Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Saudis show their hand

The ongoing news story about Saudi Arabia's move against Qatar is fairly difficult for me to follow - not so much because I have trouble understanding it (although it is pretty obscure), but because I feel a strong urge to vomit when I hear Saudi government officials accusing other countries of promoting Islamist extremism.  I've persisted though, and my persistence is rewarded - it's actually about getting rid of Al Jazeera, which has a nasty (or wonderful, depending on your perspective) tendency to subject Gulf state monarchs to actual criticism.

The Saudi government got Kuwait to pass Qatar its demands, with shutting down Al Jazeera top of the list. The rest of the laughably-unreasonable list is just nice-to-haves.

I was wondering why Kuwait wasn't taking part in this lynch mob and is instead staying neutral and acting as mediator.  Now it becomes clear - Kuwait has a parliament and universal adult suffrage, so isn't subjected to the same level of criticism by Al Jazeera as Saudi Arabia and the UAE. (Just to clarify - the Kuwaiti parliament is still subordinate to the Emir, but at least there is one, and at least women can vote.)

These days you can tell which side is the bad guys by finding out who President Orange Blowhard is supporting - it's pretty sure to be them.  Sure enough, the Saudis have the pussy-grabber's full support.  Say no more.


One suspects there is much more water to flow under the bridge before 'Slavegate' is put to rest with the possibility/probability that Labour has broken both the electoral and immigration laws in bringing 85 slave workers in from o'seas, lured by false promises that they would enjoy access to senior Labour Party politicians and Party officials, diplomats and past Prime Ministers, while staffing phone-banks and the like and all the while living in sub-standard accommodation.

Mr Little is right to say that Labour is embarrassed by the whole affair.   His attempt to shift the blame to his ex Chief of Staff, Matt McCarten, is laughable if it wasn't so sad and dishonest.   Does he really take us for fools in expecting us to believe that McCarten was functioning in a vacuum and that he (Little) and Jacinda A and Ross R were collectively 'Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru' aka the Three Wise Monkeys of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil fame? 

What it has done is to completely destroy Labour's anti-immigrant policy while labeling themselves as prepared to use sweatshop labour to do the work they aren't capable of doing themselves.   And lets no even go down the track of pointing out the hypocrisy of Labour supporting the so called 'living wage'.   This is Labour's MOACF (virtual chocolate fish to the first to decipher).

Tuesday/Wednesday were good days for Labour with the nailing of a snowflake MP apparently bereft of people skills and then with National on the back foot who should come galloping to their rescue on Thursday but the 7th Cavalry in the form of the Labour Party.

Meanwhile and outside the beltway the latest Roy Morgan Poll (beloved by those on the 'left' as the only true poll) ... National up 3.5% to 46.5%; Labour down 3% to 26.5%; Greens 14% (NC); NZF minus 1% to 9%; all others combined 5% (NC).   No comment needed.


David, in a slew of comments on my post discussing the consequences of over the top political rhetoric (following the Scalise shooting), argued #1 Scalise 'got his due' and #2 inflammatory rhetoric was mainly the preserve of the 'Rethuglican' right.

Looks like 'our' David has a fellow traveler with the removal from office of Phil Montag, a Nebraska State Democratic Party official, after he was caught on tape saying he's "glad" House Majority Whip Steve Scalise got shot and further, that he wishes Scalise was "dead".    In his defense Montag said his words were taken out of context ... some context.   Clearly his peers weren't impressed.

Congrats to the Nebraska State Democratic Party for doing the right thing ... David should take notice but I suspect he won't.


As America is deluged with tales of the Russian (Putin) interference in last Novembers elections result, a far more dangerous matter of Department of Justice activity seems to have never happened.

During the very different and intrigueing campaign stumbling  to the election of the ex Democrat Trump over the very flawed Clinton News Network candidate,  an ex President, William Jefferson Clinton had a meeting on the tarmac of New Orleans Airport with the DoJ supremo Loretta Lynch where the topic, never divulged, is speculated to have been the handling of the FBI investigations that many Democrats believe were the final nail in Shrillary's last hurrah.

A very recent WaPo (Washington Post of Watergate revelation fame) lengthy discussion on Putin's FSB manipulation of Trump's victory.
It is facinating and free on the paper's website.

However it is a big reach to see how the FSB could throw Candidate Clinton under a bus so successfully.
Get her speach writer to include a massive insult tossed at a large chunk of Trump supporters when she called them a toxic bunch of "Deplorables".
Make massive errors born of arrogance in campaign stops where the locked in New York and California voters were targeted while 'Rust' states were ignored as safely on board.
Spend so much effort on the already serious campaign of personal denigration of her opponent being run by the media Party, instead of attempting "presidential" TV.
HRC's campaign was judged in retrospect to have been flawed and it was all down to the Russians.
That premise is based on what. Her manipulative transfer of a large chunk of US Uranium stocks to Putin, the large donations to her Clinton Foundation funding stream from Russian sources, and 'Porch Dog'  Billy Boy's doubled speakers fees in Russia.

