Tuesday, December 6, 2016


My first Commanding Officer in Malaysia was Brian Poananga.   He was a charismatic leader, personality plus.   His Battalion 2ic was Lindsay (Lin) Smith.   He was the opposite of Po ... loyal, quiet, unassuming, extremely hard working, a very safe pair of hands.   Much of Po's success can be laid at Lin Smith's door.    Lin preferred to work in the shadows  ... ended up as Deputy Chief of Army and later as Director of the SIS.   Good as he undoubtedly was, he remained a 'grey' man.

Post WW2 and there have been three standout periods of relatively stable government; the Holyoake years, the Clark years and the Key years.     Each of those administrations  had one thing in common .... an extremely capable Deputy Prime Minister (Marshal, Cullen & English) who were the driving force in the engine room of their respective parties.   Each of them can best be described a a technocrat rather than a leader.   Each of them were undoubtedly a safe pair of hands.

I want more than a safe pair of hands as my Prime Minister.   I want a Prime Minister backed by a safe pair of hands.    A personality that leads from the front; a person not afraid to make the hard calls; someone who has been there and done that; someone who has achieved through shear intellect and hard work; someone who knows business; someone who has seen life from the other side of the tracks; some who has learned from her mistakes.

I want Judith Collins.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The media would become apoplectic. What a pleasure to see.

pdm said...

How would Collins as PM with Coleman as Deputy look? English retaining finance.

Psycho Milt said...

I also would love to see National put Judith Collins in charge, although for different reasons...

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


And that's why I think she'll be deputy.

Keeping Stock said...

I think you're right Adolf. I would like to see an English/Collins pairing as PM/Deputy PM respectively.

Bill English won't be around politics forever, but he is the safe pair of hands needed to manage the transition into the post-Key era. At some point after the 2017 General Election, he may, like John Key, decide that his future lies beyond Parliament.

Many see Judith Collins as a renegade, and a loose cannon. So make her Deputy PM, and give her the chance to prove those people wrong by working tirelessly to support English and National. If, when English retires, she has proved herself, she can assume the leadership, and further transition the National Party.

Put simply, it's called succession planning. It's something that Helen Clark either didn't think about, or couldn't bear to contemplate. And look at the problems that is still causing Labour, eight years on.

paul scott said...

Only vaguely agree with Psycho Milt.
You want a leader who will do the tough things, and that is what John Key did not.
See over at 'Not PC' blog, a picture of the statue of liberty coming to life to look inside John Key brain.. PC then calls Key a can kicker.
I imagine Kiwiblog propaganda will have a sickening eulogy.
Key taught Bill English a lot of bat habits; expect continuance .
Like the trading away of democracy to Hone // Mana // Maori // blue rinse.
Hone says suck this "" motherfuckers "" we get separate sovereignty and you pay.
Thanks John . Off to the big fat corporate old world order.

Angry Tory said...

Andrew LIttle's electoral record is better than Englishs.

National has a choice:
- to choose Crusher, win the next election, and finally finish the job that Roger hinted at and Ruth managed for just one budget
- to choose English, lose, and in the best possible case have a crazy Labour/Winston/Green/Maori/Mana/Dunne government that staggers through the next three years

The Veteran said...

PM ... yes, there is a downside risk but I think it's a risk worth taking. With JC you know where you stand. With 'grey' people you don't. I know where the Greens stand ... might not like it but !!!!!! I want my Party to be led by someone where you see what you get and get what you see.

Once National ditches it's (Key) opposition to the qualifying age for NZS being lifted t0 67/68 (over time) then a lot of additional opportunities present.

We live in interesting times.

The Veteran said...

AT ... Andrew Little doesn't have an electoral record unless you count twice failed candidate for New Plymouth as some sort of record.

KS/Adolf ... I'm not sure there is any great chemistry between BE and JC. That is critical to running a successful cabinet. A Collins/Coleman combination could be a goer with English retaining Finance (if he wants it).

