Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Very quiet Xmas/New Year.   Mrs Veteran was released from hospital on Xmas eve after undergoing major back surgery.   The operation looks to have been a success although she can't drive, fly or lift anything heavier than 2 kg for another four weeks.   That's going to cramp her lifestyle (and mine) a tad.   The professionalism of the staff and the care she received at the Whangarei Hospital was magnificent ... food another story ... could have graced the table of any half decent refugee camp in the the middle of Ethiopia.

On Monday attended a soiree at the Copthorne in the Hokianga hosted by Peter and Sally MacCauley.   Hot sun (my burned snozz testimony to that), delicious food, cold wine, eclectic conversation.    Among those present were Mr & Mrs South Hokianga (Peter and Thelma Oldham).   Peter 90 years young and is living history.   He is an accomplished yachtsman who counts among his forebears a Governor-General, Mr Speaker and two other MPs while Nancy Wake (the White Mouse) was his niece.    Also there was Matt King, National's candidate for Northland and Pastor Mike Shaw who does incredible work among the disadvantaged in Kaikohe along with his wife Alison.   Sally M (nee Catchpole) can, as a very young girl. remember the bodies being brought back to Waiouru where her father was a senior serving officere  following the Tangiwai disaster while Peter M's Auntie Vi was Vivienne Bullwinkel, AO, MBE, ARRC, ED, the sole survivor of the Banjka Island Massacre which saw 21 of her fellow Australian nurses machine gunned and killed by the Japanese on Radji Beach in the Rio Archipelago on 16 February 1942.   As I said, the conversation  was eclectic.

Back in Paihia yesterday and it was the hottest day of the year.   The town is packed with holiday makers ... traffic jams !!!!!!!!   At 4.00 pm took Memsahib down to 'Alongside' on the waterfront for a latte and a beer (me).   Not a breath of wind.  Temperature was 32c.  Today looks to be just as hot.   Might have to have another one or two (beers that is).

Go the summer although the farmers up here are crying for rain.

p.s.   Special congrats to Sally M on her just announced appointment as Chair of the Northland DHB.
See Mrs V's comments about hospital tucker ... expect caviar and chips from hereon-in. 😋


GCMC said...

Peter Oldham QSM...a true gent

Anonymous said...

Sailed through Bangka strait, stopped engine and had a minutes silence just off the beach by Muntok. Solid nose to tail traffic 24/7 through the strait now. Lest we forget.

Lord Egbut