Saturday, January 21, 2017


I say that out of respect for the Office.   President Trump has still to earn my respect as a person ... but at least I'm prepared to give him the chance to prove himself.

We have been bombarded by a never ending procession of opinion-editorial pieces about how terrible his presidency is going to be.   It is refreshing to read this piece in the Independent from Sean O'Grady which argues that perhaps, just perhaps, the end of the world is not nigh with his inauguration as the 45th President of the United States.    I commend it to you.

A question.   Do protestors really need to riot to make their point? 


Anonymous said...

Well it is an opinion like so many others. I stopped reading after he mentioned the "jobs" that were coming back from Mexico. If he can't get those facts right then his opinion is worthless.....the UK bookmakers have dropped the odds on impeachment from 2/1 to evens. The UK bookmakers very rarely get it wrong. I prefer George Soras's opinion, a Hungarian who went from refugee to billionaire and broke the bank of England unlike the orange one who went from debt free millionaire to heavily indebted billionaire.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I see Gen Mattis has been confirmed by the Senate. A certain know all proclaimed loudly a few weeks on this blog ago that he could not be S of D because he was only three years out of the military.

A little knowledge and all that.

David said...

Pull the blanket over your head, Adolf, and pretend it isn't happening. Mattis is ineligible, and being rubber stamped by the Senate does not change that. All it shows is what we always knew, the Religious Right in America cares not a jot for the law unless it is telling people how to pee, denying healthcare to women and pissing all over the poor.

The Orange Chimpanzee is a fraud, a liar and a thief.

Adolf, take a look at this list and tell us why you think these are good things.

A president who knows nothing about the US Constitution, has unethical business relationships, and may be influenced by Russia.
A Secretary of Education who knows nothing about education.
A Secretary of Energy who doesn’t know that the DoE manages our nuclear weapons programs.
A director of the Environmental Protection Agency who doesn’t agree with man-caused climate change.
A Secretary of State who stands to make a $500 billion dollar deal with Russia for the company he was CEO of.
An Attorney General who is actively against many of the civil rights laws that exist today.
A Secretary of Labor who has had multiple lawsuits filed for illegal labor practices.

David said...

A question. Do protestors really need to riot to make their point?

I cannot answer for the latest situation, but as a general rule, the answer to your question is a resounding NO

Just look at what happened recently at Standing Rock. Peaceful protesters were attacked by dogs, pepper sprayed, and beaten by police and private security contractors.

As a veteran of the Australian anti-war movement, I participated in many demonstrations, was a member of the Western Suburbs Moratorium Committee and the Students for a Democratic Society. I was also a member of Young Catholic Students for a while.

On the rare occasions when there was violence it was instigated either by Victoria Police or skinheads.

One of my enduring memories is of Dr Jim Cairns at the head of the march facing down a mass of police intent on denying citizens their democratic rights. On that day, Jim Cairns and reason prevailed. The march proceeded peacefully and ended without incident. At the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Sts a group of protesters were on the pavement talking when mounted police decided to ride in to the crowd, attacking both protester and bystander.

It is a shame that camera equipped mobile phones did not exist as a few police careers could have ended that day.

The Veteran said...

David ... how come Mattis is ineligible when George Marshall wasn't and since when has it been a requirement in the US/Aust/NZ/UK or wherever that cabinet members have to have a background in their particular discipline ... may help, but not essential. What is essential is their perceived ability to manage their portfolio. No one ever suggested Shillary was a skilled diplomat and, in her case, they were 'dead' right.
People are judged by what happens during their tenure of office.

The Veteran said...

David ... great to know that the protesters you were associated with were paragons of virtue ... not sure about the anti-vietnam mob here, one of whom rang up a wife of a colleague officer at 4.30 am to tell her that her husband had been KIA and someone else would contact her in the morning ... all bullshit of course. Nice people all.

You associate with a dog that has fleas then some of them will end up on you.

David said...


That a person who has within ten years been on active duty as a commissioned officer in a Regular component of the armed services shall not be eligible for appointment as Secretary of Defense.

The National Security Act of 1947.

That was later amended to reduce the time to 7 years after retirement from military.

A special act of Congress was required to approve Marshall. No such act has been passed regarding Mattis.

Clear enough?

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... is that the same George Soros who back in 2005 was convicted of insider trading and fined 840,000 Euro, had the conviction upheld by the French Supreme Court and whose Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights was chucked out ... just askin.

David ... for c*********s, if you are going to debate with me at least have the courtesy to do your homework. Both the House and the Senate passed the necessary waiver LAST WEEK and the President signed it off post his inauguration. If you had bothered to view Gen Mattis' testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee you would have to acknowledge the high regard he was held in by both Republicans and Democrats.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Teruo Nakamura (Lord Egg) and Hiroo Onoda (Brindley) are still soldiering on, I see. At least the Russkies only got mentioned twice !