Gerald said...

"Crusher" Collins...remind me how many cars were crushed, excluding the one that was not involved in an offence but crushed anyway?

Barnsley Bill said...

The only thing on gods green earth that will result in Andrew Little becoming PM is Judith Collins in the top spot.
A great big pile of Kauri stumps will fall on the governments chances next year.

Anonymous said...

Vet -Posted in a similar vain on Home Paddock
JC would make an excellent PM

"My hope is that Bill English does not throw his hat in the ring for election as PM. He has been a brilliant Finance Minister, possibly we have ever had. That is where is his talent lies – in heaps. He has also been excellent as Deputy to John Key- a kindly foil, a wonderful partnership.as a result.
Good deputies and good leaders have different characteristics and talents. Leaders provide the ideas- have charisma , deputies sort out what is possible and implement.

Helen Clarke and Michael Cullen are a recent example.- seldom agreed with what they got up to, but it was a good team."

My experience here and overseas in the military and in commercial life is that good deputies very rarely make good leaders.


Angry Tory said...

Ruth was NZs best finance minister by far - she really only had one budget.
Roger after that.
Syd Holland.
Bill Birch.
Cullen never raised benefits and never paid off a company to keep unions jobs.

The Veteran said...

Poor old Angry Tory. Ruth was a mediocre Finance Minister at best. Sure she had to contend with a tanking economy bequeathed by Labour (history repeats) but she will be remembered as the driving force behind National welshing on the unequivocal promise made to seniors to get rid of the surtax ... no ifs, buts or maybes. In doing that Bolger and Richardson set the ground for Winston First ... some legacy.

Roger trashed farming and enjoyed doing so. Subsidies are wrong but there are hard landings and soft landings and Douglas chose the former and people never figured in his equation.

No PM should ever be Minister of Finance. Holland was never a visionary politician; micro manager at best, Muldoon was worse.

Birch is associated with 'think big' ... government should be wary of picking 'winners' least they become losers. The job of government is to manage the policy settings where private enterprise can survive and flourish.

Cullen's legacy was to bequeath National an unsustainable budget deficit. Go read the Treasury briefing papers to the incoming government. His legacy was just that coupled with the high taxes so beloved by the dark side of politics.

Against that background English can hold his head high ... this from someone whose not backing him.

Anonymous said...

Must agree with Barnsley Bill. Have we learnt nothing from the political earthquakes overseas. The middle class, the glue that holds society together, is shrinking, some moving up but the majority moving down the economic scale.

The squeezed middle have no regard for Collins, she is contentious and has been surrounded by controversy from day one. She is seen as a wealthy elitist (anyone want to buy my holiday home for $1.9 mill.) and is perceived to have benefited financially from her political connections, whether true or not the perception is there. New Zealand women don't do leadership gracefully and the last thing we need is some one called Crusher who thinks she is the best man for the job. If I were Mr Little I would be praying she gets the top job.

Lord Egbut

Honey Badger said...

No, not Collins. She's Jenny Shipley with added vindictiveness and an even worse sense of judgement.

Angry Tory said...

You want to lean from BREXIT; TRUMP; Le Pen; Beppe Grillo; and all the rest?

sure - but there's only one politician in NZ with the spirit and energy to CRUSH the leftist establishment and not give a damn about the consequences: Crusher Collins.

Angry Tory said...

Jenny Shipley with added vindictiveness

sounds great.

anyone want to buy my holiday home for $1.9 mill.

Oh come on: you can't even get a good two-bedroom flat in Auckland for only 2 million...

Anonymous said...

Surely we don't have to put with this troll for too long.... Not Funny, not clever, not entertaining and with only a bare grasp of NZ political history.

The Realist said...

If you ask her Vet perhaps she'll let you have her

The Veteran said...

