Sunday, December 31, 2017

Ho Ho Ho


Congratulations to all those who have been 'honoured' in the New Years list.     Special congratulations to an old friend of mine, Margaret Miles, who received a QSM for services to local government and the community.

The list will always attract a degree of controversy from those who would query the credentials of a particular person so honoured but from where I sit I think that 'we' (the royal we) have got it about right with perhaps one notable exception.

When I served in the military the Chief of Defence was almost guaranteed a 'K' while the respective service chiefs and one star (Brigadier) equivalents nearly all sported a CB and/or a CBE.    Any Colonel/Lieutenant Colonel who didn't have an OBE/MBE was thought to be 'lacking' something while a Warrant Officer minus an MBE/BEM was a rare animal indeed.  

Awards came up with the rations.  They were expected not earned.   Thankfully that changed.   Right now awards are made for service above and beyond the call of duty while your salary covers the duty bit.    In the list just published there was a single MNZM and a single DSD for the whole of the NZDF.    Currently the Chief of Defence sports a MNZM which is a fifth level award in the New Zealand Order of Merit.

So I have to say I look at the raft of honours awarded politicians across the political spectrum with a slightly jaundiced eye.    I can see that rationale for Prime Ministers and Speakers (after they have left office) but that's where I would tend to draw the line.    The lifetime  title  'Honourable' bestowed on Cabinet Ministers at the time of appointment is honour enough.     There will always be exceptions to the rule but exceptions they must be.

Something for the Cabinet Honours & Appointments Committee to consider ... but I'm not holding my breath.

Saturday, December 30, 2017


Lorde for caving into the pressure from the anti-Semitic BDS movement and cancelling her planned concert in Tel Aviv (but clearly still happy to perform in Russia!!!!!!) or St Jacinda for her refusal to front up to the Charter Schools community and explain to them why their children are being sent back to the State system which has failed them .. and failed them miserably.

I guess that only good things to come out of that is that Israelis will be spared the screeching of a rather unintelligent 'lady' who clearly relies on others to make up her mind for her while the Charter Schools community who, I would expect, would fall comfortably into the left voting demographic will see at first hand what happens when ideology trumps what works.    A whole bunch of centre/right voters in the making. 

Friday, December 29, 2017


A lot of people are supposedly making lotsa money outa Bitcoin.   To my 'uneducated' eye it works something like this .....

A lot of monkeys lived near a village.

One day a merchant came to the village and announced he would buy the monkeys @ $100 each.

The villagers thought the man was mad.

Why would anyone pay $100 for stray monkeys?

Still, some villagers caught some monkeys and gave them to the merchant who paid them $100 for each monkey as promised.

The news spread like wildfire and soon the whole village was out catching monkeys and selling them to the merchant for $100.

After a few days the merchant announced he would now pay $200 for each monkey.

Monkeys were in hot demand and the merchant paid $200 for each monkey caught.

Monkeys were now in short supply and the merchant said that he would pay $500 for a monkey.

The villagers forgot about the little things like work and sleeping and eating and hunted the monkeys down to near extinction.   The merchant paid $500 for the few monkeys that were caught.

The villagers waited anxiously for the next announcement.

Then the merchant announced he was going home for a week but when he returned he would now pay $1,000 for each monkey caught.

He left all the monkeys he had purchased in charge of his assistant who housed them in  a very big cage.

He then went home.

The villagers were very sad that all the stray monkeys had been caught.    They needed monkeys to sell at $1,000 each to the merchant when he returned but there weren't any monkeys to be found.

Step up the merchant's assistant.   He said he would do a dirty on his boss and sell them monkeys from the cage at $700 per monkey.

The news spread like wildfire.    Buy the monkeys @ $700 and you will make $300 profit on top of what you have already received.

The next day the villagers made a queue near the monkey cage. 

The merchant's assistant sold all the monkeys @ $700 each.  Rich villagers bought monkeys in big lots.  Poor villagers borrowed money from money-lenders and also purchased monkeys.

They all took great care of their monkeys and waited for the merchant to return.

But he never did.  

They went to the house where his assistant had been living.   He was gone too.

The villagers realised they had bought a lot of useless stray monkeys @ $700 each and they were not worth a penny.

That's all you need to know about Bitcoin.     Now, I can get a bridge cheep for you if you're interested.