Will the Blow torch ever be lined up on the actions of Lynch, and The Meuller investigations being run by Comey's very best freind with a large input from ex Clinton intimates as various Counsel. One area with limited options for The President to interfere as any attempt will immediately involve real obstruction of justice cases, not the rubbish being presented until the present time around Comey's sacking.

Of course the US, The CIA, The NSA et al have never even tried to interfere in foreign electoral systems, oh and I still have a bridge for sale nearly new and only used by church goers on random Sundays.


As the National Party sponsored smear campaign to remove Barclay from front pages unravels I have one more question.

How many of the lucky eighty five who were chosen to participate in the once in a lifetime educational opportunity were Young Republicans  or Young Conservatives.

Friday, June 23, 2017


The good old Sydney Morning herald reveals a way to go yet.

An elderly man "owns" a golf course and drives across a green in a golf cart.

SMH headline;  Trump commits an "atrocity" in golf etiquette.

Martin Place was an atrocity, London Bridge was an atrocity, shooting Republicans at a Baseball park was an atrocity.

Riding a golf cart across your own green doesn't quite make the cut.

Unless the scribbler was infected with TDS


You couldn't sell this as fiction.

Kiimitangaroa Junior Samuel went to prayers at his Hastings Mosque.
 on arriving back home, five year old son who had been naughty at prayers was forced to tearfully get a hammer then kneel on a sheet to be "executed". his three older siblings ordered to get more sheets to prevent blood messing up the floor.

To his caring daddy who was clearly a very good dad along with being a follower of the religion of peace it was to get his son to behave better and he laughed when he called off the terror for the traumatised little boy.

The judge was not so impressed handing out a four and a half year sentence of imprisonment. Of course that will require only a bit over a year in the pokey, that will have the sad piece of shit laughing again, this time at New Zealand excuse for justice, he might have got that sentence if he had smacked his son on the arse.

Great lesson in cultural diversity I guess Thanks a bunch National, if it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger, yeah right.


Recieved a lovely Matariki card from Hekia Parata today addressed to swmbo and self celebrating the stats on Maori acheivments in edumacation.

Really made my day.

Justice Minister has declined to communicate on some far more serious matters and she is my MP.


Poor old Queenie ... driving to the State Opening of Parliament and she is dobbed into the fuzz by some no-name nobody watching on TV who took offense that she didn't appear to be wearing a seat belt in the Royal RR ... and to compound that fine piece of PC grandstanding said person actually rang 999 emergency services to lodge their complaint.   

I guess the person took the view that nobody is above the law, even the Queen.   Not right of course ... she is ... end of story.

What a funny old world we live in ... terrorism, pestilence and famine rules OK but 'seat belts' in a convoy traveling at relatively slow speed with all other traffic stopped to provide clear passage and one might be forgiven for suggesting there are more important things in life.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017


The do as we say and ignore totally what we do principle, is center front for the nasty party again.

Recently during a council debate on the living wage in Wellywood a socialist minion and ex Labour MP from Invercargill was forced to admit that his food service company would be forced out of business if he put his money where his mouth was and incurred the higher labour costs the living wage set. Of course that did not end his unfaltering support for the economic stupidity when he was dishing out OPMs forcibly stolen from long suffering ratepayers and who could still claim to an unaware electorate in the dark about his self serving greed, his altruistic bit of  hypocrisy.

The once grand old NZLP has ranted on for years how the other mob support exploitation,  truely aweful conditions in work places and substandard accommodation that is part of remuneration packages.
Another mantra being sreeched to anyone forced to listen, includes the abomination that comes with offshore interference in our electoral process.
Oh and the way rich pricks screw outcomes by spending their own money.

Well well well, Farrar at Kiwiblog gives oxygen to a tale of revelation in "Politik"over McCarten's latest rorts around the campaign for the upcoming election in September.
Eighty five foreign workers have been enslaved to work for a victory  for Little Andrew's mob.

The questions,;
What is their pay rate? Zero, Minimum, Living?
Who is funding their rather ordinary accommodation and presumably food?
How much income is the "Charitable" and therefore taxfree status Marae, pocketing?
Is not this risking having foreigners influencing vulnerable voters?
When did behaving as "slum landlords" become outside the tenets of acceptable in the cacophany of media claims about rapacious landlords?
Good on Politik but will it lead the Infotainment hour on either channel tonight?

Of course not this is another "beat up" on poor widdle socialists trying hard to defeat the Gnats.


Not dreams,
not hopes,
not ideological based predictions,
no guessing,
just fact based certainty.

Emirates Team New Zealand CAN win the 35th Americans Cup regatta being sailed in the Great Sound Bermuda just as Oracle can.

