Sunday, December 11, 2016

In Just 24 Hours

The media, Labour, Whaleoil, other excitable blog commenters and Uncle Tom Cobley have been beside themselves ever since PM Key announced his decision to step aside.

They all predict defeat for National in 2017 but none of them, not one, has seemed interested in explaining how it is that the resignation of John Key, magically, somehow has transformed the drones of the Labour Party into a finely honed political killing machine, led by a dynamic leader and a sharp witted, competent deputy.

And all in just twenty four hours.

A dynamic leader

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A sharp witted, competent deputy

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Little and Robertson remain irrelevant, incompetent, insufferable and unelectable.   They are no more electable than they were three weeks ago.

And now they have to find a new strategy because kicking John Key is off the menu.  That's a pity really because it worked so well for them over the last eight years.


Anonymous said...
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Angry Tory said...

Should've gone for Crusher

Anonymous said...

It has to be the non-sequitur of the year believing that JK stepping aside has enhanced the prospects of the idiot Left. I agree with the above Crusher ought have the top job with Bill English #2 and retaining finance.


Noel said...

But she didn't get the job. Which I guess makes her preaching to Joe Public about how she would be good for the job so cringing. What were we meant to do, write to Caucus?