Tuesday, January 17, 2017

FIRST THEY CAME FOR -------------?

Humans have evolved from hunter gatherers who with the laws of Darwin led to the creation of  a reasonably cunning animal, with a disposition to empathy and nurture who became  very successful at creating society that could soar to great heights.

In that progression, many ways and survival needs from the past, evolved into games that honed skills and taught the very best of sportsmanship.  How impressive, when the Bangladeshi Skipper ducked into a Tim Southee short ball, the caring and concern was palpable from all involved.

Many of those activities that have evolved are still evolving and when things continue to cause damage, administrators resort to rule changes and one of the clear examples comes with the crack down by Rugby powers on head high tackles as players and coaches develop new strategies to comply.

One of the saddest manifestations of what many call progress emanates from the ignorant sad little people,  so aptly named snowflakes who from a position totally removed from any active connection with an activity that has emerged from history in sport that entertains many but the snowflakes find offends their twentyfirst century mores want to ban.

Such inane rubbish accompanies the various events that constitute modern Rodeo.
Bucking horse riding with and without a saddle,
Bull / Steer riding.
Roping young cattle and restraining them,
Barrell Racing.
These events all evolved from livestock systems in  days gone by when Horse was the preferred transport, and fences and yards were unavailable.
The exception is Bull and Steer riding which is pure agony inducing competitive "I am better" macho  action.

Now to catch a horse and create a useful piece of equipment is a rare skill and Horse 'Breaking', has  given way to "Horse Whispering", my nephew is a talented deliverer of the modern system.
Occasionally in days of yore some horses presented enormous challenges and the most intractable  renegade steeds became a focus for competitive days of competition available for  activity in free time, the alternative was alas, death for use as dog food.  

Now following the undoubted success of the envy consumed opponents of fox and hare hunting, who have basically closed down an activity with the legislative powers of the UK parliament, a bunch of nutters here in NZ have left the very small minority who "Follow the Hounds" alone and seem to have selected Rodeo as a focus of their penchant to ban something.
Yes occasionally an animal breaks a leg and is euthanised, hell it happens in a paddock of green grass with zero human cause, blame or involvement apart from an inevitable monetary loss. The Cowboys and Girls are at a much higher risk of serious damage than the animals that enjoy weeks and weeks of eating and sleeping with an occasional day out and ten seconds of frenetic action. Do the nutters seriously believe that is worse than a few months of boring high value food and an encounter with a stungun at a meatworks.
The Rodeo organisers must have a vet to end the suffering of an animal with irreparable injury, Firstaiders and the local ED will be called on to repair the damaged riders and no humane bolt in sight.

People climb icy peaks and ridges, ride cycles, motorbikes and fast cars , even trucks and tractors, jump off bridges and platforms with only a rubber band between them and death.  Others climb into an overloaded vehicle at holiday time to risk a duel with the grim reaper, sadly nineteen this latest holiday met their end.
Where there are live ones there will be dead ones, will always be with us.

Rodeo organisers go to extraordinary lengths to ensure the safest environment for the animals and the competitors, even spectators.

If the bullies succeed with Rodeo then it will be Cross Country and Show Jumping equestrian, Hurdles and Steeplechase for Jockey Clubs, then Flat Gallops, Harness Sports, where will it end.
Just have a gander at how the sport of Greyhound racing in New South Wales only survived a maniacal response from State Premier Mike Baird in an OTT kneejerk reaction to a widely flawed and panned report on off track training and the destruction of failed racing dogs, when electoral reality brought a change of mind.
Before the oh so smug snowflakes start celebrating it will eventually reach golf. Surely someone ruining a walk by smashing a very hard small sphere often with little idea where it will end up must be somewhere in a queue for extinction.

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Lindsay Mitchell said...

Thoroughly with you. Any industry has a few bad eggs but most horsey people - whatever the sport - value and care for their animals. The protesters only regard animals as players in their obsessional theories. Much like Communist despots regarded people.