Some interesting comments. Egbut tries to tag Collins as the poor little rich girl. I know the family ... there was no silver spoon. Her Dad (and I think Mum) were Labour voters as she was until she saw first hand Union heavies at work. Pray tell me about her $1.9m 'holiday home'. It was her home, not her holiday home ... and she and her husband worked hard for it. What's your point. Do you want me to bang on about Peters' multi-million $ mansion in St Mary's Bay or Goff's rather palatial spread in Clevedon or, or, or?

Collins appeals to the blue collar vote in the way that Key did and what English will struggle with and yes, she has enemies ... all politicians have enemies. What you are looking for is someone who can reach out past National's traditional voting demographic. English can't; Collins can do that in spades (at the risk of alienating some of the blue rinse National support base).

It was interesting on Newstalk ZB to hear Collins describe the RMA Reform Bill as a 'dog' ... the result of too many compromises. Clearly, if she is elected, the Bill is dead. That's a reach over into NZ First territory and equally, a turning away from the Maori Party. Certainly she will lead a different National Party.

National can win with BE at the helm with it's support in the 35% territory. He will undoubtedly shed votes. National can win with JC at the helm in the 40% territory. She will both pick up and shed votes.

I agree with Whale-Oil. There are slim pickings for her in the Cabinet vote; 5 at best. It's the back-bencher vote that will determine the leader. Their assessment as to whether they can win with English or win better with Collins will be crucial.

While the caucus picks the Deputy the newly elected leader will express a preference. It would be unusual for caucus to go against the leaders wishes.

My prediction ... my head sez a English/Bennett duo but if I were a betting man the smart money would be on a Collins/Coleman combination.

pdm said...

Vet - after my post yesterday asking/suggesting a Collins/Coleman team it occurred to me that both being from Auckland may be a disincentive - on that basis maybe Bridges or Adams could come through as deputy. Personally I am not keen on Bridges there is just something about him I don't like but I cannot put my finger on it - still he could come through as the compromise choice as a Collins/Adams ticket with two women at the helm may not sit well within the National Party as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Veteran...some one is misinformed...who? http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=11746331 looks like a holiday home to me.

The term "blue collar" has no relevance in NZ as it was first used in the US to describe tradesmen and factory workers ie. anyone who did not works in an office or the professional classes.

The working world has changed and Collins is regarded as a controversial. Her formative years are immaterial, Imelda Marcos was silver spoonless as a child, ditto Eva Peron.

My point is that we have learnt nothing from recent events, the fury of the squeezed middle, making ends meet, against the wealthy political elite. The elite being those who pop into public life time and again and always seem to be with us.

In world where the rich are getting richer and the middle are getting poorer as is happening in the US, UK, Aust, and some of the main Euro players it is dangerous to make predictions based on the past.

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Legbut, You have, albeit unwittingly because for you wittingly is difficult, hit the nail on the head.

"...the rich are getting richer and the middle are getting poorer as is happening in the US, UK, Aust, and some of the main Euro players..."

These places you have mentioned have endured left leaning socialist governments in recent times, all of whom are slavish adherents to the fundamentalist global warming religion.

Have a look at India and China where the rich are getting richer and the pooor are catching up. They are doing it by burning COAL.

Angry Tory said...

Either National picks someone who runs with BREXIT, TRUMP, Le Pen, Beppe Grillo, Jobbik, Law & Justice etc etc or they will be replaced by a party that does.

of the candidates, the CRUSHER is the only one who looks or sounds anything at all like TRUMP or Farage

Anonymous said...

What is a fundamentalist global warming religion, is it a cult? I'm afraid we can't take your master Lord Drumph at face value when, with faux outrage, he tells us the Chinese invented climate change to screw the west. The artful Drumph has just had his application for a 13ft high sea wall around his Irish golf course thrown out.

He claimed in court that climate change and rising sea levels are threatening his asset. He is like the little boy who cried wolf....when the orange one decides to tell the truth we won't recognise the moment.

Why are you sounding more and more trollish each day....have you sold your ID to the United Party of Russia?