That TNZ have the faster boat is historical based truth, up until now,
Burling has won the first four starts is also historical truth.
Last time in San Fransisco NZ hopes were high with Oracle requiring a mind boggling winning eight in a row BUT James Spithall with Larry's millions to hand did just that.

Recently the NSW league team ran over the Queensland at home in Brisbane in what all the talking heads claimed was the end of a decade of  supremacy for the Maroons.
Last night playing at home in Sydney almost everyone with an opinion had the Blues winning easily to end their neighbours mortgage rights of ownership on the toughest title in rugby league to win and keep.

Well folks I have no idea if any overweight females managed to sing last night but in a stunning introduction of thinking aspects from Cronk Smith Slater and co, comfort zones were lit up to burn like the terraces at Carisbrook or Eden Gardens as the Maroons worked back from a half time deficit to send State of Origin 2017 to a decider back in Brisbane.

So media morons, please stop with the rubbish theories masquerading as News and report what happened , maybe if there is sufficient nous available see if you can understand why and how and finally consider the sage advice,
"It can be beneficial to be silent and have people think you may be stupid rather than open your gobs or is that pencil boxes, and remove all doubt".

Last night a team straight out of Canterbury Club Rugby with hardly a name known by any national media hack put the perennial top team from Heartland Rugby to the sword ten tries to one to retain the Ranfurly Shield.
That is news while all the drips under pressure pontificating on whether the boil on a players bum has the potential to make the difference on Saturday night at Eden Park.
The greatest potential influence for making all predictions go awry there, will be the fella with the whistle and that is as predictable as the temperature in Ophir on August the 17th at eight am.

The Greatest Rugby Series Evah, that is opinion, for a Wanganui team that had three players playing their last top level game, "for The Sheild", and a bunch of mostly emerging talent defending, last nights  game will be a far more significant imprint on their psyche than what happens on Saturday night in Auckland.
Yes I may be being trite but for thousands of NZ players and aficionados, provincial rugby and in particular 'shield rugby', is the Greatest Rugby series ever and it underpins what sustains the dominance the comes form a very small nation deep in the South Pacific.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Some 'Resistance!'

No matter what they did, no matter what they said, they just couldn't get them damned deplorables to see the error of their ways.

The Democrats mounted a major effort to unseat the Republicans in the Georgia 6 by election.  It didn't work.

Georgia 6
Karen Handel97,20252.7%
Jon Ossoff87,15547.3%
50% of precincts reporting

With 50% of the vote counted, the gap between the Rebuplican candidate and the Democrat candidate is over five percentage points.  That's going to be mighty hard for the Democrat to pull back.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What was Winston's role in the Todd Barclay matter?

I can understand Glenys Dickson wanting to destroy young upstart, Todd Barclay.  But why has she (in)advertantly thrown Bill English in the deepest pile of steaming turds she can find?

She worked for him for 17 years!  Maybe she felt affronted that English appeared to back Barclay ahead of her, but man, to nail the PM like that, well, only Winston Peters seems capable of that.

Who does Glenys Dickson work for now?

Coalition From Hell

Some days ago I suggested the Greens might show some semblance of ability and Machiavellian cunning by secretly (very, very secretly) entering into coalition talks with the Gnats.  Would it be a coalition from hell?   Perhaps but not near as bad as the coalition from hell resulting from joining with the Great Satan himself, Winston Peters.

It would be a wonderfully humiliating way to consign Peters to the knackers yard.

However, as always, the devil is in the detail.  What portfolios and policies would you offer the Greens and to whom, in return for an iron-clad confidence and supply commitment from them.  (This assumes the Greens are even capable of iron-clad agreements.  Ask Labour.)

The only absolute criteria must be that any such portfolio could not put at risk jobs or economic growth.   This narrows down the choices because the Greens are the Job and Growth killers of NZ politics.

Lets first check out the people.  

Image result for metiria turei
Material Hooray might make an ideal Foreign Minister.  Can you see her, draped in mink and ermine, meeting with Silvio Berlusconi?   Would she give him the ultimate Maori insult by showing him the dark side of her moon?  Let's face it.  It would be difficult for her to do any more damage than that already done by McCully.   (Fiji, Saudi Arabia, Israel)

Image result for james shaw nz
James Shaw doesn't appear to fit anywhere.  Nothing in his bio indicates any ability apart from an aptitude for killing growth and jobs.

Image result for kennedy graham nz
Kennedy Graham might do for Veterans' Affairs.  He couldn't stuff that up could he?

Now,  what about their policies?  Which might be compatible with a moderate Centre-Right party? The Green Party's website is full of meaningless platitudes designed to hide the real agenda of killing jobs and growth.  Perhaps there might be the odd piece of good wool amongst the dry shit.

Aaaaah yes, here we are.

Country of Origin labeling for single component foods.   No problems with that.

