Wednesday, January 25, 2017


The breaking news that Bill English is standing firm on his decision to give the lower Marae at Waitangi the flick and will instead be the guest of Ngati Whatua at their Orakei Marae where he will host the traditional Prime Minister's Waitangi Day breakfast is to be applauded.

The lunatics who control the Te Tii Marae and whose actions over the years have made decent New Zealander's cringe have had their bluff called.   No more grandstanding, no more faux apologies.   They have successfully edited themselves out of the game.

A very reduced number of National MPs will join with MPs from all parties to be 'welcomed' onto the lower Marae.      Not sure why they see a need to go there at all.   The real action will be on the Treaty House Grounds.

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Shelldrake said...

Long overdue. It is NZ's day. The ceremony at the Treaty Grounds is significant but does not require the presence of the PM every year. Good on Bill. Hope his attendance at Orakei sets a precedence for the future.

Ti Ti is irrelevant. Leave them to wallow in their in their own self pity.