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

G of G

Don't worry about them.

In forty years time somebody will rescue them from their jungle clad island.

The poor bastards will find their Democratic Party no longer exists, drowned in a morass of bullshit, lies and corruption.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to mention the Russians again but as they are the major players in this I suspect we will hear more about their activities as time goes by.If you want o be an ostrich be my guest...not fake news, Rykov masterminded the RT web brigades whose reach and professionalism has stunned many in the west.

"Supporters of Vladimir Putin are holding an all-night party in Moscow to celebrate the inauguration of Donald Trump.

One of the organisers, Konstantin Rykov, who has served as a Russian MP affiliated to Putin’s United Russia Party and has also been described as a “Kremlin web propagandist”, invited his facebook followers to the event with the comment: “See you in the evening. Washington will be ours.”

Anyone who dismisses the Russian influence is either a fool or a troll.

Lord Egbut

Angry Tory said...

Meanwhile TRUMP supporters are being attached by black live matter anarchists on live TV.


I caught the whole of Donald Trump's speech whilst driving home from work.
And despite the bluster, this billionaire businessman appears something of a leftist- at least in economic terms.
No wonder some of those Republicans doubt whether or not he is a 'proper' Conservative.
There was all the talk of helping the 'forgotten' people, of bringing jobs back to America.
There was talk of new jobs in building infrastructure, with American labour too.
He also attacked prejudice.
Such words could equally have come from Bernie Sanders.
Donald Trump has pledged to help Blacks in the inner cities and remember that campaign speech when he asked them "what have you to lose."
The harsh economic reality is, many at the bottom of society have lost out from free-market globalisation, both in the UK and the US, and as something of a freemarketeer that is something I am having to grapple with. But we do like our cheap, Chinese-made electrical goods and clothes, don't we?
However, mass migration is THE major issue, with its perils of multi-culturalism and terror, plus the inevitable pushing down of wages. Its basic economics, that if supply rises and demand is the same, then the price of labour, the wage, will fall or be compressed.
It has become all too east for big business, the corporates, to turn to immigration, switch it on like a tap, while ignoring the need to train staff and improve productivity. Obviously it saves bosses spending money there.
Yet, what do we see the leftist protesters protesting against a man who will deliver so much to help the working poor, the 'working class', the JAMS (just about managing) as they are called in Britain.
And instead, we have supposed progressives, who once backed the 'working class', backing policies that harm them, that they become drivers of a social change that impoverishes the worse off. Thus, the rich can enjoy cheap labour, their Mexican or Latvian nannies or cleaners.
You mention Soros and rightly so. There's Goldman Sachs too.
Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair and all the supposed 'left' are all pawns of a global elite. For all their talk, they do not help the working poor.
Repressed wages thanks to mass migration has impacted far more than any rise in benefits or tax credits.
American Blacks suffered badly under Obama, they saw no economic benefit, which is why more of them voted for Trump than they did for McCain or Romney.
Trumponomics seems to be turning the world on its head, left v right is not what it was.
Indeed, Marine Le Pen's economics is quite left wing, old school Labour maybe.
But there we have it, the left will still protest and commit violence.
And those who though it sexist not to vote for Clinton because she has a fanny should apply their same logic and vote for Le Pen as French president.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when you would make an appearance Mr Media. You always turn up when things get a bit sticky, it makes me think that you are "Le Chef de station."
Lets talk about the "political elite" that you hate so much Putin, Trump, Hollande, Merkel etc are all a part of the political elite, it automatically happens when you ascend to power. It is a meaningless term and along with Libtard and snowflake should be stuffed in the same bin as"Capitalist lackeys" and "Imperial running dogs' of yesteryear.

There is no mass migration except in the mind of the web brigades who have convinced so many people that this is the case. In Europe there is a big refugee problem caused by the destruction of Syrian cities by the Russians and the march of ISIS, not migration.

The "harsh economic reality" is that the "poor" are not as poor as they were thirty years ago. I have seen real poverty in Ireland, France and Portugal in the sixties but since the formation of the EU poverty is not having a flat screen TV. However when a cleverly mastermind campaign of disinformation that convinces people they poor because the political and global elite planned it that way...there are no such have discontent.

The pushing down of wages exists only at the very bottom of the employment ladder, low skill employment and even then there is minimal wage which in the UK is $NZ17 per hour and higher in Germany and Scandinavia. It does have a lot to do with migration because only migrants will do this type of work.

For the uneducated and low skilled workers there is no magic bullet except self improvement and retraining, unlike thirty years ago when a new car plant starts in your neighbourhood it will not absorb these "workers" as the type of people that are needed will need degrees in computer engineering, programming or robotics. This is right across the manufacturing industry where one man can produce as much as fifty men of yesteryear, this is the reason that so many countries are trialling the universal income as full employment in industrialised nations will never happen again.

