Friday, December 23, 2016


There must be something up as the news has degenerated, as if that were feasible, to the inane and the inconsequential.

All the so-called 'stars' of the media have drifted off, leaving the less memorable to carry things for the next month.

The invasion is scheduled to commence later today as the scheduled festive season  trip to Rotoiti east of Rotorua was deemed to be seriously more difficult due to the interruptions to SH1.  One very caring SiL offered to come south, an offer quickly and gratefully accepted. It was followed by other daughter and partner, so just when we had given the tree decorations away in the expectation we would conceivably not be home for Christmas again, The Warehouse came into play. Alas the artificial tree could have been purchased for 50% off a week after the investment was made.
 Adding little Bro, wife and  daughter seemed appropriate as their life is in some turmoil as they live three Kms north of the original epicentre of the November 7.9 tremor.

The travel budget was rapidly redirected to another Xmas at home and even without a 'fatted calf' things seem to be in hand.

To my fellow contributors here at No Minister, to my supporters, and to my detractors I wish all a very Happy Holiday Christmas, may it be all you wish for plus a prosperous healthy and rewarding twenty seventeen.
A year that portends some very different emotions and experiences as so much of the mirage of stability has been somewhat redirected as some changes to the status quo seem apparent.

Seasons greetings, kindest regards, Murray.


Ciaron said...

And seasons greetings to you Sir!
here's to a safe and happy holiday to all :)

J Bloggs said...

Have a safe and merry one, and all the best for 2017


Merry Christmas to all at No Minister.
I remember a former employer telling me in a card he wished me a prosperous 1991.
Was that his way of telling me to move on :)

paul scott said...

Yes Merry Christmas, and happy.
We are organising the big 14 inch Immigration Canons for next year, now, over the Christmas festive season.
Fear, and loathing from the homeland division.
I know, I know, its decidedly unchristian, but also there is the Democracy home guard to organise.
The Equity and Equality of representation Division.
I am down rank in the foot division, and we only have muskets, so we probably just do the Regions.