Safe To School.  An eminently sensible policy, already implemented in most Australian states to considerable bipartisan acclaim.

Just as the ACT Party in its hay day took credit for Three Strikes and Charter Schools, so too could The Greens come to the 2020 election campaign with actual policy achievements to crow about.

The first time ever.


or does Little Wonder have secret crib notes.

While The still temporary leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition continues with a vague and impractable reduction in immigration numbers as a sop to the arch racist,  currently running around seventy thousand annually by "many Thousands", questions remain
"Little Wonder" needs to have a chat with his joined at the hip melon who in a response to world immigration day seeks to raise refugee numbers from a current 750 a year to four thousand pa that will garner additional un counted entry applications from family as yet unknown.

So of the seventy thousand,  that includes returning citizens, and others who qualify and now additional thousands from the melon pledge on refugees, plus a difficult to account for essential skill category, one wnders where those missing thousands can be found to enable cuts.

Time for a blow torch to be applied but where in the inept media is there someone with the technical ability to ignite one.


It is the title of a current film that is being targeted by social justice warriors intent on over the top suppression.

A few years ago a lefty mate insisted I read a since widely panned socialist inspired propaganda entitled "The Spirit Level".
The published effort of a couple of academics Richardson and Pickett,  was lauded as the answer to the modern mirage that goes by the generic term "inequality" in its many guises.
Such published texts even as flawed as The Spirit Level do have value in the presenting of debate  topics but only if  countering efforts are able to be considered.
Published eight years ago on 'inequality' that theory has become a mantra for those who wish their agenda to gain traction,  much the papers claims have been overtaken by a world revolution that has seen millions lifted from abject poverty, poverty that was real, stinking, often fatal and too often perpetrated by war lords and dictators with no wish to share their wealth accumulation schemes.

There has been a disturbing recent trend emerging that sees opinions, seen as counter to established modern academic consensus, however flawed in the minds of skeptics, being silenced in various degrees particularly in universities, often including violence, where history had long traditions of encouraging dissenting views, many proved by the passage of time to have been remarkably prescient.
One such official supression could have been the words of a leading intellect of the UK conservatives in his 1960 era "River of Blood" speech inspired by a deeply held conviction of the possible danger to his country's traditions from immigration policies. Widely condemned, imho, that speech saw its author treated as a pariah and subsequent events might have been avoided or as a minimum much reduced, had his views been treated as worthy of serious discussion and not as his peers of the time decided, to have valid views consigned to file thirteen.
Another topic being treated by bullying and statist manipulation as an alternative to wider debate, could be AGW and the one world government fixation with wealth transfers in a rather ethereal response to the concept that human activity is a driver of global temperature increase.

In 2016  a young feminist set out to make a documentary on men's rights, a journey that saw preconceptions dismantled, funding barriers, and widespread condemnation by media and academia.
Cassie Jaye was of sterner stuff and she prevailed with her largely self funded 117 minute film now available on blue ray, utube and other platforms. Currently in Straya she has been brutalised by The ABC and Chanel seven's Sunrise program using the current excuse for journalistic probity that involves  stacked panels and hostile studio audiences used in destructive efforts in denigration.
Whaleoil last evening under a heading "Fake News Australia" put up a video on the two talking heads from Sunrise in full cry and it turns out on investigation that the male bozo leading the assault had not even viewed the documentary.
Worse he outright lied in his promoting a fairy story that he had been unable to access a copy.
Lies that Jaye destroyed on the (Andrew) Bolt Report with evidence.

Now I have not viewed Jaye's cinematic effort but what I understand from some basic research that has me believing her treatment from many who oppose her rights to publish, there is a serious denial of basic rights of free speech involved.
Worse, under current practise, that stance is accepted by many who should know better but sadly seem protected by a Mafia style Omerta led by the billion dollar a year ABC in its anti liberal agenda.

Monday, June 19, 2017


A bunch of dodgy young middle eastern looking  males, no females, invaded one of London's iconic historic spaces where they attacked a peaceful group of men gathered in what turned out to be a seriously flawed attempt to uplift silverware that consensus had established they  had a right of claim.
The Oval in Kensington, a place of much history and drama was scheduled to hold the fifty over game between England and Wales and the brash ex convict descendents from a south pacific island sometimes described as the West Island Of the independent nation discovered by an itinerant Dutch sea captain in the mid seventeenth century,  then  peopled by a bunch of savages so backward they had no wheels for their rescue vehicles, leading to much angst when captives were forced to walk into slavery.

I digress, the Muslim men, intent on stealing a trophy that was intended to be competed for by Anglo Saxons, armed with wooden clubs and white leather spheres, invaded the London open space wearing mainly green clothes that could have been uniforms attacked a similar number of men similarly clad in blue. It to all intents and purposes it resembled gang warfare, two civilians, wearing yellow shirts, tried in vane to keep order in the total absence of anyone from the constabulary and the incident ended with the green clad gang claiming victory over the blue mob and  surprisingly, there seemed to be no serious injuries between the two groups some hours later.

