Monday, December 12, 2016


Last few days has seen over two hundred vehicles abandoned in Kaikoura in the aftermath of the massive disruption that was delivered by the seismic event when those initially in charge of the vehicles took the timely way out with the Military, were retrieved and delivered to Christchurch.

Who managed that?  is a reasonable question.

Well for many motorists, both commercial and private, the favorite target for abuse are those selfish inconsiderate moterhome operators, yet that is who gave up three long days to convoy in buses and minivans to Kaikoura and bring three tranches of the abandoned vehicles out in convoy.

In a chance encounter the Canterbury NZMCA chairman John Morgan and his wife Shirley became involved as a possible source of a body of competent, available and qualified drivers with the time and ability to act in concert.

Rapidly the many outfits with such vehicles locked up behind cordons and landslips with the approaching summer holidays, quickly accepted an offer of assistance and on three days over seventy drivers were gathered, briefed and then it just happened. I say seventy drivers that was in addition to the bus and rental van drivers who made the round trip in one day for the three days.
Not a minor effort for many of advanced years,and or facing other challenges

All achieved at no personal advantage to the volunteers only a day out to the Kaikoura Raceway and back to show for it.

These people also give up a weekend every spring to gather at a selected site where a need is found to do a "clean up" of accumulated detritus, again for no reward other than perhaps a minor mention on page seventeen on a slow news day.

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Good on yer team. Well done.