Thursday, January 5, 2017


This AM on Newstalk ZB's "summer breakfast" Tim Dower interviewed Australian Federal Senator Malcolm Roberts from The One Nation Party, ostensibly over their condemnation of McCully's awesome effort in support of Hamas that has so many exercised around the world.
However in what I could only conclude was a pathetic attempt to put the Senator off his stride, Dower began with an ambush attack on Roberts' well known total opposition to the fraud that surrounds man's causing accelerated global warming now oddly renamed climate change.

As that rude and clearly unannounced ploy failed in spite of Dower's best efforts they moved on to One Nations suggestion that New Zealand's advantageous immigration status could be altered as a result of the unprecedented attack on The State Of Israel.
Again Dower behaved like a Banshee as Senator Roberts consistently resisted the moronic attempts to cudgel him and that very biased position was only brought into stark relief when as a follow up,  Dower had "crim cuddler" Kelvin (I am a rock star) Davis on in rebuttal and gave him a clear virtually uninterrupted three minutes, where he delivered a diatribe of cliche ridden rubbish that contributed zilch to the debate.

Maybe Dower could advance the sum of knowledge had he made an attempt to interview Our Prime Minister to bring some understanding to what may well be the next step in the downfall of Simon English.
Cricky even Mal 'Turncoat' Turnbull is somewhat puzzled and clearly not in support of Mad Monk McCully


paul scott said...

I would like to have heard Malcolm Roberts.
In general though the benefits of not listening to, or reading MSM far outweight the disadvantages.

David said...

Yes, Malcolm Roberts, the former dole bludger who knows more than all the climate scientists put together. Malcolm Roberts, incapable of accepting evidence when it is put in front of him, because who needs evidence when you've got opinions, amIright?

Malcolm Roberts who believes that all the people of New Zealand made the decision taken by one government minister.

Malcolm Roberts, who stood up on a QANTAS flight and declared "I am sick of airlines employing elitist pilots. Who thinks I should fly the 'plane?"