Saturday, December 10, 2016


with his comment that Bill English has no option but to call for an early election.   English holds all the cards.   Peters is a busted flush.    This government will go full term ... it has no reason not to.   Add to that the truism that the electorate tends to punish governments if they sense they're going early in order to gain a perceived political advantage.    Were that not the case then the opening of the books on Thursday with good news aplenty and the government could be forgiven to calling an early election.

Peters, in his increasingly strident attempts to appear relevant, is making himself irrelevant.   None the more so in Northland where he is now referred to as the 'late' Mr Peters.   Late to show up ... if at all.  Prone to helicoptering in and out on flying visits from his home in Auckland.   Treating his constituents with contempt with his five electorate offices mostly closed.   It's almost as if he has consigned himself to losing the seat.

Contrast that with his National Party rival Matt King now full time on the job.   Yesterday along with Mrs Veteran we attended a highly successful luncheon put on by his campaign team with with close to 70 in attendance including a large sprinkling of 'Matt's Mob' ... the 40 YO demographic.    In the two weeks since his selection Matt has had one day off.   His mobile office/campaign bus will soon be traversing the electorate.    Peters left behind in his wake.


Anonymous said...

Peters has no plot to lose

EH of D

Paulus said...

If Peters would take more water with his lunchtime drinks he would perform better in Parliament where he has to hold himself up on his desk and might stop amusing the others by slurring his words, the points of which are often incomprehensible.

alwyn said...

I fear you had an extra letter in one sentence.
You said "Peters is a busted flush".
There should be no letter "f" at the start of the final word in the sentence.