UK Prime Minister May was too preoccupied trying to make sense of the nearby burning of a tower block and was unavailable for comment.
The descendents of Players and Gentlemen and the deported convicts were conspicuously absent from the traditional meeting ground, clearly having become irrelevant in the growing invasion of "men of Middle Eastern appearance" who fought over the territory and the trophy. it was rumoured a substantial sum of Sterling was also missing.

Sunday, June 18, 2017


Number one motorcycle aficionado, lucky dad and besty of the little fat dictator of North Korea received publicity after a sojourn in what he effused about as a wonderful emerging nation has to my knowledge not been sought for comment as the appalling treatment of a young US citizen who was all edged to have been a very naughty boy has emerged.
Am I being disingenuous to inquire why Self appointed leader of a recently formed NZ political party and self acclaimed expert on North Korea has not been asked what the sabre rattling little creep thinks he is doing when his rogue outfit returned a U.S. college student, imprisoned during a three day sojourn from China 17 months ago, convicted of "spying", imprisoned and now released to return to his homeland in a deep coma.

Come on Gary surely you as a besty must know what happened in that shangrila, that has very disturbing film footage out there, of his trial, tell us all so we can better understand that unfortunate nation that is dominating the news cycle on matters Far East.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

On The Up And Up

Adolf had a cataract removed from his left eye yesterday.  The one in the right eye was removed last year.   So, I'm very one eyed today.

Also walked 600 metres for the firsts time in nearly a year.  Have you ever experienced a heel spur? It's like having the same stone bruise for weeks on end.  Bear in mind three years ago I was walking anything up to 80km per week.

So.  I've got 5 kg excess weight to shed.

Meanwhile I'm about to sit down and watch Scotland thrash the Wannabes in Sydney.


At Agincourt peak arrow turned the tide.
In Paris in 1790 peak head lopping.
1865 Peak coal threatened the then industrialised world leading to M King Hubbard's theory
By the mid 20th century that theory began to be applied to oil.
WW1 began in 1914 and peak slaughter of soldiers was reached.
The 1930s saw peak famine occuring in Belorus and Ukraine as Soviet economic management ran amok
That human tragedy had peak political killing cementing Dzhugashvili's hold on absolute power almost contemperaneous
The Second World War saw peak ethnic clensing as Shikelgruber's minions industrialised killing of Jews.
The closing decade of the 20th century saw yet another bunch of scaremongers create yet another great  "peak" "scam"  to instil fear and drama among the plebs while it created massive wealth for the few driving the "train", not to mention the enormous political opportunity for more charlatans masquerading as Politicians to exploit AGW as a way to the seats of power

Now Stuff is reporting "peak cows" has come to New Zealand.

Thats alright then because the list above where the world was forced to deal with all those  "peaks"  that a graph makes look so formidable, saw human creativity imagination and entrepreneurial spirit find solutions to end every one.

Little Jimmy Shaw and his wardrobe splendorous Co, think Wellington needs to set up a beaurocratic trough to apportion who, where, and how many cows will be permitted.
What could possibly go wrong, that will be another chapter, for now lets just hope sanity prevails.

Best Caption Contest - Evaaaaah!

If you haven't seen it, go over to Farrar's place.


Where Will The Next Nuke Be? (With apologies to Alma Cogan)

Here’s a fine flight of fancy for you.

Image result for underground atomic explosion

The last nuclear bomb exploded ‘in anger’ was that which destroyed Nagasaki in August, 1945. The way things are heading, it is possible the next one might be set off in 2018.

 Where might it take place?

  • ·         NW Unite States, courtesy of the Norker Porker?
  •           Tel Aviv, courtesy of the Mad Mullahs and their good friend Barak Obama?
  • ·         Natanz, courtesy of Israel?

(North Korea is not considered likely on account of the Americans ability to do sufficient damage using conventional explosives.)

My bet would be on a big bang somewhere in Iran, either at an underground site identified as the Iranian’s bomb construction facility or at the site of their ICBM delivery systems.

By dent of subterfuge and deception Israel might smuggle a 1 megaton bomb into the underground site and set it off.

How could they ever do that? I hear you ask. Well, it might not be as difficult as you think.   

First, Israel gets Saudi Arabia and its Sunni mates to loudly rattle sabres near the Iranian border, maybe even cross the border here and there.  Plenty of American aircraft buzzing about also attract attention.

With an Israeli informer or two inside the nuclear facility, crucial intelligence on security systems and other physical features would allow for the infiltration of a small team to introduce some infectious disease into the air intakes, thereby setting up a panic and the need for many ambulances to evacuate sick staff.  