Lord Egbut

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poor Legbut.

A feather duster, reduced to bluster.

Noel said...

Whats with the Collins plea to Joe Public.
We're a bit more clued up than the average Aussie who got all upset when Abbott got ousted thing they had somehow had a hand in his selection.
Reminds me of those cringing people who go to the public when their Immigration status is denied by Department.

Noel said...

Sorry didn't proof that very well.
Whats with the Collins plea to Joe Public?
We're a bit more clued up than the average Aussie who got all upset when Abbott got ousted thinking they had somehow had a hand in his selection.
Reminds me of those cringing people who go to the public when their Immigration status is denied by the Department.

Nick K said...

Shit. You've had a safe pair of hands, feet, eyes, ears and everything else for 8 years and were more than happy with it. Yet us on the Right wanted more political capital used up with major reform, that Key was too scared to touch. And now you want that. Go figure.

Anyway, I know Collins won't win. So you'll get steady Eddie for many more years.

Honey Badger said...

Bill English, a face for radio and a voice for print media. In that regard, he and Andrew Little should get on like a house on fire.

Update: The circle is complete; the Double Dipper from Dipton is now leader . . .
Collins is toast.


The Veteran said...

Egbut ... you readith too much into the headline. It was their house on the beach for c********s. Go to Moroney for beachhouses.

Nick ... the GFC and the 'quakes' called for a safe pair of hands. The dynamic has changed and the latest fiscal update confirms that. I would prefer bold ... don't think English's instincts are for that but I would hope to be proven wrong.

Honey Badger ... don't think you're Dan Jarvis so why steal his moniker? Just because you loose you're not toast. The measure is how you deal with that. By your thinking Coleman too is toast along with Bridges or Bennett or perhaps Adams or that 'guy' from Wellington Central or Mr Parker.

Nick K said...

Vet, National tried bold twice with Ruth & Don and both were knifed and thrown out in the trash can. Forget it!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

So now people ask 'Who will be Deputy PM?'

Will Judith Collins stand? If so, will they elect Judith or will it be English and Coleman? The bland and the blander.

The media hope it will be Coleman so, when he fails and is sacked, they can run the headline:- 'Coleman Couldn't Cut The Mustard."

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

One of the best sledges this week in comments at Kiwiblog, from Inandout.

"If Angry was a dour funeral director, then Bill would be the corpse, ...."

The Veteran said...

Nick ... Richardson and Brash were both bold ideologues who missed the point that you govern from the centre if you want more than a single term. If they were right then ACT would be a force to be reckoned with. It is entirely possible to be a bold centrist although I agree that English's instincts are more the 'steady as it goes'.

Anonymous said...


Corrections Minister Judith Collins has sold her luxury Maraetai holiday home for $1.9 million. Photo / Jason Oxenham
Corrections Minister Judith Collins has sold her luxury Maraetai holiday home for $1.9 million. Photo / Jason Oxenham

• Corrections Minister Judith Collins has sold her luxury Maraetai holiday home for $1.9 million.
• The property failed to sell after being passed in for the same price in November 2014.
• She bought the property with her husband in 2006 for $1.17m, meaning they pocketed $730,000 in capital gain from the sale.
• Destiny Church leader Brian Tamaki has been renting "Crusher's" retreat but moved out earlier this year.

BLoody MSM....you just can't trust them..fancy getting something so simple so wrong.

Lord Egbut

Nick K said...

Collins won't be deputy either. She's unpopular with caucus.

Angry Tory said...

What' the point in having more than a single term if you don't do anything?

Key's government has been pretty much to the left of Klark on every single issue.
Cullen cut corporate taxes 3%, English only 2% - and English whacked up GST.

Ruth didn't even have a term: she had just one real budget.
Benefits can be eliminated, government liabilities ("assets" - schools, hospitals, trainset) sold, tax rates slashed in just one budget.
One they are done, they are very hard to undo.