Monday, December 5, 2016

In For A Penny..... for a pound.

Who will be chosen by the National Party caucus as leader and Prime Minister?

There are many (not 'multiple,' thank you) commentators much closer to the action and more knowledgeable than I on the subject of the various contenders but here, for what it's worth, are my suggestions.

First, however, what are the necessary attributes?

Above all else, the ability to lead the party to electoral victory in 2017.  Everything else palls into insignificance.  What does that ability entail?  The capacity to continue the party's thrust as a centre right party with the emphasis on 'centre,' leaving the Greens and Labour to fight over the dregs on the far left.  It also requires some ability to take the wind out of NZ First's sails by stealing a few of their choice policies, just in case Winston doesn't die before September.

So far, there has been some comment on the unsuitability of Bill English as leader, mainly on the grounds that he was pretty hopeless, last time round.  The same criticism could have been leveled at John Howard and Winston Churchill.  Does Blenglish have it in him to be an election winner?  I'm not sure.  The choice of his deputy might make some difference. 

I don't think Steven Joyce or Paula Bennett are viable contenders.  Joyce is still smarting from handing Northland to Peters and Bennett appears to enjoy as much caucus support as did Cunliffe.

So, here's my pick. English as leader to keep the centre left voters happy and maybe Judith Collins as deputy to take the whip to Winston.


J Bloggs said...

I think Paula Bennett has what it takes to be PM, but I don't think its her time yet - maybe a contender for deputy though. Collins has no show - too many enemies inside and outside of the party. English's chances are better as PM now, as he'd likely be seen as "steady as she goes", which is the National party's current mantra, and a better fit for him than the "Agent of Change" that comes with the mantle of leader of the opposition.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

No, not the double dipper from Dipton.

Mr 21% has failed miserably before. Although hats off to the man for getting into the ring with a beefed-up Ted Clarke.

Time to clear out more dead wood too . McCully, Smith please go.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

G odG

Youn eed to look ahead, not back. That was twenty years ago.

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

No, As BM said over at The Standard. The double dipper from Dipton has all the charisma of Andrew Little but without the anger !

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

G of G

Further advice.

Stop polluting your mind with the drivel over at the Standard.

Anonymous said...

You need someone with gravitas, loads of dignity, training in law and well respected in the international community.............wonder what Obama is doing next year.

Lord Egbut


I think Adolf's suggestion is very astute.
Billy Boy has proven a competent finance minister, who has delivered much prosperity and sound economic management to NZ.
His time as leader was along time ago and people can make a come back.
Having Judith as deputy adds a bit of fire into the belly of the party.
They complement each other beautifully.
The staid and the exciting. The right and the left.
Adolf has thought this through well.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

"You need someone with triviality, no class, training in lawlessness and laughed at in the international community.............wonder what Obama is doing next year."

Thinks he can start up a media company.