Along come the Yids with a drone ambulance dressed in Iranian colours, carrying a nice big nuke.  The Trojan ambulance is dropped off by a C130 on a highway fifty miles away and is driven by an operator in another aircraft two hundred miles away.  The ambulance gets past two of the three underground security checkpoints and is approaching the third, close to the factory, when the bomb is detonated and Hey Presto - the Mountain moves to Mohammed.

The good chaps at Mossad break out the champagne and laugh their arses off as they broadcast the news of Iran’s sad accidental detonation at its bomb factory.

By hell, this has got the makings of a best seller!.   Move over Tom Clancy.

Friday, June 16, 2017

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Thursday, June 15, 2017


A  Coroner is inquiring into the death of Christie Marceau who was killed by Akshay Chand while he was out on bail.
Judge David McNaughton freed Akshay to go on and kill while he was apparently unaware another Judge Barbara Morris had serious reservations that bail was an option yet the whole now exposed system failed Cristie and her life was ended. The killer's bail address only a short walk from Cristie's home.

Now plenty will agree I am simple but why oh why does an investigation of events leading to the death of a young woman at the hands of a killer out on bail,  not include a full investigation of the bail award.

There have been too many cases of bailed bad people committing further offences and there have been some that resulted in needless preventable death of an  innocent  victim who trusted the system  only to end up dead. A  killer was on the street yet a coronal inquiry completely ignores a central contributing factor because it occurred as a direct result of 'opportunity' being  delivered by a Judge to complete a trifecta of  'means' and  'motive'.

Listening to Andrew Bolt attempting to understand how three Federal Ministers are being summoned to a Melbourne Court to explain why they should not be held in contempt for daring to question why justice dealt out by the Victorian Courts appears to be more lenient than comparable efforts in NSW,
am I in contempt of the Coroner's court for questioning process that seems  to me to be inadequate.
Crikey there must be some very thin skinned people in Victoria, either from feelings of inadequacy or is it guilt.
So much worse in Cristie's case, she is still dead just now.
Mr Chand on the other hand, is alive and in the Mason clinic, not guilty of murder by way of insanity !After being out on bail for attempted kidnapping of Cristie, telling McNaughton a bunch of lies in a letter then completing the killing with a knife and a hammer while Cristie's distraught mum was trying to get a police response to intruder Chand out in their garden ending her daughter's life.

Spare A Thought For The Recovery Team.

As the death toll rises from the disastrous fire in London I will turn my thoughts and sympathy to those who will search through the mess to find and identify those who perished.
In the absence of adrenaline and confusion it will be a task nobody would want to endure.

I am acquainted to a search and rescue Volly who went to Erebus for the recovery operation and it left him a very changed person.

It will be a bastard of a job, I wonder what Bernie Monk is thinking, his people are in their tomb, not so simple for London's Grenfell Tower victims


Those of you who read my blog will know that I am no Donald Trump sycophant ... he doesn't walk on water; in fact he is skating in thin ice.    But all that aside, he is the duly elected President and, as such, he is entitled to a certain degree of respect even though one can disagree on some/many of his policy positions.

I've been concerned for some time that the extreme rhetoric directed against Trump on this and other blogs.   Extreme rhetoric can translate into action and today we saw it with the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise, the Republican House Whip, at a warm up practise match in preparation for the annual Republican vs Democrats charity baseball game.

The shooter, now deceased, has been identified as James Hodgkinson, a sometime volunteer worker for the Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign, whose facebook page is littered with anti-Trump and anti-Republican rhetoric including (on 22 March) "Trump is a Traitor. Trump has destroyed our democracy.  It's time to destroy Trump and Co.".    Hodgkinson was also a member of the facebook group 'Terminate the Republican Party'.    Nuff said.

It is but a short step from over the top rhetoric to this sort of action.   It may not necessarily involve the author but it can inspire others.  Hodgkinson didn't need inspiring.   He did it his way.

Sad for America.   Sad for democracy. 



and that is where blinding hatred will lead.

Since Donald Trump became a contender, then the candidate, and last November President Elect, Democrats both official members  and believers have waged an increasingly worrying campaign fueled by derangement. A campaign that had reached a nadir with an obscure Comedienne posing in a photo shoot holding a severed head by the hair representing a bloody Trump in a scenario resembling the very graphic images of ISIS propaganda killings.
That nadir was overtaken overnight by a deranged shooter with links to the failed Sanders campaign who attacked a training squad of a Republican congressional baseball team, the equivalent of NZ. parliamentary rugby.
Had Capital police not acted with a quick response it would have the potential for a bloodbath, so far the only death is the deranged shooter who, armed with a rifle and a handgun, managed five victims including police, congressional aids and one congressman before being taken down.

Now I am pretty passionate in my political beliefs but I can mostly agree to disagree with those of a differing political persuasion and have so far refused to go beyond debate and a contest of beliefs, my default being to ignore and or depart the scene.