If Trump decides to enact legislation to bring back 1960 assembly lines then a bog standard Chevvy would cost more than a Mercedes.

Mr Media, you are a troll and pushing Le Pens barrow will do you no good. The French can get a bit excitable but when it comes down to extreme right wing parties they are of a mind not to vote for them as they have plenty of experience with fascists, every day I pass places where they executed hostages and FFI soldiers not to mention the Village 30k away where they murdered 678 men woman and children. No Mr Media the French will never vote in a extremist like "le Bic" in spite of your compatriots flooding the blogs and comment sections with fake Muslim news and how we are no longer safe in our beds.

Lord Egbut Nobacon

Anonymous said...

It's started already......

David said...

Anon, re above, that is just the start.

Whitehouse website scrubbed of all mention of climate change and civil rights so the space could be used for the Orange Chimpanzee's illegal immigrant wife to advertise her jewellery collection. This is what draining the swamp looks like!

The NZ Herald had a superb photo of Trump in his iconic raised fist fascist pose.

The Veteran said...

No apology then David for your crap about Mattis ... sigh.

The Veteran said...

Further David ... so you're suggesting that the two lines in the 45 line bio of her on the White House website which reads "Melania is also a successful entrepreneur. In 2010 she launched her own jewellery collection" constitutes advertising her jewellery collection. Nary a mention of her role in helping to raise $1.7m for the American Heart Foundation (among other positive achievements) but I guess to a dedicated anti Trumper twister anything good is to be ignored. Hi twister.

Yep climate change and civil rights have disappeared from the website. Doesn't mean they're off the agenda (although to be 'fair' Trump is a climate change skeptic). Replaced by the administration's energy plan; foreign policy statement; bringing back jobs and growth; making the military strong again; standing up for the law enforcement community and trade deals working for all Americans ... some would argue these are just as important as the two you mention. But, as with everything, words are cheap (cheep). Results matter and I'm interested in results and particular his commitment to improving the lot of the US Veteran community which was a huge blot on record the Obama administration.

Your post would carry more weight if there was a modicum of balance in them but I guess that will not happen.

David said...

Vet, I am just on my second cup of tea and still waking up.

Yes, it would appear I missed something along the way. It's pretty hard to keep up with all the other lies, deceit and corruption that President Golden Showers has dragged in to the Whitehouse on Putin's coat tails.

Has he divested himself from his businesses? Of course not.

Has he censored a government department for tweeting truth to power? Of course he has.

Has he stopped lying? He doesn't even know when he is lying.

Did he write his own inauguration speech? Well, I saw the photo of him "writing" it and it looked just like you'd expect a 4 year old to hold a pad. So no, you can't write on a raised pad.

Is Trump going to "Machen Sie Amerika groß wieder"? You betcha he will, all those 1960's auto factories with 100,000's of workers competing with the lean, mean, robot and computer built cars from around the world.

Has Trump handed control of the USA to Russia. Only time will tell, but the view from Sarah Palin's porch makes it seem quite likely.

Just before a sane person attempted to inject some knowledge in to the head of Lead Trump Supporter and White Supremacist Richard Spencer, Spencer was heard to shout "Hagel Trump! Gegrüßet seist du! Sieg Heil!"

The Deplorables need more than a basket to contain them.

David said...

Vet, as I mentioned, the Whitehouse website was altered when outrage began about the shameless attempts to profit from office.

Visitors to the newly revamped White House website get more than a simple rundown of first lady Melania Trump’s charitable works and interests — they also get a list of her magazine cover appearances and details on her jewelry line at QVC.

Her biography starts with traditional details, such as her date of birth in her native country of Slovenia and information about her background as a model. That’s when the brief backgrounder takes a promotional turn. The website includes a lengthy list of brands that hired her as a model and several of the magazines in which she appeared, including the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

It is not uncommon for the White House to note the accomplishments of the first lady in her official biography, but Trump’s decision to include a detailed list of her media appearances and branded retail goods is unusual.

Early on Friday, the website listed the brand names of Trump’s jewelry lines sold on QVC. But the website was updated after the publication of this story to remove any mention of QVC.

The original passage read: “Melania is also a successful entrepreneur. In April 2010, Melania Trump launched her own jewelry collection, ‘Melania™ Timepieces & Jewelry,’ on QVC,” the site read.

Trump is not a Climate Change Sceptic unless that word has been redefined to mean "know nothing".

