversion to Islam.

The problem now is that the Russians have set up false fact checker sites. I can really see Facebook being banned during a countries election period now.

The UK Daily mail and the Sun have been forced into apologising for printing 20 fake refugee stories usually about refugee sex crimes.

Lord Egbut