Saturday, January 7, 2017


So Simon 'man of the people' Bridges with his clearly inflated opinion of how Waitakere Man should act, along with his recently augmented already inflated salary package thinks we should all help save the planet and buy an electric vehicle.

Bah Humbug you supercilious sharp point, with a range of 50Kms and a top speed of 170 clicks max permitted speed 104kph), your Mitzi Outlander at$20k extra would be as useful as a garbage bag with no bottom. Hang on that is an exaggeration at least the bag is a much lower cost and two carefully used could contain the real garbage of one. Your poncy pretend off-roader would barely get you out of Tauranga let alone do a trip through the Mamakus.
Of course you probably scored a great deal as a promo along with the flash toy you so obviously bought for your missus as a patronising domestic abuse manoeuvre and it will all be written off as a promotion of yourself tax writeoff eh.

A couple of points from someone who lives in the real world.
We the people cannot call up a 'crown car' complete with chauffeur at no personal cost when your little act of stupidity runs out of power and no charging station near. Of course you will get the AA to come and tow you to one and we the people will pay for all that including your AA roadside assist.
Not very many of us, the people who pay for your self-indulgent act of "look at me" have the idle $20k sitting there, how does this act of inanity remind me of Federal Australian Cabinet Minister of Health Susan Ley, who on a taxpayer trip to the gold coast accompanied by her hubby suddenly  decided to buy an investment property there "on a Whim" at the chump change cost of almost $A800K.

And Mr Bridges has delusions of grandeur as a future Prime Minister.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

.....for which party?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect PM. Not as perfect as John mind you.