Sunday, December 11, 2016


I have just finished reading Robert Weintraub's book 'No Better Friend' (E-book ISBN 978-1-444-79685-7) .... the life and times of  'Judy' and Frank Williams.    It's a story of incredible canine courage and devotion.   Start reading the book and you'll find some difficulty in putting it down.

I won't try to tell the story.  Suffice to say Judy was the only dog ever to have been officially made a POW ... and that by subterfuge.  She is credited with saving numerous lives after the Japanese prison ship she was traveling on was torpedoed and many more again during the period she was a 'guest' of the Japanese Emperor where both survived (by not too much) the hell hole of the Pakan Baroe prison camp in Sumatra ... the account of which makes the Burma (Death) railway appear a doddle.  Above all it records the incredible bond forged between her and her devoted 'master'.

Judy was awarded the Dickin Medal (the canine VC).   Her citation read 'For magnificent courage and endurance in Japanese prison camps thus helping to maintain morale among her fellow prisoners and for saving many lives by her intelligence and watchfulness'.

The citation does not do her justice.   Read and enjoy.


paul scott said...

Almost all Dogs are good. For weird dog type reasons they usually like us.

The Veteran said...

Hmmmmm ... that would tend to explain why Winston doesn't have a dog.

Anonymous said...

Veteran one line you spoilt a good story. a/ By answering the troll. b/. by applying political spin where it is not necessary.

Winston did indeed have dog at one time, it was looked after at his brothers house just nth of Whangarei. Given the life and schedules of politicians I would not recommend they take a dog on unless they have dedicated kids. Dogs are pack animals and need company.

Lord Egbut