My formative years were somewhat dominated by Herr Schikelgruber and company in the  ghastly final solution, the death camps, the horrors suffered by citizens of Europe who were unfortunate in their origins, and the great crime of state sponsored antisemitism.

Yes there was an equal, if far less lethal treatment of Afro Americans in their struggle for emancipation that could manifest in  cases of racial denigration and disadvantage from their journey that mostly began in servitude but they were fed, housed and for some there was a way to a sort of freedom, bit of a contrast to the Jews of occupied Europe.

There was a growing awareness of the unfortunate pathway for those who opposed the "party"in totalitarian  countries,  in the main Russia and its Soviet along with Mainland China, where starvation, transportation and murder that came upon some in many ways with guilt of any real crime largely absent.

Then there was another influence from  Bible stories that had me somewhat mystified as to how Pontious Pilate's actions leading to the death by Crucifixion for Jesus of Nazareth being down to the Jews. Other Bible stories that formed much of what became a basis for what I now understand to be Judeo Christian principles that make me what I am.
Samaria, Galilee, Judea became victims over centuries to marauding armies of Persians, Egyptians, and Romans that led to the Diaspora for the people of the twelve tribes of Israel.

So with enlightenment, antisemitism became something quite bad along with sexism, racism, fascism, and  other plethora of isms.
The conundrum for moi in the 21st century comes with a rising up again in the 21st century of worldwide antisemitism when it is applied to what has occurred in the homeland of Jesus of Nazareth since the survivors of all the state sponsored destruction of Jewry following  the expulsion of the Islamic Ottomans in the wash up of The Great War facilitated a return to their "Tangata Whenua", resulting in a 'win' in 1948 creating the foundations of modern Israel
Meanwhile a destructive intent actually included in the policies of Hamas and Hezbolah as official doctrine yet never condemned in anything remotely approaching that reserved  for peak antisemitism as occurred under the well documented "Final  Solution".

So Donald Trump intends to deliver on an election promise, a promise  that was made successively by Clinton , Bush and Obama, and that is somehow very very bad, give me a break.

Any prospect of a two nation "settlement" for the land of Israel when there are two pretend states with a well published intent to destroy the "other of the 'Two' States" all seems somewhat Alice in  Wonderland".
While a main driver comes from  the laughable UNHRC with its dodgy membership including such iconic purveyors of Human Rights such  as Saudi, Venezuela, Cuba, Pakistan, that has snowflakes and luvvies united in a rising tide of anti Jew activity that seems a lot like the terrible antisemitic behaviours once condemned by so many.
All along with a total absence of intent from  the Palestinians and their well healed funders to  actually address the too often appalling deprivations that occur, in particular around Gaza, a total shambles  that only survives by way of aid and comfort from Israel and its democratic state funders while the plight of Gaza is only given aid by their  Islamic "friends" to bomb, kill and maim.
Zero  apparent policy intent to actually improve the lot of the increasingly damaged residents of Gaza

The question is when is antisemitism OK, never, I might have thought.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Now That IS Current Affairs.

The welterweight covering Newstalk ZB midnight till 0600 currently, is one Craig someone who has just caught up with years old "news" that there are many long standing permanent discounters of petrol and diesel in NZ
Lately BP and "Z" have joined  with supermarkets and points cards to regain credibility.
Alas so long as they persist with significantly higher standard pump prices to gouge the peasants any such moves are unlikely to succeed in a market economy long term.

As stated in a post some months ago a NI safari resulted in a non scientific survey exposing "Z" and their then  recently acquired Caltex and Challenge,  along with BP to be taking as much  as any market would allow.

The meaningless and wasteful exercise in futility introduced by successive populism seeking government ijits over decades are merely refusing to see the bleeding obvious.
Any area with a Gull outlet has demonstrably lower pump prices, a fact that any pleb will tell anyone who asks.

The random findings from a two month safari eighteen months ago revealed "Waitomo" as a best buy in the NI, followed  by Gull and from the big names Mobil, the most active in pump pricing discounts.
None, other than "Waitomo" came close to the pricing we have enjoyed for years from Nelson  Petroleum Distributors on Halswell Junction Road SW of Christchurch operating an unmanned card facility at discounts always up to 20 cents a liter below big boys pump prices. Use the NPD card and enjoy weeks of no cost credit.