The Gifford shooting was triggered by her support of Obama tightening gun law in Colorado and to a degree personal,  albeit totally beyond the pale.
Events today in Washington was more feral,  random and targeted at a 'group' of Republicans by a Democrat party functionary.
Now that is " dirty politics" in the extreme, but to one who follows US politics not that surprising when viewed against a backdrop of the anti Trump rhetoric that is portrayed daily by disgruntled supporters of his political opponents across America.


Guns don't kill, people kill,   a long standing mantra of law abiding citizens who understand that emphatic truth.

9/11 killed many and no guns involved anywhere in the crashing of four planes, collapse of the twin towers and serious damage to the Pentagon.
The only firearms involved in almost all the recent terrorist acts in UK were in the hands of law enforcement officers, yet many innocents died.
Switzerland has an armed population yet a very low gun crime rate.

Paula Bennett in a rare moment of realistic resistance to a chorus of ignorant clamour from people who have only a fairytale connection to how law abiding citizens relate to firearms.

I caught the last 40 minutes of Newstalk overnight this morning to hear Timmy Beverage displaying his total disconnect with the reality of what Minister Bennett confronted and then largely rejected from the report of the parliamentary select committee on licensing around firearms. Much of that rubbish reflected the aims and dreams of the new head of the police union. Eventually Beverage confirmed what was a position founded on serious ignorance and snowflake outrage at the Minister's rejection, when he,  in a moment of revelation stated " if I owned a gun"

The police already too often being found wanting in their efforts to deliver basic services would be completely swamped even if their numbers and resources were doubled if the recommendations had been implemented, and Minister Bennett saw that salient fact.

Estimates that only possibly half the weapons in N Z are in possession of licenced people would explode to much worse statistics should the already draconian and annoying compliance regime be extended as moron Chris Cahill wished.
Mr Plod is already in possession of more than enough powers to respond to illegalities around the laws of ownership of firearms but just as with liquor laws, soft targets are so much more attractive than confronting the really bad bastards who have zero intent to suddenly become sweet little law abiding citizens

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Soft And Vulnerable Target

What better than an apartment building?

Image result for grenfell fire

While there has not thus far been any comment as to the cause of this fire or how many people, if any, have been killed, it will not surprise me if ISIS claim this event as their own.

It is just too much of a coincidence that a 27 story residential building would catch fire in such a way and so quickly that people could not get out and fire fighters could not quell the blaze.  The blase has all the hallmarks of ISIS.  A soft, unguarded target, filled with vulnerable civilians.

Shades of twin Towers.

And for all those who say 'wait until more information is available' I say, get lost.


One News website reports David Seymour calling for tougher penalties for livestock theft in response to a travesty that had perpetrators sentenced to communty based penalties following the theft of sixteen in lamb ewes from an Eketahuna lifestyle property.
Alleged lead perp, a sheilagh, was given a sentence of 100 hours community service??????
The reported evidence claimed the mother of two onsold the meat for $15.00 a carcass.

Current market reports here in Canterbury has fat ewes quoted at $150 a head and in lamb ewes even higher so it suggests it was a somewhat significant discount.
Now it gets massively worse, the sheep were on a lifestyle block so it is safe to asume they were very quiet and cooperative in their demise that left the heads, skins and internal organs for the owners to discover in a bloody slaughter aftermath.

After the Waiau (Kaikoura for a media not concerned with the truth) earthquakes,  Fishery police paid and volunteer, spent untold resources attempting to prevent people taking advantage of the destructive outcome to harvest seafood that was going to be dead whatever happened when the truth was most of those being policed were intent on returning the stranded creatures to the sea.
Now any contravening of the laws protecting Lobster,  Paua and other sea life from exloitation have serious penalties that can include the confiscation by the state powers, of Dive gear, boats, trailers, tow vehicles and any other assetts involved which can become a penalty regime with seven figure totals. Ms sheep thief gets 100 hours of community service that many suspect will be absolved with minimal cost and inconvenience.
Of course in earlier days such an act of illegal activity could involve a neck injury for the perpetrators without any of the time wasting and costs of involving authorities.

The police have little interest in prosecuting such crimes and if the presented evidence is accurate why would they, for a theft of alleged property valued at less than two hundred dollars when the true cost ignoring the close personal relationship involved by the owner,  was ten times that figure.
In a past life I had around twenty crossbred ewes  disappear from our farm. They were very distinctive as it was just after the release of the exotic breeds we were experimenting  with along with traditional breeds. They along with our registered earmark carried a small "V" in the end of the ear that marked them as One quarter "Finn", one quarter Romney and half Poll Dorset which had good feet, good muscle and high fertility. All very evident to one with a working Knowledge of breeding  but to a Plod who  considered a possibility we were taking advantage of an ignorant divorcee and her ex forman mechanic "man friday" elevated to stock manager, decided there was too much doubt and declined to prosecute the well connected "Lady".

