Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Or has Mike bush lost his marbles.

Does he seriously think that the criminals and others as yet not convicted who choose to hold weapons capable of killing without the necessary licence, for what ever reason while ignoring our already restrictive for honest citizens to a point of some inconvenience gun law categories.

Why talk such rubbish and remove any residual doubt as to his fitness to be the head honcho of the constabulary, his call for an amnesty to allow guns to be surrendered to police with no prosecution is just a charade and will have zero effect on criminals coming in  to the nice local plod and smiling while they hand over sawn off shottys, AK 47s, and hand guns they have gone to so much trouble and expense to acquire.
There are already a goodly number of responsible gun owners who have complied with the very expensive conditions that allow them to buy any gun including military style automatics that get ignorant sharp points exercised, lawfully permitted under the onerous E endorsement category. They can also acquire hand guns and antique weapons no questions asked but they must keep an up to date inventory of all weapons they possess including full serial numbers make and model. Hells bells even I with my basic Firearms licence can buy or just accept a rifle or shotgun no longer wanted by an acquaintance.


So this latest effort has all the hallmarks of a Brain Fart.

It is well known that the police will  trash to destruction almost every weapon surrendered under this cheap inane option that will inevitably include some rare and/or historic weapons that have ended up in the attic of Aunty Alice.  That is the sum all that this massive PR drive will accomplish when her snowflake distant relative takes an opportunity to end what could be an embarrassing but somewhat explainable breach of the law.
What the big cheese plod should do is make voluntary surrender an amnesty procedure everytime a citizens wishes to surrender weapons without prosecution unless ballistics reveal a connection to a crime.

Am I being cynical and somewhat suspicious that this will be the prequel to a harsh rewrite of the current firearms laws that will have the same beneficial outcomes for dealing with the gun outlaws as the anti smacking law has had in preventing poor little socks being dropped on their vulnerable heads, that is absolutely none.
However any tightening of the current laws will only make lawful responsible gun owners a whole lot more suspicious and might even cause some of the more deeply committed to become outlaws all the while leaving the criminals who hold a significant number of weapons far more dangerous in setup and fire power than hunters and owners at present hold securely, laughing, as they continue to give the system the finger.

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