NPD have embarked on an expansion in the Garden city with an outlet under construction on the old railway station site on the corner of Gasson and Moorhouse.
When the minions who luxuriate at "Z" HQ made a compellingly stupid decision to withdraw support for Akaroa and the Peninsula from The Akaroa Autocenter, who stepped up and delivered, NPD complete with Town prices at the pump, supermarket discounts honoured and Gold card benefits. That "Z" is what community loyalty and participation actually is.

McKeowns, Oamaru based I believe, are another retailer also slowly claiming traction on tourist routes and allied rural gem sites by occupying sites the big boys abandon in their search for what their interpretation of the market within the parameters of monopoly and cooperative manipulation so patently dictates.
I understand NPD and Waitomo source fuel  from Mobil while McKeowns fuel is from Caltex and all three discounters have their own fuel cards.

Craig whoever, last night lumped Allied Petroleum in with discounters, that is not accurate.
"Allied"  a provider at 'higher' than ruling prices due to often remote and low throughput sites is a rural fuel supply  arm of  the Southland based H R Richardson Transport and not a discounter. For evidence discover the price at the Allied 24 hr card pump at Duvauchelle and compare to Akaroa Autocenter with NPD fuel.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

That Wuz The Year That Wuz

One liner of the year.

Image result for whoopi goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg on Kim Kardashian:-

"If she wants to show the public any more of her body, she'll have to swallow the goddamn camera!"

Politician of the year.

Image result for donald trump

Donald Trump - by head and shoulders.

Loser of the year

Image result for metiria turei

Meteria Turei

Losers of the year

Image result for CNN

U S Media

Dunce of the year

Image result for gareth morgan

Gareth Morgan

Ditherer of the year

Image result for malcolm turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull

Dope of the year

Image result for grant robertson

Grant Robertson

Naif amateur of the year

Image result for jacinda ardern

Jacinda Adhern

Winningest coach of the year.

Image result for darren lehmann

Darren Lehmann

Losingest coach of the year.

Image result for michael cheika

Michael Cheika

Moaner of the year

Image result for susan devoy

Susan Devoy

Bullshitter of the year.

Image result for winston peters

Winston Peters

Smartest Politician of the year

Image result for nick xenophon

Nick Xenophon

Just The Very Bestest

Number two daughter gave Adolf an MP3 player for Christmas.   The idea is that it might accompany Adolf on his morning walks.  This gadget beats all the chocolate almonds and bottles of single malt.

Image result for mp3 player

So far I've managed to load some British and American marches (an excellent combined US and UK military band) and Mozart arias sung by Domingo and Te Kanawa.

This morning was the first outing, with Sousa and his British friends.  I recognise many of the tunes but don't recall the names.

For those who like statistics, I've started again after some leg issues (mainly worn shoes, as it turns out) and am back up to 4,800m.   Two days ago that took 52 minutes.  Today, it was down to 49 minutes.

Now I know why armies used bands to accompany marching troops.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Somebody Had A Sense of Humour.....

.......... or very poor judgement.


One of the total property loss victims of the rogue rural fire that cast its destructive power in Knights Rd West of Rolleston, was a second "lightning strike" victim.

Owner Hamish Ensor was an earlier  casualty of a wild fire in the Upper Rakia who suffered disfiguring burns that left him a latter day "Guinea Pig", the name given to war injured, often fighter pilots who came into the care of Archibold McIndoe, NZ born plastic surgeon who did wonderful pioneering work particularly amongst badly burned aircrew.

Hamish did not let his brush with death hold him back, taking leading roles in farmer politics and advancements in management of the "High Country".

Yes no one died but the trauma would have been serious as Saturday's disaster unfolded with a ferocity and speed almost beyond comprehension to most.

It is rumoured it all began with an Orchardised Tractor raking hay, if true that is so sad as it was potentially a disaster going to happen.

Not much comfort for the Ensor Family whose retirement lies in ashes.

All The Very Best To All, Seasons Greetings 2017.

To My Colleagues at No Minister, Adolf, Veteran, MIlt, pdm, those who went before and all who touch base I wish for happines good health and everything  good for the coming year.
Those who live in this absolute paradise of the south Pacific, we are truely blessed and fortunate., long may such favours be enjoyed.

Kindest regards From Akaroa.

Christmas Greetings

Adolf wishes all those who read No Minister a peaceful and joyous Christmas and a prosperous and rewarding New Year.

Image result for peace and goodwill to all mankind

Today commenting privileges are restored to all those who lost them during the year.