So a person who sends minions onto private property to slaughter pet sheep and takes the meat to onsell is sentenced to 100 hours of home based inconvenience, while another part owner of sea bounty that may well be disputed as to ownership can suffer hundreds of thousand dollars of direct loss for removing the food from the sea.
Something is askew methinks.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Many worry that big money can buy elections, much evidence points to that being a fallacy.

Colin Craig personally spent large sums with no results.
An overweight foreigner enduring some immigration hiccups spent large sums and recruited a ragtag band of the hopeless in a failed attempt to buy immunity.
The US Democratic disaster  train built a war chest largely from their ultimate candidates power base underpinned by a Secstate appointment that included gaining significant sums from foreign governments who saw a potential favourable treatment downstream.
Alas that big spend was negated and ultimately overcome by another campaign that spent far less money while a bunch of media morons gave the winner too much free publicity as they tried in vain to destroy a growing infatuation from peasants, described by Ms Clinton as deplorables.

Yes many to the right of center give cash rather than spend valuable time as workers, (others give to left of center causes) while the Left can mobilize troops from  unions and youth who give time and effort that incurs no direct cost to the campaign. Effort that is never given a cash value yet saves serious money.
Editorially few media outlets here make any statement as to a support bias, recall if you are old enough how the Catholic newspaper was eagerly watched for an editorial support decision in the lead up to an election that was widely regarded as the Church's favoured party and for the followers to vote accordingly. Editor John Patrick Kennedy of the Dunedin diocese paper, The Tablet, was suggested to have the backing of the senior local clergy if not from Rome itself in his editorial decisions.

Voters are not stupid but are definitely open to having their vote purchased by overt bribery acts from both governments and pretenders while they equally punish harshly a government that attempts fiscal responsibility by way of acts that can be included in any austerity moves whether true or false in fact

Sadly truth and accountability for political parties are outside any of the provisions of the advertising authority standards that might have a salutary effect on what can and cannot be included unless it can be substantiated in the commercial world.  That leaves a yawning gap to be exploited by charlatans with little or no hope of reaching a point of being tested but can have significant influence on electoral outcomes. MMP makes such garbage even more attractive to a shallow media wanting 'click bait' and a need to fill column space to get coverage and only might or might not come into play in the formation of a coalition in post election horse trading.
Of course the main chance there is in the form of one WRP who will only have the interests of himself front and center of any deal he seeks and no regard for voters or even his ragtag  coat tailers. After over twenty years of MMP the greens are yet to be in a position where such opportunity presents, they resemble a worn coir mat at the back door of the NZLP office to date.

Democracy 2017 offers so much to voters who are required to do much analysis before decision time and sometimes confusion appears to trump  reality.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Continuing With Something Different

For those who profess to be Christian, here's an opportunity to stake your claim for your favorite hymns.  

Mine are listed below.  Criteria include the presence of rhythm and melody, along with words which scan, make sense and contain more than one syllable.  Having spent a few decades singing base line in a choir, I don't have much time for doleful dirges.

You might call it the Ditty Dozen

Twelve Best Hymns

Image result for scottish psalter 1929

  1. Guide Me Oh Thou Great Jehovah
  2. Abide With Me
  3. Now Thank We Oh Our God
  4. Be Though My Vision
  5. All My Hope On God Is Founded
  6. Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  7. To God Be The Glory
  8. Just As I Am
  9. Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
  10. Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go
  11. Ride On Ride On In Majesty
  12. Eternal Father Strong To Save

  1. Praise to The Lord
  2. Amazing Grace
  3. The Lord Is My Shepherd
  4. Thine Be The Glory
By the way, I have my late father's copy of the Scottish Psalter, bought by him shortly before WW2.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

They Don't Make Them Like That Any More

Actors and actresses, that is.

Have you ever tried to pick your dream cricket team from your country's best players since WW2?

Image result for mgm logo

Well, I'm trying to pick my best all time Hollywood cast for a really BIG movie, you know, something like The Longest Day or The Battle of Britain both of which employed stellar casts.

I haven't yet arrived at a suitable story from which to draw a script but I have picked my team of the eleven best.  It was not very easy because there were too many who had to be left out. (Like Charlton Heston and Clint Eastwood.)

Any way, for what it's worth, here is the list in some sort of order of merit.

  1. Lawrence Olivier
  2. James Stewart
  3. Gregory Peck
  4. Katherine Hepburn
  5. Richard Burton
  6. Ingrid Bergman
  7. Kurt Jurgens
  8. Robert Morley
  9. Tom Hanks
  10. Lauren Bacall
  11. Jack Lemon

In any team you must have some reserves, so here are four:-

  1. Robert Shaw
  2. Sean Connery
  3. Shirley McLaine
  4. Sidney Poitier
Now comes the hard part.  Where is the script?