You really have drunk the Orange Chimpanzee's Kool Aid with some of your other statements.

making the military strong again

The US currently spends around $610 Billion, about 34% of the world's expenditure on war. Of course, for the Rethugs there is no amount that is enough, just as there are never enough countries full of brown people and oil to invade.

standing up for the law enforcement community

Which means what, exactly? Removing civil rights. Giving more military hardware to small town police forces? Allowing police to break the law with impunity? Praising extra judicial murder? Seems you's be right at home in the Philippines.

improving the lot of the US Veteran community

How about reducing the numbers of veterans who need care by reducing the number of unnecessary wars? How about trying to be at peace for a few years? The entire history of the USA is littered with war mongering.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Every comment you post just serves to make you look even more stupid than did the last.

What are you going to do nest?

Hire someone to shoot the President?

That's the way your loony friends in the US are heading.

David said...

Here is a mystery to rival the Marie Celeste, the case of the disappearing post, almost at the same moment Adolf appears.

It still shows in the sidebar, but, just like Trump's Whitehouse Website, scrubbed clean from here.

Vet, as I mentioned, the Whitehouse website was al... - David

Paulus said...

Remember Democracy is the correct way when only done by Democrats (Socialists).

Paulus said...

Further please
Chelsea Clinton, to be a next Congressperson in New York, as has been arranged with a current 80 year old one is married into the Soros family.
Her husband is a nephew of the Soros family mafia.
It is reported that Soros lost $1billion over the election heavily betting on Hillary.
He will not forget.

The Veteran said...

David ... thank you for your comment hat protestors don't need to riot to make their point. Clearly not all are Lilly White like your good-self. Perhaps you could give Madonna the benefit of your wisdom ... musing on blowing up the White House and all of that.

pdm said...

Vet - you referred to Trump as a Climate Change sceptic - climate change realist might fit him better.

The Veteran said...

David ... I see the Pope has just said that he will judge President Trump on what he does. Would have thought that, as a self professed Catholic, you might have taken some guidance from that .. I mean isn't the Pope supposed to be infallible?

David said...

Jesus on a skateboard, I am no catlicker. I was once a member of YCS, mainly as an accident of where I grew up and that the catholic girls were cuter and more available than the prod girls.

Good for the pope to judge him on what he does, I have judged him on what he has already done. He is a thief, a sexual predator, a narcistist and that's just for starters.

He visits the CIA, stands in front of a monument to those who died and gives a speech all about himself.

He lies shamelessly and you lap it up.

His attacks on the media are so like Putin's, the nmedia must be docile and uncritical. Trump must only be portrayed as the saviour and shown admiration.

Just like his heroes Putin and Kim jong he wanted a parade of tanks for his innauguration, a demonstration of the power he will use against those who dare criticise, or oppose.

Anonymous said...

Veteran...I don't think David owes you an apology for the Mattis thing.

First day in office...... "He then signed a stack of executive orders relating to his Cabinet appointments and other procedural matters.

One was a law to allow former Marine James Mattis to take the office of Defence Secretary, waiving the requirement that the appointee be a civilian for the past seven years."

It seems checks, balances and precedents are not as strong as we hoped.

Lord Egbut

The Veteran said...

Egbut ... he does. The waiver was approved by the Senate and the House (as it has to be) with a substantial number of Democrats voting 'Aye'.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Some people are unable to distinguish between legislation and executive orders. The law to allow General Mattis to assume office was enacted by the Congress and Senate and then ratified by the President.

Executive orders which were used in greatly excessive number by Obama have the purpose of frustrating the constitution and bypassing the Congress and Senate.

Well, that is my understanding of it.

David said...

Looks like Adolf is another one from the alternative facts brigade. Whoduthunkit?

Franklin D. Roosevelt - 3,522

Harry S. Truman - 907

Dwight D. Eisenhower - 484

Richard Nixon - 346

Ronald Reagan - 381

George W. Bush - 291

Barack Obama - 277

An executive order of the president must find support in the Constitution, either in a clause granting the president specific power, or by a delegation of power by Congress to the president.

Research. How the fuck does that work?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Your bean pole honorary Muslim ex president simply ignored those provisions.

David said...

Keep up with the lies, Adolf, it's all you seem to have. Obama is a damned sight more of a Xtian than Trump. And I have two Corinthians to prove that.

Anonymous said...

Gosh...Adolph is right. Obama was proved to a Muslim because he was in favour of killing unborn Christian babies. We in the real world call it planned parenthood.

Is this sort regurgitated alt right crap we have to put up with. It makes the painting of Adolphs aluminium windows seem positively earth shaking.

Lord Egbut

Anonymous said...

The Russian Trump trolls use the same tactics over and over again:
1) defend Trump to the death
2) can't defend Trump - attack Obama/Hillary
3) can't attack Obama/Hillary - resort to personal insults
4) repeatedly ignore facts even when they are irrefutable.