Remember to keep a civil tongue in your heads when commenting.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Ho Ho Ho

Friday, December 22, 2017

Under The Radar

It has been a grand year for President Trump. 

In spite of the machinations of the media, FBI, DOJ, Mueller, Democrat shills et al he has finished the year with his piece de resistance, a long overdue and major reform of the American federal tax system.   The poor bloody Democrats still haven't figured out how he pulled it off.

In summary, nearly all Americans, from February, will receive very large increases in their pay packets as a result of tax cuts.  A few will see major decreases, as a result of reducing the amount of state taxes one may offset against federal tax.  However that is of no consequence as this only affects rich pricks who live in high tax states like California, New York and Massachusetts.  They are all Democrats so who cares.  If they want a tax break they'll just have to persuade their Democrat Governors to reduce their respective states' taxes.

So, the Democrats screamed blue murder about this reform and all voted against it.  They likely just gave the President his second term and certainly handed him a victory in the mid terms.

However, while media and commentators of all stripes have been focusing on the size of the personal and corporate tax cuts, one issue remains vastly under reported, probably because it doesn't suit the Democrat narrative.   That is, a major change in the way corporate income is assessed.

Currently, corporations doing business are assessed on their foreign income and pay tax on it in the US.   As a consequence billions of dollars of profits earned overseas are held back and not repatriated to the US.   President trump's tax bill changes that dramatically and now US companies will be taxed only on income actually earned in the US.  This is predicted to lead to very large sums of capital being returned to the US for reinvestment there. 

I have seen one estimate of $400bil per year bringing a 1% increase in GDP and a substantial positive effect on the countries trade balance.

The dumb Democrats wanted to die in a ditch opposing all this common sense.

Why National is screwed

Simon Wilson has an excellent piece on The Spinoff called "It’s not easy being Jacinda: the challenges ahead."

He does describe significant challenges for Ardern over the next three years, but I was most struck by the challenge that's facing the National Party:

...the new government isn’t just warming the benches. It has a grand goal, which is nothing less than to rebuild New Zealand society. They’re going to lift hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty; fast-track the desperately needed construction of homes, transport and other urban infrastructure; upgrade outcomes in education; overhaul the disgracefully neglected health system; build a higher-wage economy; kickstart the country’s retirement savings programme; reform the relationship between beneficiaries and the state. 
And keep the economy on an even keel. And! Establish that countrywide strategic campaign to synthesise economic and environmental planning – we’re going to become both carbon zero, in time, and more economically robust. 
Maybe they won’t get it all done. But is there anyone who thinks they shouldn’t try? Is there anyone who thinks these goals are not precisely what a government in a developed country with a strong economy should be doing? What it should be ashamed of itself for spending, say, nine years in power and not doing? 
National’s path back to government is not to keep saying yeah, nah that’s stupid. It’s to convince us they could do the job – the same far-reaching, visionary job – better. Because as became clear in the election campaign, Labour, not National, has set the agenda.

National convince us it could do better than Labour at taking a long-term approach to governing?  Oh, they are so, so screwed...


1 America is a sovereign state.
2 The US can have its Embassy anywhere it wants, only consulting its intended host required.
3 Israel is also a sovereign state and incidentally the only functioning democracy between the Med and the Indian subcontinent.
4 Trump is finished with funding bullies who do not respect the US.
5 A two nation solution might need two states involved, Palestine is not and never has been a "State".
6 Negotiating peace between two entities might just need both to recognise each other and an acceptance of a right to exist for the other.
7 The UN is totally discredited in its ability to be a decision maker in matters Middle East.
8 Mcully made a serious error of judgment moving against Israel when even Egypt declined to continue with resolution 2334.
9 Jerusalem has been the capital of the Jewish nation for a very long time.
10 Anti Semitic attitudes are as wrong in the 21st century as  they ever were throughout History.
11 Pissing off New Zealand's traditional allies is never a good idea.
12 Hamas hurling ordnance purchased with diverted humanitarian aid into southern Israel from Gaza may just be a greater impediment to peace than the location of any  diplomatic representation office.

 Have a "Happy Christmas" Ms Prime Minister, many of the UN Middle East cabal of malcontents who laughably dominate the UNHRC don't want Christmas to continue as a celebration of Christianity.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

No Shit, Sherlock?

A new study has found (drum roll) that solar activity has seven times more effect on the earth's climate than is accounted for in climate 'models.'

How could anybody have possibly guessed?

I'm surprised the media has even printed this story.

Researchers have claimed a breakthrough in understanding how cosmic rays from supernovas react with the sun to form clouds, which impact the climate on Earth.
The findings have been described as the “missing link” to help resolve a decades long controversy that has big implications for climate science.
Lead author, Henrik Svensmark, from The Technical University of Denmark has long held that climate models had greatly underestimated the impact of solar activity.
He says the new research identified the feedback mechanism through which the sun’s impact on climate was varied.
Professor Svensmark’s theories on solar impact have caused a great deal of controversy within the climate science community and the latest findings are sure to provoke new outrage.
He does not dispute that increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have a warming impact on the climate.
But his findings present a challenge to estimates of how sensitive the climate is to changes in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.
Professor Svensmark says his latest findings were consistent both with the strong rise in the rate of global temperature change late last century and a slowdown in the rate of increase over the past 20 years.
(Paywalled article)

The bunkum, baloney and bullshit that is 'climate science' continues to unravel.


Having long supported our democracy with its inherent vulnerability to manipulation, it is disappointing and scary that the children in government, seem to be going to enable the executive under thumb of a master of paranoid behaviour  with long track record as one of the charlatans of modern NZ Governments, able to reign supreme.

The OAP of St Mary's Bay, having failed spectacularly to maintain caucus unity and discipline when the "Maori" rump of his "Winston First", as described by Tuariki Delamere, kept Jenny Shipley in power when she sent  Winston himself packing. Poor little bugger saw his megalomania  torpedoed when he pulled NZF out of the coalition,  only to watch Delamere, Henare, Waitai, Wyllie and Morgan staying as independents in support of Shipley.
Ending a brief career as Deputy PM and "Treasurer", the latter,  a creation to satisfy his oft denied desire for baubles

So two decades on, he is quite prepared to play fast and loose with the electorate by legislating any  obligation of an MP to represent his voters, into oblivion when such democratic action might threaten the great man's security of tenure.
Now having a leader of a disparate bunch of no names with seven percent of the vote, decide arbitrarily to choose a coalition of second third and fourth to govern when a never divulged portion of his seven percent may well have been effectively disenfranchised by his subsequent clearly indicated intention to never consider National as a coalition partner, was a two fingered gesture. Leaving a clear threat that some of those elevated from obscurity might see a perceived wrong and act in the interests of real democracy, as might exist in a free society
Now because his consuming passion to advantage himself could come to a disaster similar to that of 1998 when he found himself without a lectern or a box to stand on to see over it, he has managed to get the highly principled Greens (cough cough) and the shiftless Labour mob to abrogate any semblance of democratic principle to introduce a serious anti democracy bit of corruption,  legislating his insurance against another rebellion by positing excess power to a leader
Shameless does not even come close, our already fragile democracy is seriously under attack and it seems once again too many see nothing wrong when the socialists act treacherously.

Such blatant behaviour is never OK. Left, right, brown, pink, rainbow, rich, poor, thick or intelligent, it is wrong wrong wrong.
Sadly our last hope for preventing another step to dictatorship will be the Governor General,  if she could make a principled stand on behalf of the plebs as our unwritten constitution provides as a safeguard.
What chance?


The Vietnam veteran community was successful in persuading the National government to institute the free Annual Medical Assessment (AMA) for veterans from that conflict.   In the 2017/18  budget $2m was appropriated to cover this.    For some veterans the AMA has resulted in early intervention and helped prevent life-threatening situations.     The AMA is a gift that should not be spurned.

I was interested to find out the level of take-up by veterans and so I had my local MP submit a parliamentary question to the Minister of Veterans' Affairs.

His reply was 'interesting' and I quote .... "As at 15 December 2017 there are 1604 names on the (Veterans' Affairs) register.     It is noted however that these include names of deceased veterans.     Annual Medical Assessments are sent to a veteran to take to their GP throughout the calendar year. As at 15 December 2017, 961 registered veterans have been sent an Annual Medical Assessment form and 511 (53.17%) are known to have undertaken the AMA which is calculated by the number of Annual Medical Assessment forms returned to Veterans’ Affairs."

A 53.17% take-up is abysmal.    Goes to show you can take a horse to water but you can't make him drink.   Shows too that 'free' is not valued.   Sad.

TTSS (or other Vvets ) may care to re-post this on their various nets.    I don't have the time.